Shock News : Andy Revkin Says We Face Endless Summer

ScreenHunter_1322 Jul. 26 09.23

Special Report: Endless Summer—Living With the Greenhouse Effect | Global Warming | DISCOVER Magazine

So how is Andy’s ingenious forecast working out?

ScreenHunter_1323 Jul. 26 09.27 NOAA – 28,504 Low Max Records Set in Last 365 Days | sunshine hours

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21 Responses to Shock News : Andy Revkin Says We Face Endless Summer

  1. Hugh K says:

    Interesting….was just thinking about Revkin the other day wondering if he has caught up with reality yet. Thinking if he finally does decide to run with empirical data rather than failed models, will the NY Times still keep publishing his articles. Quite a precarious limb these alarmists have crawled out on.

  2. Otter (ClimateOtter on Twitter) says:

    Sorry to say if you read this, Andy, but HOW CAN YOU BE SO CLUELESS?

    I’ve seen you come SOOOOOO CLOSE to making the connection to Reality…. and then you blow it a few sentences later.

  3. Anto says:

    The dribbling, drooling moron seems to be obsessed with sinkholes in Russia, and suspects that CO2 is now turning the Earth into Swiss cheese:

    Honestly, it’s embarrassing to think that people like him are a member of my species. The stupidity is simply stupendous.

  4. Joseph says:

    I just flew in to MD from CA. I expected it to be humid and hot here in MD, instead I was greeted with temps in the mid 70’s and (what seemed like) low humidity. I’d say Revkin’s forecast is not working out – especially since it’s overcast and cool right now.

  5. The NOAA website referencing this is currently down. Up to their tricks again?

  6. Adam Gallon says:

    On behalf of the UK, I apologise for nicking your summer.
    However, we’re not giving it back, it’s too nice here now!
    Not a whisper in the media of all this warm weather & cloudless skies being due to “Climate Change”. No doubt because the population would pop out & light as many fires as possible to hold the mother of all barbecues!

  7. gregole says:

    2008 must have been the high-water mark for the Chicken-Little brigade; they could still point north to the Arctic and shriek “death spiral”; Obama won the presidency, the cash was flowing to climate charlatans (oops, I mean climate scientists!), and Copenhagen, coming up the next year would seal the deal.

    Hmm. Didn’t work out how they hoped. Climategate 1.0 woke up a lot of people, I’m one of them, and Copenhagen was an unmitigated disaster despite the wonderful Danish hospitality.

    It must have been tough figuring out who the whores were.

    Obama was handed what could be described in polite language, a diplomatic embarrassment and returned to a violent snow-storm. Low comedy all the way.

    Revkin still doesn’t get it. He never got it. Time moves on, time will bury him, his nonsense scribblings, nothing if not farce. Future investigators will marvel not at Man-Made Global Warming, but at our pointless CO2 and heating fetish, and how a small band of articulate kooks capitalized on it making themselves 10s of billions of dollars, all at the expense of the world’s poorest.

    Madness of crowds.

  8. Sundance says:

    In the article Revkin reminds us that Hansen testified that he was 99% certain of the content of his paper. How did Hansen get away with claiming 99% certainty with only 10 years of warming data after the frigid 1970s? Steve and others constantly get accused of cherry picking for showing 18 years of no statistically significant warming yet somehow Hansen was able to only offer 10 years of warming data, claim 99% certainty, and nobody accused Hansen of cherry picking. Seems like a double standard exists in science.

    • David A says:

      I wonder if he would give 30 k to anyone who proved him wrong. Oh wait, he will have to give that to the planet; it proved them all wrong.

  9. emsnews says:

    Yes, it is all a double standard. When it is cold, the warmists claim ‘That is only weather’. Then they use computer programs predicting ‘warm’ and claim, ‘This is climate!’

  10. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    As Kate would say . . . “Now is the time when we juxtapose”

  11. R. Shearer says:

    He was talking about “climate” not “weather.” 🙂

  12. Justa Joe says:

    Why is Revkin still drawing a paycheck for climate reporting? That’s a rhetorical question, of course.

  13. Sean says:

    I remember a surfing movie called “The Endless Summer” from 1966. I think the people who made the movie thought that was something to aspire to. Additionally, the surf culture that created that aspiration was rooted in So. California, Hawaii and Australia, places known for their mild or non-winters. Oh well, the people behind the free speech movement of that same era are now insisting that people who disagree with their world view should either shut up or be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. The world has turned upside down.

    On a positive note about about Andy Revkin, while if often disagree with him, he at least allows other views to be heard and allow actual discussion to take place.

  14. stpaulchuck says:

    Just like my $2500 a year health insurance savings, I’m still waiting for the warm-up postulated by the warmists. Winter here in the frozen north was bad enough, but this has been THE WORST SUMMER EVER! It has varied between “May” and “October” since the beginning of May, and May was more like “April” or “November”.

    I understand from resources like The Old Farmers Almanac that this winter will be even worse and start way sooner. I’m doing my part though. I drive my F150 as much as I can, make burnt offerings on the grill regularly, and use the bigger riding mower instead of the smaller unpropelled one. Of course the bean burritos and beer help make a sizable contribution of GHE gases (ha ha).

    • mjc says:

      You really should add kraut to the mix…

      Or do a weekend dinner of brats w/kraut, beans, beer, chili and lots of dairy.

  15. Beale says:

    Apparently it was DISCOVER, not Revkin, that used the phrase “endless summer”.

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