Dumber And Dumberer

In case you were wondering why Boehner hasn’t done anything to stop Obama the past six years.

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An intelligently written press release would say :

The president has failed to enforce existing law, and is instead threatening to take new illegal executive actions which will make the problems even worse.

No organization can succeed with incompetent marketing.

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12 Responses to Dumber And Dumberer

  1. Robertv says:

    no comment

  2. Steve Case says:

    The stupid party

  3. David A says:

    Boehner may be correct here. Not all executive action is illegal. Obama could move the patrol back to the Border. He could increase their authority and focus. He could send every child back to “be reunited in their homeland with their parents, and generously give 5 K per child (about 1/7 of what he would spend here on each child) to the home nation to enable that child to have food and clothing with their parents, in their homeland. This solution however simply does not generate more leftist voters dependent on the Government dole.. .

  4. RAH says:

    It is as if the Republicans want to lose. And people know it. Thus at a time when donations to the RNC should be elevated, they are in fact depressed. Nobody outside the loop trusts them anymore it seems.

  5. pesce9991 says:

    I agree with RAH. When Republicans make mistakes they make them loud and clear. Contrary to earlier predictions I think the Republicans now have no chance to take the Senate and will lose seats in the house. (not because of this one gaffe only, though)
    David makes some interesting suggestions. I’m not sure beefing up the border is the way to go because under the unusual conditions of having children being the ‘illegal immigrants’ what will be their function except to take care of them.
    The 5K solution I like but for two reasons. Wouldn’t Congress have to authorize the release of funds? And second, how do we keep those funds from the hands of the drug cartels?

  6. John B., M.D. says:

    The GOP never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. The only reason I support them is they are less bad than the Democrats.

  7. g2-9ed9acc685824c6663c51c5b093476cc says:

    Agreed but what Boehner’s saying amounts to the same thing.

    “There are laws on the books. Let the President enforce those as the Constitution requires rather than unconstitutionally making up new ‘legislation’ that agrees with his political objectives.”

    • Gail Combs says:

      I outlined how the Obummer Admin. was creating a wide open border on purpose HERE.

      The LAST TIME immigration came up we were promised a SECURE BORDER but Napolitano morphed the Border Fence Law.

      To his right stands a steel wall, 20 feet high and reinforced by cement-filled steel piping. To his left another tall fence of steel mesh. Ten yards beyond, a shorter cyclone fence is topped with jagged concertina wire….

      “This wall works,” says Mr. Bernacke. “A lot of people have the misconception that it is a waste of time and money, but the numbers of apprehensions show that it works.”

      The triple-and double-layered fence here in Yuma is the kind of barrier that US lawmakers – and most Americans – imagined when the Secure Fence Act was enacted in 2006.

      The law instructed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to secure about one-third of the 1,950-mile border between US and Mexico with 700 miles of double-layered fencing – and additionally through cameras, motion sensors, and other types of barriers – by the end of the year to stem illegal immigration.

      Bankrolled by a separate $1.2 billion homeland security bill, the Secure Fence Act would, President Bush said in 2006, “make our borders more secure.” …

      What Napolitano actual did to enforce that law.

      Napolitano Cancels Virtual Border Fence Project..1/14/2011Signaling a major shift from her predecessor, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Tuesday said she will spend $50 million of stimulus funds originally intended to build a “virtual fence” along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border on other more proven and cost-effective security technology…. she said DHS will pursue a “new path forward” for security along the 2,000-mile southern U.S. border.

      So tell me again why we need the Patriot Act, DHS, TSA if the DHS isn’t going to bother doing the job…

      OH, that’s right Napolitano told us:

      Washington (CNN) — The terrorist threat to the U.S. homeland has continued to “evolve” and may now “be at its most heightened state” since the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told members of Congress on Wednesday.

      There is an increased reliance on recruiting Westerners into terrorist organizations, she told the House Homeland Security Committee. State and local law enforcement officers are increasingly needed to combat terror, and the focus must be on aiding law enforcement to help them secure communities, she said…. (wwwDOT)cnn.com/2011/US/02/09/terror.threat/index.html?hpt=T2

      In other words let’s focus on removing even more freedom from the everyday Americans by calling him a possible “Homegrown Terrorist” and then be surprised when he finally retaliates.

      And _Jim wonders why anyone would think 9/11 might be a dual purpose con job?

      And no _jim I have no opinion one way or the other on 9/11, I only know what the out come was and it was ALL bad for Americans.

      • _Jim says:

        And _Jim wonders why anyone would think 9/11 might be a dual purpose con job?

        Are you off your meds again Gail?

        Constructing strawman after strawman makes me think you are ‘seeing things’ that don’t actually exist.


        • Gail Combs says:

          _Jim look at the darn newspaper clippings.

          The Obama Admin talks of “Terrorists” out of one side of their mouths when they want to strip us of our guns and our right to board transportation without being molested by TSA, but their ACTIONS say they have ZERO concern about real honest to goodness Terrorists coming across US borders. If they were ACTUALLY afraid that a terrorist would target the White House or Congress you can bet your @$$ that that southern border would be locked up tighter than a drum, any non-US citizen Muslim escorted out of the country and ALL would be denied the right to enter the USA.

          T H A T – D I D – N O T – H A P P E N!

          Heck Saudi Arabians are given a free pass on the US airlines and do not have to submit to TSA groping and yet we were told the 9/11 terrorists were mostly Saudi Arabians. U.S. Lets Saudis Bypass Regular Airport Security

          Is this the rational actions of a country who is conducting a “War on Terror” because of an act of war against it?

          I have no idea if 9/11 was stage or not. I really do not care. But I do care about the Patriot Act, the destruction of The Law of Posse Comitatus and the militarization of our police and DHS.

          Can’t you see the inconsistency between what is DONE and the propaganda we are fed? Or are you just a Dis-info agent trolling WUWT and Steve’s site to cast doubt?

  8. James the Elder says:

    What’s the difference between a Republican and a Democrat?

    The Democrat will stab you in the chest.

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