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Shock News : Andy Revkin Says We Face Endless Summer

Special Report: Endless Summer—Living With the Greenhouse Effect | Global Warming | DISCOVER Magazine So how is Andy’s ingenious forecast working out?  NOAA – 28,504 Low Max Records Set in Last 365 Days | sunshine hours

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Global Warming In Maryland

Laurel, Maryland reached a blistering 78F yesterday, compared to 100 degrees on July 25, 1930. This is due to an overheated atmosphere caused by a Mann-made 0.0001 mole fraction increase in CO2.

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Climate Scientists Vs. Actual Scientists

Many climate experts are scientifically illiterate, and get confused by this graph showing the relationship between atmospheric CO2 and global temperature The graph shows us two important facts. CO2 lags temperature, and responds to changes in solubility as the oceans warm … Continue reading

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CO2 Facts Which Will Terrify Any Climate Denier

The graph below shows the shocking rise of atmospheric CO2 since 1832. The rise is comparable to packing almost one tenth of an extra person on to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. The increase in CO2 is like … Continue reading

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Does The Arctic Need To Be Prosecuted?

Some climate experts want to make skepticism of junk science a felony, and every day it becomes more clear that the Arctic has no respect for climate models or eminent government scientists. This is shocking, and it is time for the … Continue reading

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