Put The Parents In Jail – Do It For The Kids

I was just listening to an amazing discussion on WTOP, about mothers who had been charged with felony child neglect for letting their children play in the park. Callers were saying that it isn’t safe to let children do anything by themselves.

The argument from law enforcement seems to boil down to the idea that a child is better off without a mother, than playing games in the park with their friends.

Why don’t progressives just declare all activities to be illegal, other than abortion and gay sex? Those seem to be the only two activities which progressives consider to be safe for children. The Constitution clearly states that it is illegal for children or their parents to pursue Life, Liberty or the Pursuit of Happiness.

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20 Responses to Put The Parents In Jail – Do It For The Kids

  1. KTM says:

    Obviously it depends on the age, and where you live. I would be far more concerned about a ten year old child following a ‘walking school bus’ with an adult through most Democrat-voting urban toilets than a five year old walking several blocks home from school in a Republican suburb with a seven year old sibling or a friend.

    • Biggest danger most children face is getting in an automobile. Parents who drive their children should be locked up.

      • Dave N says:

        In Australia, as far as I know if they have an accident where they did not exercise due care, they’re liable for what happens to the kids. I’m guessing that applies in most Westernised countries.

        Also here it’s against the law to smoke in cars with children under (I think) 16.

        The “not allowing kids to play in the park” is a bit of a stretch; requiring parental/guardian supervision up to a certain age seems reasonable. If there’s something in the park that poses health risks (like broken equipment), surely that’s the responsibility of whichever local authority looks after it.

        I expect there would be a lot more to it than some blanket rule.

        • Ben Vorlich says:

          One of life’s great lessons is that if you do something stupid you end up getting hurt. If you don’t learn that lesson early then in later life getting hurt can be replaced by seriously hurt or dead. By protecting kids from doing something stupid as children, like falling off a bicycle they end up killing themselves in a car. They may well end up getting killed in a car anyway, but having learnt the

          “Look mum no feet”

          “look mum no hands”

          “look mum no teeth”

          whilst showing off on a bike there’s a chance a few might just be cautious enough to survive into their 30s

  2. Ivan says:

    Why don’t progressives just declare all activities to be illegal, other than abortion and gay sex?
    I’m 100% behind abortion and gay sex for all progressives. It is a Win-Win proposition.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    Most important is who did the parents piss-off with political power.

    Mom Faces Felony Charge for Letting Girl Play in Park

    So it is fine and dandy with a MA judge for a nine year old to have sex with an adult male** but it is not allowed for a nine year old to play in a park alone with other children.

    **A friend brought charges against a guy when he found him having sex with his nine year old daughter. The judge removed the child from her parents and gave the guy free access because they were “In Love” (Guy was a 21 yr old black and girl a pretty blond who ended up estranged from her family and a prostitute.)

    “Didn’t think I was doing anything wrong:” Mom arrested for allowing 7-year-old son to go to park alone

    I guess my parents were real lucky. I was awake, dressed and out of the house roaming the woods for miles around at five in the morning when I was four years old. They bought me a big dog to handle the situation.

    • Ivan says:

      They bought me a big dog to handle the situation.
      The dog was there to bite progressives, I’m guessing?

    • gregole says:

      They bought me a big dog to handle the situation.
      Brings memories back to me of being 4 and 5 years old in rural Oregon – neighbors had a collie named “Sargie” who would take me for adventures in the woods and on occasion would run off after a hoobiah leaving me alone, in the woods and lost. Oh did I cry and whine to mommy when I finally got home how Sargie had abandoned me! What sweet memories…They’d probably locked up my mom in solitary confinement after the SWAT team kicked the door down at 3AM and shot Sargie now days. How time have changed.

      • Truthseeker says:

        What the hell is a “hoobiah”?

        All my internet searches come back wth “hookah”.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Yes, times have changed.

        No one bothered to lock the door. (What if a neighbor came by and needed something?) No one swore in front of children or women. No one drugged children into a stupor as a substitute for discipline and exercise. If someone in the community was in need the neighbors all pitched in.

        Then the American community was intentionally destroyed by the Committee for Economic Development. Link

    • cdquarles says:

      Same here. Kids: Get Out of the HOUSE and PLAY. Be back before SUNDOWN! No wonder we Boomers are so messed up. Adults spanked us for misbehavior. They made us play with neighborhood children. They let us shoot guns and bring back dinner. They let us dig up worms and put them on sharp hooks. They had us join the Boy/Girl scouts and learn how to make campfires and grow vegetables or milk cows. /sarc

      • Gail Combs says:

        Come to think of it, I was out on my bike (with the dog) roaming the neighborhood at age nine and at that time we had just moved to near NYC. I got those same instructions. GO OUT AND PLAY! My Mom sure as heck was not breathing down my neck because she was permanently laid-up from a car accident. I took over all chores involving any lifting like cleaning, cooking, yard work including helping drive the car because Mom could no longer get the car to turn corners.

        Brother they would have had my parents in jail for sure!

  4. Sleepalot says:

    The point is to make people too afraid to have children.

    • KitCat says:

      Whether intentional or not, it is one of the consequences. Looking back, my parents would have been in big trouble with today’s standards. If in the summer we’d be in the house Mom would say “find something to do or I will find you something to do” which meant work. Easy choice, which was the point. We’d be gone until the light was turned on the porch for dinner. Better times for sure.

  5. philjourdan says:

    Everyone knows about Zero tolerance in schools. It is extending to all parts of life. Zero risk. But like zero tolerance, zero risk means zero intelligence.

    • Gail Combs says:

      The point is to make people scared to death of the government. As far as I am concerned it is working real well too.

  6. DedaEda says:

    Isn’t it amazing, how many of us survived into old age without helmets, seatbelt, kneepads, riding in the front seat or on rear window, beating each other without adult supervision. Sure I have a scar here and there, just to remind me what a great time I had growing up.

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