Scientists Say Arctic To Be Ice Free Between 1979 And 2004

The Argus  Saturday 17 July 1954

ScreenHunter_1439 Jul. 30 07.04

17 Jul 1954 – The Argus – p2

Note the keywords “sought funds” – which explains all long term climate forecasts.

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8 Responses to Scientists Say Arctic To Be Ice Free Between 1979 And 2004

  1. philjourdan says:

    Was not too great in 58 when the Skate surfaced at the pole either.

  2. QV says:

    The House of Lords Select Committee on the Arctic met yesterday, to discuss the future of Arctic shipping.
    The ship owners are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of easier access to the “Northern Arctic Route” (FKA The Northeast Passage). They actually hope it will allow reduction of CO2 emissions by the shipping industry.
    Colin Manson, director of the Manson Oceanographic Consultancy said: “the ice is melting faster than the IPCC perhaps would lead us to believe”
    I can’t find the coverage on iPlayer but it may be eventually.

    • emsnews says:

      Obviously none of them are keeping track of actual ice conditions!

      On the other hand, you can bet that the Evil Putin is very aware of all this.

  3. Morgan says:

    One time I sought funds by saying I wanted to investigate global norming. I have a theory that there are negative feedbacks that keep the earth inhabitable for life for billions of years in a row in spite of asteroids and comets and mantle plumes. The government never wrote back.

  4. pesce9991 says:

    There’s nothing sinister about “seeking funds” to pursue what appears might be a scientific breakthrough. Researchers seeking a cure for cancer seek funds, too. Some lead down blind alleys, some add to current knowledge and the goal of a cure gets closer.

    The article says they were scientists, not ‘morgan,s’ seeking the funding.

    I’m sure if global warming deniers sought funds claiming they were finally close to proving global warming was a hoax the money would come pouring in.

    • _Jim says:

      … my head is spinning after that; next time I’ll be sure to preempt that effect through the use of Dramamine …

    • philjourdan says:

      Again with the ad hominems. You use them with no conception of their meaning. Are you merely a sheep?

      And if there is no problem with scientists seeking funding, why all the vitriol about who the Kochs fund? (like BEST) Hypocrite much?

  5. emsnews says:

    Yeah all the CO2 derivative speculators and government agents loving the CO2 taxes are going to fund us!

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