My Arctic Forecast

High pressure over the East Siberian Sea will continue to cause significant loss of extent over the next four or five days, as the ice compacts in that region.

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6 Responses to My Arctic Forecast

  1. Eliza says:

    You warmista!!Joke

  2. Rosco says:

    Does the high pressure make the ice sink – just like Trenberth’s heat ?

  3. Mike Mangan says:

    Look at Great Lakes temps this year! Holy cow!

    • Just spent a week there. Very different experience from previous years. No talk of global warming among locals.

    • geran says:

      This is just one more “ouch” for the poor Warmists.

      Thanks for the great link Mike.

    • mjc says:

      Superior is the real ‘ouch’…it topped out at a balmy 48F, over a week ago?

      It’s not going to take much cold weather before it starts to ice over, even if it does get the late ‘bump’ it usually does.

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