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Coldest July 25 On Record In Westminster, Maryland

The current temperature in Westminster, MD is 56.9 degrees. The previous cold record for the date was 57.02 degrees. Climate Central says that global warming is making US summers incredibly hot, warming 10-12 degrees.

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July 22 Global Sea Ice Area Above Normal

NASA and NOAA say that Earth is having record heat, while the polar ice caps tell a completely different story. Apparently the fundamental AGW principles of polar amplification and albedo feedback no longer apply. The only remaining principles are data tampering, new … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Summer Decadal Maximum

Antarctic sea ice is near an all-time record maximum for the date, and Arctic sea ice extent is also the highest in a decade for July 25. COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut The weather has … Continue reading

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NASA’s Finest Are Climate Skeptics

Unlike the pathetic little weasels at GISS, NASA’s finest are climate skeptics. To the long list of right-wing, knuckle-dragging know nothings who dare question so-called “global warming,” environmentalists now can add six Apollo astronauts, two rocket men who flew aboard … Continue reading

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Policy Clarification

I have no interest in people who come here to waste time discussing conspiracy theory. That is one thing that will quickly get you banned. We discuss facts and what we observe here. Conspiracy talk is a device to avoid intelligent … Continue reading

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