Permanent Drought Continues To Cause Problems In Southern California

ScreenHunter_1652 Aug. 04 06.44 Thousands stranded, at least 1 killed by Southern California mudslides | Fox News


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12 Responses to Permanent Drought Continues To Cause Problems In Southern California

  1. A C Osborn says:

    The Earth’s weather systems are making complete fools of all of them with their dire predictions.
    But they still keep spouting them.

  2. Jason Calley says:

    And of course they will say that CAGW is the reason for the mudslides. Maybe they will just call them “drought slides”.

  3. Joseph Kool says:

    Why do Californians always act surprised when they have forest fires and droughts followed by mudslides? If these events didn’t occur every couple of years then they would have a reason to worry but until then they need to stfu because it doesn’t make their stupid ass state special in any way and the rest of the country is sick and tired of hearing about it. Californians think the world revolves around them because they’re buttfucking homos.

  4. emsnews says:

    It is raining in Death Valley!

    I lived there briefly in the hot, hot 1950’s as a child. We had to stand in the sun with the shade from our bodies covering our sneakers or our toes would fry.

  5. Dan says:

    I agree man-made global warming is bad science and that a lot of things are being altered horribly but I can tell you from first hand experience the drought in California is quite real. It’s not “unprecedented” and it’s not “worst ever” except in maybe some very very specific situations but trust me, one need only “go look for yourself” as I have to see how bad it is. Mountain passes that should have been covered in snow till June were open in January and then again in May I know. I took the drive. See to look at the current reservoir conditions across the state. If you don’t trust the government (and I don’t blame you) take it from me as I’ve stood on the lake shores. Those lakes are really really low, though this is a normal weather cycle and not “climate change.”

    • California has had 220 year droughts

      • Dan says:

        Exactly! Now it can also get the reverse of a drought. I’d kinda like to see an atmospheric river get stuck over the state. Glaciers would rebuild in months and long dry lakes would refill like it was the end of the last glacial. Granted I should move out of the 500yr flood plane first.

  6. kuhnkat says:

    Well, we had thunderstorms, BUT, a few rare thunderstorms have little to do with total precipitation over the state. SoCal was a desert and still is where we don’t import water to grow our golf courses…

    Historically the southwest has had droughts lasting hundreds of years. Apparently we are here during a very mild period. Who know what happens next. Normal is about 3 inches in Jan-Mar. We mostly got skunked this year, again. Fortunately my brother tells me they got lots of snow and are getting unseasonal rain up in the Rockies, so, there may be plenty of water in the rivers for us to buy and for the geniuses to use to flush out the Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico..

    as we pump Lake Mead and other reservoirs empty
    (Ignore the Gorebull Warming BS rhetoric)

  7. Gail Combs says:

    Maybe Obummer has a rain cloud hanging over him like Al Gore has a polar vortex.

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