Wildebeest Prepare To Migrate Back To The Lowlands

The balmy -10C Greenland summer is about to end, with temperatures expected to drop to -25C in a few days. The Wildebeest sense this, and are preparing to migrate back to the gentle grasslands which disappeared in the 15th century, but Mikey Mann has recently restored.

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14 Responses to Wildebeest Prepare To Migrate Back To The Lowlands

  1. Andy DC says:

    Those Wildebeest are showing extremely poor ettiquette by trampling all over those pristine putting greens!

  2. Kassu says:

    What is the origin of the “Greenland had grassland in place of the ice-sheet during historical times” – myth?

    • No one said that. Are you a moron?

      • Kassu says:

        Ok, but do you know the answer? Someone somewhere has been gullible enough to believe in that, otherwise this myth would have been dead a long time. Perhaps people who believe in a “Young Earth” can believe such things?

        • mjc says:

          How about the fact that the Viking settlements needed to import lumber?

          That the same settlements and farms consisted of mostly grazing animals (sheep)?

          Oh and that the colony was abandoned in the 15th century?

          And while not entirely ice free, a heck of a lot less ice from the late 900s to the time it was abandoned.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey Kassu! I don’t know of anyone saying that about the ice sheet. All the Viking settlements were on the coast but we do know that the coastal areas were considerably warmer 1000 years ago. The Vikings were raising cattle and growing grain. Some Viking era graves have been found that took place in what is now permafrost. Additionally, when the Viking first discovered Greenland, they reported finding the abandoned ruins from some previous inhabitants.

      Makes you suspect a cyclic climate pattern, huh?

  3. darrylb says:

    So much of the alarmist observation cache is of short period happenings that they say cannot be explained other than by AGW. Now, here is an example, which could be one of many, of an event happening in the reverse direction.
    The lesson to be learned is that there are a huge number of events which are maintained in an equilibrium, but continually oscillate back and forth withing the boundaries of the equilibrium state.

  4. Kassu says:

    “Not entirely ice free”? Indeed, as the 3km thick (at is thickest) ice sheet was most certainly there already at year 900.

  5. Jason Calley says:

    It is nice to see the vast herds busily dunging the forests of Greenland, but remember that the tree rings will need a recalibration.

  6. Wildebeests in Greenland? Oh, I see, that must be the tame herd they have on the Country Club grounds, to maintain the greens and control the gophers… All-righty then.

  7. Billy Liar says:

    I thought they were the cows making milk for Greenland cheese. 🙂

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