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Greenland Was Much Warmer During The MWP

05 Oct 1950 – Weather Theory Debunked History Gives Lie To Cycles

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For Most Of Earth’s History, The Poles Were Very Warm

17 Jan 1925 – Earth Declared Sate From Glaciers

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The Evidence For The MWP And LIA Was Overwhelming – Long Before Michael Mann Tried To Erase It

The South Australian  22 January 1880 A French writer has published an interesting article on the subject, in which he maintains that there is every proof the climate of Europe has been, within comparatively recent time, becoming colder. In proof of this  Arago is … Continue reading

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More On The NOAA June Fraud

NOAA says that June was the hottest month in Earth’s history, despite the fact that Satellite temperatures showed it wasn’t even close to hottest. NOAA failed to mention this in their press release, even though they are obviously aware of … Continue reading

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More USHCN Raw Temperature Madness

Yesterday I reported that USHCN raw monthly temperatures do not match the daily temperatures for the corresponding month, and the changes from raw daily to raw monthly produce a bias which makes their TOBS adjustment look legitimate. So I started … Continue reading

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