CO2 Facts Which Will Terrify Any Climate Denier

The graph below shows the shocking rise of atmospheric CO2 since 1832.

ScreenHunter_1313 Jul. 26 06.42

The rise is comparable to packing almost one tenth of an extra person on to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

ScreenHunter_1308 Jul. 26 00.32

The increase in CO2 is like packing two extra people into Madison Square Gardens

ScreenHunter_1304 Jul. 25 23.46

And most frightening, look what CO2 has done to the environment of Detroit. 

ScreenHunter_1307 Jul. 26 00.22

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16 Responses to CO2 Facts Which Will Terrify Any Climate Denier

  1. emsnews says:

    Detroit looks like this thanks to global free trade and no tariffs on imports.

    • Truthseeker says:

      Detroit looks like this due to government bailouts. Industry that is allowed to operate without being tied down by red and green tape will sink or swim on its own. The opportunities change over time if they are allowed to.

      • Ben Vorlich says:

        Market forces, if you don’t make what the market wants then you go to the wall. Not helped by high social costs.

        • Restrictions on Japanese imports in the 70s bad 80s gave the American car companies the green light for the likes of the Escort, Cavalier, Fiero and the amazing K car. The lack of competition allow the big 3 to produce crap. It got where that’s all they knew how to make.

    • Shazaam says:

      Detroit looks like that because the Detroit political establishment chose to treat the corporations headquartered there as cash cows to be milked. And they milked them mercilessly.

      The large corporations reacted to the ever-increasing taxes, fees and regulations by relocating to low-tax, less-regulated facilities.

      A rational decision.

      Put it this way. If you could choose to either live and work in a town that demanded 1/3 of your earnings and required you to pay for and get a permit to do anything around your home (paint a room, plant a garden, etc.) or work in a town that let you keep every nickel you earned and had a light touch on regulations (only building permits, for example).

      Assuming all other factors were nearly equal (climate, crime, etc.) where would you choose to live and work?

      And yet….. People act so surprised when stockholders approve of and direct corporations to move away to escape the punitive taxation and those burdensome regulations.

      When very few people would voluntarily endure such taxation and regulation themselves given an easy choice.

    • Justa Joe says:

      Nope, I’d say unions and Democrat governance were the culprits.

    • There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

      Great (Well once Great) Brittan tried this on her American cousins and people like George Washington became so incensed at the ever crappier quality and inflated cost of the consumer goods he was forced to import from the Mother Country that George Washington the Gentleman Farmer became George Washington the Radical Violent Revolutionary. I guess that the foolish Left and the silly right still believes that armed warfare is not a violent undertaking but I can assure them otherwise.

      I won’t go in depth into the effect that tariffs have on imports or on the Succession Crisis leading up to 1860-61 and the American War of Rebellion. Just suffice it to say that the first state to succeed in December of 1860 was South Carolina, and I ask you to remember that South Carolina succeed 28 years earlier over the effects of earlier tariffs called the “Tariffs of Abomination” passed in 1828 and signed by a President from New England, John Quincy Adams and then amended in 1832 when Adams ran for reelection. These tariffs led directly to J. Q. Adams’ defeat at the hands of Andrew Jackson in the November 1832 election and changed the nature of the US government more than the current president has.

      One unintended consequence of the 1828 Tariff was a reduction in the overall amount of cotton imports from the United States because of the decreased amount of goods Great Brittan was able to sell in North America to offset the cost of the cotton she imported. Also don’t forget that the overall quality of American domestic manufactured good in the early 19th Century was no better or even not as good as British export goods in George Washington’s day.

      As for myself I think a tripling or even better yet a quadrupling of the retail price of new cell phones, tee shirts, X-Boxes, computer chips, automobiles, wine, shoes, cheep generic drugs, organic food, (40% is Chinese anyway) imported beer, and a world wide retaliatory quintupling of impost duties against most American exported products is long overdue. The upstart of all this will be what supposedly started the French Revolution when King Louie’s wife advised her adopted countrymen to “Eat more cake.”

  2. Hugh K says:

    Would that be the same Laurie David repeatedly cited for Wetlands violations? Why yes it is –

    • mjc says:

      What is so funny about that, is that is so typical of the greenies. They push and push to all that crap passed so you can’t do anything on your property, other than pay taxes on it and then get all outraged when what they pushed through in the first place comes back to bite them in the a$$.

    • There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

      Did you see this in the above link?
      “… Following a site inspection, the Chilmark conservation commission voted to issue an enforcement order at a May 20 meeting. The resulting order, addressed to a Los Angeles trust which is the owner of record of the property…” – See more at:

      It seems that Ms Laurie David is a Trust Fund Babe. Now everyone here knows that Trust Fund Babes and Dudes are not held to the same high standards as us “common” smucks are. I am not impressed with Ms David’s pedigree, and neither am I surprised that she considers herself both above and beyond the law.

      • mjc says:

        I wouldn’t say she’s a trust fund beneficiary…it’s more like a ‘land conservation trust’. There’s a bunch of them…basically what they do is buy up property and then lease back to you with restrictions that make the average HOA look like they have no rules at all.

  3. gator69 says:

    Fabians, not Liberals. The Fabian coat of arms, until very recently, depicted a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Real Liberals believe in liberty.

  4. lectorconstans says:

    The Venus – Earth graph is misleading. Physical changes need to be shown on a log scale. And it really doesn’t make sense to graph two quantities in a ratio of 1:10^6 on the same graph.

    Other than that, you’re right. Especially about Detroit – that great monument to liberal success.

  5. woodNfish says:

    That last photo should say “Leftists: They care about the environment”, not “Liberals”. What you call Liberals, are neither liberal or progressive. They do not believe in liberty or freedom or individual rights. They are your typical regressive totalitarian socialists, communist, fascists – whichever “ist” you prefer. It’s all just shades of grey. (Maybe 50 of them, who knows.)

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