Criminal Science Update

One of the most damning bits of evidence against the climate fraudsters is how they have changed their story.

A few years ago it was all about feedbacks, declining sea ice, atmospheric warming, polar amplification, warm winters and declining snowfall.

Now they claim they predicted their failures all along, declare every weather event to be unprecedented, and claim that CO2 somehow heats the depths of the ocean where temperatures can’t be measured.

Unbelievable that the press and White House support these crooks.

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20 Responses to Criminal Science Update

  1. philjourdan says:

    The idiots are easy to lead – hence why the press and WH follows them.

  2. Dave N says:

    The biggest issue is them pulling out the line: “is consistent with CAGW” (or similar). Governments and the media are stupid enough to swallow it without alarmists actually providing any proof.

  3. Shazaam says:

    Future climate science graduates will be presented with a diploma, clown nose and little bulb horns upon graduation. They must supply their own over-sized shoes.

  4. Password protected says:

    And any cooling will be blamed on man’s greenhouse gas farts too. This will also be swallowed by the press and and guilt ridden progressives….it’s like a natural law, an inherent quality.

  5. 1957chev says:

    The government is not supporting them, because they believe in this climate scam, the government supports the scam, because it fits in with their agenda. That is part of the plan.

  6. SMS says:

    Journalists have degrees in…..wait, wait, wait………JOURNALISM! They are not engineers, scientists, doctors, they know nothing about business, nursing, construction…………and on and on.

    Being this naïve means they have to rely on somebody else for their stories and that opens them up to their biases. If their Dad’s bitched about the price of gas at the pump; they will hate oil companies. If there Dad lost money in the stock market; they hate big business.

    What is most disappointing is that our low information voters believe what they have to write or say and fail to realize that these nimrods are barely qualified to grade English papers in junior high.

    • mjc says:

      Looking at what most ‘journalists’ write these days, I’d say 3rd grade is about the level they are at…the ability to spell without a spell checker is a forgotten art in that crowd.

      • Dave N says:

        Apparently they’ve lost the art of any function with the word “checking” in it, perhaps expecting it to be done automatically. For example: “fact-checking”.

      • Hugh K says:

        And yet President Zero tells us time and again he learns about the worlds problems (translation – the many scandals in his administration) via the press. What does that say about his competency?

  7. diogenese2 says:

    “its unbelievable that the press and the White House support these crooks”
    You have this arse upwards – it is the crooks that are doing the supporting.

  8. Morgan says:

    This is funny, about how they keep changing their story. They had previously compiled 7 reasons why antarctic sea ice increases, now they have added an 8th reason…..”we measured it wrong”

    “A number of studies have proposed physical mechanisms for the reported expansion of the Antarctic sea ice cover dur- ing recent decades. The ozone hole was suggested as a pos- sible cause (Thompson and Solomon, 2002; Turner et al., 2009), but recent modeling studies have found that Antarc- tic ozone depletion causes sea ice retreat rather than ad- vance (Sigmond and Fyfe, 2010; Bitz and Polvani, 2012). Other studies have proposed more ice growth associated with a stronger halocline due to increased freshwater flux from ice sheet discharge (Bintanja et al., 2013) or precip- itation (Liu and Curry, 2010), less ice melt from a weak- ened ocean heat flux associated with stronger ocean strati- fication (Zhang, 2007), or suppressed warming due to ocean heat uptake (Kirkman and Bitz, 2011), although an observa- tional analysis suggests that the ice cover changes have been driven primarily by winds (Holland and Kwok, 2012). Nat- ural variability has also been suggested as the cause (Zunz et al., 2013; Polvani and Smith, 2013), although this requires a relatively low probability event to be occurring. The results of this analysis raise an alternative and potentially comple- mentary possibility. If Version 1 is approximately correct and Version 2 contains an error, then much of the apparent sea ice growth in the Southern Hemisphere is a spurious artifact in the satellite record.”

    • Morgan says:

      That quote comes from this crock and bull story:

      Click to access tc-8-1289-2014.pdf

      • Morgan says:

        Let me summarize that paragraph. Increase in Antarctic sea ice is caused by:

        1. ozone hole
        2. ice sheet discharge
        3. precipitation
        4. stratification
        5. ocean heat uptake
        6. winds
        7. natural variability
        8. and now…OOPS WE MEASURED IT WRONG!!

        I think it’s really caused by

        9. cooling

        • mjc says:

          10. ‘We don’t know WTF we are talking about.’

          35 yrs worth of ‘acceptible’ data out of how many thousands of years is supposed to provide an accurate picture of what is ‘normal’? And now either 12 or 23 of that is ‘bad’. (Yeah, and I’ve got a bridge…had some pesky ne’er-do-wells put white flags on it the other day…for sale)

      • Dmh says:

        The last phrase
        “If Version 1 is approximately correct and Version 2 contains an error, then much of the apparent sea ice growth in the Southern Hemisphere is a spurious artifact in the satellite record.

        clearly shows their difficulty to accept any fact that is not in their AGW gospel. If it’s not in the “bible”, then it can’t be happening. LOL!!

        The fact that they don’t even mention the word “Sun” in their “analysis” shows that they’re lost.
        Antarctica is cooling and now also the Arctic is cooling, but they’ve become professional liars and cannot see it happening.

    • Jason Calley says:

      If any warmists make the claim that “they measured it wrong”, the best response is to tell them that they must be liars. Why? Because for years, they beat us over the head with the claim that “the science is settled.” Something is fishy here… You can have bad data, or you can have settled science, but you can’t have both (at least not when the science is supposedly based on the data). Either “they measured it wrong” is a lie, or “the science is settled” is a lie.

      • Morgan says:

        5. Ocean heat uptake. What is this all about? The warming Antarctic waters ice over because the warming global ocean increases heat uptake from it? This is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!!

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