Coldest July 25 On Record In Westminster, Maryland

The current temperature in Westminster, MD is 56.9 degrees. The previous cold record for the date was 57.02 degrees.

ScreenHunter_1291 Jul. 25 06.07

Climate Central says that global warming is making US summers incredibly hot, warming 10-12 degrees.

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9 Responses to Coldest July 25 On Record In Westminster, Maryland

  1. philjourdan says:

    I am not up there, but down here the temps are similar. And I love it!

  2. mjc says:

    Low yesterday (24th) was 55, the record is 46, here. But the high yesterday was 69.2, average high is 81. This morning it is 52 with a forcast low of 56 (go figure) and a record of 49. If it’s clear tonight there’s a good chance of tieing or even beating that one.
    I’m a couple hundred miles west of you, in WV…

  3. Kent Clizbe says:

    Tony, I’m working in Columbia today. Are you around for lunch? My office is in the Columbia Association buildings next to the mall. It would be good to say hello. Drop a line. Thanks.

    Kent Clizbe
    571 217 0714

  4. PrairieSky says:

    Coldest July temps in Garden City Kansas. Now in triple digits, but down to eighties predicted for area by first of next week.

  5. Gene Eggleston says:

    World wide, July is on track to be the hottest ever. As were June and May.

  6. Gal Ore says:

    This is obviously the result of rising global temperatures causing a distortion in the Canadian thermal field which allows polar air masses to extend farther south thereby impacting temperatures the continental US. Kind of like how the bubbles in a glass of Guinness go down instead of up. Either that or fracking.

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