US Nighttime Temperatures Coldest In 35 Years, Sixth Coldest On Record

Through July 27th, nighttime temperatures in the US this year have been the coldest since 1979, and the sixth coldest on record. This is quite remarkable considering that UHI is warming nighttime temperatures by several degrees.

ScreenHunter_1401 Jul. 29 09.13

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11 Responses to US Nighttime Temperatures Coldest In 35 Years, Sixth Coldest On Record

  1. philjourdan says:

    It has been good sleeping weather.

    • Rutiger says:

      If you like sleeping with the windows shut while using a comforter, quilt, blanket and sheet and wearing pajamas. It is summer, I want the windows open and a warm breeze to come in while crickets lull me to sleep. The last two winters of six months duration I have had enough of stale indoor air!

  2. _Jim says:

    “The ice man cometh”

  3. emsnews says:

    Cold and wet, wet, wet in NY. Two days sun/three days rain all summer long. The grass is high, the trees are green and farmers can’t harvest hay.

  4. Matt L. says:

    While looking at our planet in far zoom in the Google map interface, it occurred that measuring the temperature when the sun had its least impact (like when a spot was directly opposite the sun) would be a great way to gauge trapped warmth.

    (I know I can’t be the only lay person to think this is a good idea. It seems logical. Of course, my limited causal knowledge of weather and climate leads to the cursed “Illusion of Explanatory Depth”. An affliction I dare say is shared by 95% of climate modelers since the year 2000.)

    I mentioned it on WUWT several weeks ago. My comment was answered in a way that left me thinking measuring the temperature at night doesn’t mean a whole lot to real scientists — at least not in the way I was thinking about it.

    A little research on the Net yielded nothing much on the topic. If someone here would like to expound, I’d be delighted to read it.

  5. Matt L. says:

    P.S. If you haven’t seen this, it is mind-blowing — especially if, like me, you are geographically challenged.

    Google Maps in Earth view zoomed out

    • Anthony S says:

      Do keep in mind that map projections have a tendency to grossly exaggerate the size of the polar regions. For instance, Greenland (2.2 million sq km) is nowhere near the size of Africa (30 million sq km), but that shows them practically equal.

      • _Jim says:

        Heh. Flat earth anyone?

      • Matt L. says:

        Ah. Thanks for mentioning that. That’s a great point.

        Seeing half the Earth dark and half light and seeing the Sun and the stars and spinning around and zooming in and out … it’s enough to make a person emotional. I shared this with my daughter (18) and my girlfriend’s daughters (12, 10). I was so excited I know they thought I’d gone temporarily mad with joy.

        The reply I got was “Cool.” Gotta love it. I envy these kids and their futures. So much knowledge literally at their fingertips.

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