State Of The Global Warming Scam

The collapse of the Arctic sea ice scam has killed the final remaining piece of the original global warming scam, so the perpetrators are now reduced to making up fake global temperature numbers and claiming that isolated instances of bad weather never used to happen.

President Obama says that the small group of criminals pushing this madness represent the “overwhelming judgment of science” and that he needs to destroy the coal industry and make electricity prices skyrocket in order to save the planet.

ScreenHunter_1363 Jul. 27 05.23 COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

December 15, 2009

Mr Gore, speaking at the Copenhagen climate change summit, stated the latest research showed that the Arctic could be completely ice-free in five years.

the Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013

– John Kerry, US Secretary of State

John Kerry: We Can’t Ignore the Security Threat from Climate Change

climate scientists say the Arctic could be completely ice free in the summer by 2012.

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11 Responses to State Of The Global Warming Scam

  1. ralphcramdo says:

    President Obama AND HIS small group of criminals pushing this madness


    • omanuel says:

      Obama is only a puppet, but the group is NOT SMALL !

      Stalin had assembled a large group of consensus scientists in the old USSR prior to WWII. They could not build an atomic bomb, nor could Hitler’s group advised by the theoretical physicist, von Weizsacker*.

      But Stalin’s USSR forces captured Japan’s atomic bomb production facility at Konan, Korea in late August 1945 and used that power for Communist domination of consensus science in the rest of the world after 1945.

      One of the first orders was to hide the source of energy in cores of :
      _ a.) Heavy atoms like Uranium &
      _ b.) Ordinary stars like the Sun.

      Here is documentation:

      *von Weizsacker’s false nuclear binding equation was put in Western nuclear physics textbooks after WWII.

  2. philjourdan says:

    AAGW has replaced AGW – Anthropogenic ADJUSTED Global Warming.

  3. Logan says:

    The biodiversity webpage has ALREADY been altered to read “climate scientists say the Arctic could be completely ice free in the summer by the 2030s.”

  4. Logan says:

    In fact, according to the internet archive, the biodiversity webpage was parroting the “completely ice free arctic by summer 2012” line all the way up until at least 5/1/2012!

  5. Jay C. says:

    That site (now) states that the Arctic could be completely ice free by the summer of 2030s. Did they change it from “summer of 2012”?

  6. This consensus talk reminds me of Deutsche Physik. After most of the Jewish physicists escaped or were pushed out of Germany before and during the Second World War, the remaining physicists tried to redefine physics in their own image by consensus. They hadn’t really put together a coherent idea of what the Jewish guys had done that was wrong. They just needed to get some respect by banding together and insisting that Jewish physics was wrong. Now the lowly regarded faux meteorologists are banding together to get respect that they never have had because as with the second class German Aryan physicists, their work was unimaginative, unproductive and in many cases, wrong.

  7. Luke of the D says:

    But Tony, you are not thinking right! If you were to draw a trend line using that spike back in May, then clearly the Arctic is already ice-free! Hell… it was ice free in in mid-May! All that latter date… phsaw! It is simply an error with the algorithm they were using to calculate the ice volume! Clearly it is just bad data and needs to be corrected down to 0. I’m sure you get it now, yeah?

  8. John Brooks says:

    Every prediction made by the nearly 97% of scientists who believe in human induced climate change has been misleading or at worst wrong. They just believe in moving the “goal post” to suit their needs whether that be justified or not. In the end this all comes back to money, pure and simple. Take away their funding and that 97% will quickly evaporate.

  9. Brian H says:

    The 97% consisted of a count of all those who were not explicitly, publicly, and vociferously opposed to the Narrative pushed by Alarmists, in the opinions of superficial reviewers motivated to inflate the count.

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