Aggie Joke Update

In 2011, Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M forecast that Texas would be hot and dry for the rest of the century, based on a single hot month.


Get used to it. The weather of the 21st century will be very much like the hot and dry weather of 2011.

Texas is vulnerable to warming climate – Houston Chronicle

So how is that working out? Over the past ten months, almost all of Texas has been far below normal temperature.

ScreenHunter_1155 Jul. 20 06.57

WaterTDeptSRCC.png (688×531)

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10 Responses to Aggie Joke Update

  1. Mike Mangan says:

    At the end of the night, the Aggie turns to his girlfriend and asks, “Why is it every time I go out with you, I end up
    spending hundreds of dollars?”
    And she says, “Because I’m a prostitute.”

  2. _Jim says:

    Yeah … tell me about … like the 5th day in a row where morning temp is in the 60’s … makes for a very enjoyable bike ride.

    At this rate give me MORE Globull Warming!

  3. Joseph says:

    Like every alarmist claim, he’s wrong. The day the alarmists admit they’re wrong is the day that hell freezes over.

  4. GoneWithTheWind says:

    This is a very clear example of the problem that the alarmists have. They clearly search for any place on earth that is experiencing unusually warm weather to cite as proof of global warming. Then of course reality hits and destroys their claims. OUR problem is we don’t adequately expose the AGW extremists for what they are. Our media bends over backwards to highlight the latest AGW scare of the day while ignoring the evidence. The simple truth is there is too much money and power in the AGW fraud and the people who benefit from the fraud will double their efforts in the face of reality proving them wrong.

  5. dmmcmah says:

    Quite a bit of Texas is getting stunning amounts of rainfall this month also.

  6. Andy DTthat says:

    Of course, in the Alice in Wonderland world of alamists, the refreshingly cool weather is just another example of extreme weather.

  7. Ginger says:

    I live in Texas and I can tell you that….
    The 2011 heat spell was global warming heating.
    The current cold spell is global warming cooling.
    Any questions?

  8. Andy DC says:


  9. Lol, anyone notice that pink spot sitting over College Station?

  10. I remember working outside at a go-kart track in DFW for both 98′ and 99′ summers.
    I remember returning home at 2:30 am and the temp signs all over NE Tarrant county were still reading in the upper 90s. Man those were wicked days. I was in Oklahoma for the Summer of 2011, and although 108 degrees everyday was bad, it got into the the mid 80s every night by midnight.

    I never here climatologists talk about humidity levels. The Summer of 2011 wouldn’t have been so hot if it wasn’t for the dry air.

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