Hottest Year Ever Brings Five Feet Of Snow To Victoria

ScreenHunter_1141 Jul. 19 14.56 Live Cam View 3 – Official Home of Falls Creek Alpine Resort

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19 Responses to Hottest Year Ever Brings Five Feet Of Snow To Victoria

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Obviously the result of runaway global warming.

  2. James Strom says:

    Should this snow be tallied under the 2013-4 or 2014-5 winter? Are we seeing the beginnings of the expansion of glaciers?

  3. geran says:

    Bottom right of the photo is one of those “AGW” heaters, LMAO.

    • Climatism says:

      Reggie’s blowtorch.

      • Shazaam says:

        I don’t see the sponsor labels (like in that movie “Idiocracy”) for Reggie’s Brawndo-fueled, blow-hard blowtorch of ice doom.

        Though I must admit, Reggie’s allusion to the movie “Idiocracy” with his “Brawndo-fueled” tag-line was spot on. Reggie really was quite the useful idiot for CAGW.

  4. ntesdorf says:

    The colder it gets, the more the BOM adjusts the temperature records upward. Installation of CAGW heaters is now mandatory at all Australian ski fields.

  5. Andy OZ says:

    Australian BOM snow depth calculator above Thredbo.
    2014 snow season is earlier and deeper than most years since 1954.
    So much for CAGW. Suck on that, alarmists!

  6. anthonyvioli says:

    And the forecast had a preposterous 80% of a warm winter.

    Alarmism continues at this pathetic agenda driven organisation.

    • Andy OZ says:

      BOM has many lemmings. Anyone working there with a “climate science” degree who graduated in last 20 years will be brainwashed by the Alarmist agenda which is promoted at Universities. When their degree and job depends on them not understanding the truth, they are stuck.

    • Andy DTthat says:

      Our wonderful US Government forecast for our past winter had it much above normal in the upper Midwest, when in reality, it was record to near record cold. But those incompetent people are still being paid their 6 figure salarlies to use the same Ouija board for more of the same. And we are expected to believe same “experts” have any clue about the next 50 or 100 years?

  7. Scott says:

    Ha, I thought it was Victoria, BC, Canada….Now that would be weird..

  8. Keith says:

    Interesting, Munich Re (an insurer promoting global warming thereby allowing them to charge greater tariffs for insurance “risk”) admit that damage and insured claims for weather related events are down in 2014, and the big ones relate to cold rather than heat. THey also note that the US had an unusually cold winter. Given your fight to emphasise that in the face of NASA and USHCN claims to the contrary, I thought it would be interesting.

  9. ozspeaksup says:

    we had two snowboarders manage to die in an avalanche with snow said to be around 12ft in that area of Vic ski resorts about a week back. sorts think they might have created the avalanche

  10. philjourdan says:

    Must be stolen diamonds. Hot ice.

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