Spiderman In Times Square

The police took down Spiderman in Times Square yesterday. I didn’t see it happen, but was there probably a few minutes earlier. There were a lot of police with their attention focused on the superheroes and Disney characters gathered there. I tried asking a cop for directions, but she was too distracted to give me a coherent answer. I wonder what was going on?


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11 Responses to Spiderman In Times Square

  1. B says:

    Other places on web said Spidy was charging $10 for people to photograph him and the cops thought that to be too high of a price so they confronted spidy who then got upset and punched a cop. (have not watched the video, just saw it my browsing)

  2. _Jim says:

    Dude thinks he’s gonna ‘dance’ with a NY cop? These guys are not the ‘top of the gene pool’ …

  3. _Jim says:

    Moments before, the ‘perp’ was (most likely, since he’s not there for Comic-Con) ‘shaking’ tourists down for 10 dollars a pop to get his picture taken with them, including (possibly) ‘your kid’ …

    (Comic-con was in San Diego this year.)


  4. Truthseeker says:

    Those cops need to learn how to do a take-down. Talk about amateur hour …

  5. Rob says:

    If he really knew how to fight this could have turned into some real made for TV action

  6. Sundance says:

    Are these fashion police? The second cop looks like she’s taken a vow of passivism.

  7. The point is, or should be, if “Spiderman” wasn’t disturbing the peace, he shouldn’t have been hassled by the police in the first place. Is this an instance of Nanny State meddling, Police State bullying, or both? It’s just lucky for innocent bystanders, or passersby, that nobody was drinking a 32 oz. soda at the time.

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