Learning To Think Like A Progressive

A progressive is someone who can have all the facts right in front of him, and draw a completely irrational conclusion – which is the exact opposite of what the data is telling him.

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Mike chose a “Native American” to exercise his progressive guilt. People who lost control of their land, 90% of them died, and the rest ended up living on crappy Indian reservations. The ultimate lesson in what happens when people are unwilling or unable to protect their borders from uncontrolled immigration.

So Mike concludes that we need to continue massive uncontrolled immigration into the US

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65 Responses to Learning To Think Like A Progressive

  1. 1957chev says:

    Facts are malleable, to the Left. They can mold and shape them, to fit their own agenda!

  2. Pathway says:

    It was Bush’s fault.

  3. Dave N says:

    It’s like leaving NCDC in charge of the cooking.

  4. rhmcmillan says:

    This is a total disgrace to our firm. Fari should immediately waive any claim to a lien and have the ex parte hearing taken off calendar. And to think Luis thought he was so smart.

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  5. Eric Simpson says:

    Huge. I never thought of it that way. Brilliant!

    Michelle Malkin Blasts ‘Double-Talking Weasel’ Lamar Alexander


    Lamar Alexander voted for the senate’s Gang of 8 amnesty bill. Do whatever you can to defeat the climate change pushing amnesty shill Lamar Alexander (Tennessee primary Aug 7th).

    Outstanding persuasive robocall from Laura Ingraham knocking Lamar Alexander: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/07/29/Laura-Ingraham-Stars-in-Robocall-Supporting-Joe-Carr

  6. Gamecock says:

    The Libtards, through control of the legacy press, controls the language. They call invasion “immigration,” then attack anyone who could be against immigration. Straw man fallacy.

  7. ‘So Mike concludes that we need to continue massive uncontrolled immigration into the US’

    No he doesn’t Steve.
    Not even a ‘Libtard’, like me, from nasty liberal Germany, would suggest that.
    He was merely using his 140 characters to outline the hypocrisy of the ‘Righttards’ who love to post the scaremongering little snippets they find flying around the web.
    Tell me – would you try to get another country if it offered you and your family a better future?
    Because that’s exactly what your ancestors did:

    (USA Ethnic Groups)
    1 German 42,841,569 15.2%
    2 Irish 30,524,799 10.8%
    3 African 24,903,412 8.8%
    4 English 24,509,692 8.7%
    5 American 20,188,305 7.2%
    6 Mexican 18,382,291 6.5%
    7 Italian 15,638,348 5.6%
    8 Polish 8,977,235 3.2%
    9 French 8,309,666 3.0%
    10 Amerindian 7,876,568 2.8%
    11 Scottish 4,890,581 1.7%
    12 Dutch 4,541,770 1.6%
    13 Norwegian 4,477,725 1.6%
    14 Scotch-Irish 4,319,232 1.5%
    15 Chinese 4,010,114 1.4%

    As for your current treatment of the migrants, even the conservative Daily Mail is repulsed:

    To your reply regarding the mass killings (genocide) of the indigenous people of America:
    ‘They weren’t successful at protecting their land, and paid a very high price for it. Smart people learn from history.’

    Oh well.
    Keep informing me Steve – it’s always a pleasure to read your Tweets…

    • Those people you listed came across the borders legally and went through the naturalization process, just as millions of Latin Americans have done over the past few decades.

      • No – not from the 250 million listed here.

        Most of the European settlers arrived before any naturalization process existed.
        The African American immigration origins are well known.
        A large number of the Mexican citizens initially entered illegally and were later granted amnesty.

        But this is getting away from the point.
        Most of the people who emigrated to the USA did so to avoid hardship in their own lands – just as the Mexicans are trying to do now:

        ‘The largest wave of Germans came to America during the middle of the 19th century, facing civil unrest and high unemployment at home.’

        ‘The great famine of the 1840s sparked a mass exodus from Ireland. Between 1820 and the 1920s, an estimated 4.5 million Irish moved to the United States’

        ‘Scottish immigrants continued to trickle in through the 1920s, especially as economic conditions worsened in Scotland.’

        Nobody here is advocating a free for all with regard to immigration – that would be absurd.

        My point is:
        If I was in their position I would try it too.
        It’s not the individuals who are to blame for trying to escape crime, drugs and corruption in order to improve the quality of their lives and that of their families.
        Just as it wasn’t the blame of the Irish escaping the famine, the Jews escaping persecution, and the countless numbers who arrived in America on the hope of a better future.

        Most of the Mexicans illegally entering will get caught and will be sent back.
        To the few who get through – Good luck!

        • _Jim says:

          re: ΜЇΚΞ ЅϲЋώα®ʈʑ (@MajorBTom) says on August 5, 2014 at 2:05 pm
          No – not from the 250 million listed here.

          Most of the European settlers arrived before any naturalization process existed.’

          This looks fallacious right out of the gate

          – – – – – –


          Key Dates and Landmarks in United States Immigration History

          1789 The Constitution of the United States of America takes effect, succeeding the Articles of Confederation that had governed the union of states since the conclusion of the Revolutionary War (March 4, 1789).
          1790 The Naturalization Act of 1790 establishes a uniform rule of naturalization and a two-year residency requirement for aliens who are “free white persons” of “good moral character” (March 26, 1790).
          1798 Considered one of the Alien and Sedition Acts, the Naturalization Act of 1798 permits Federalist President John Adams to deport foreigners deemed to be dangerous and increases the residency requirements to 14 years to prevent immigrants, who predominantly voted for the Republican Party, from becoming citizens (June 25, 1798).
          1802 The Jefferson Administration revises the Naturalization Act of 1798 by reducing the residency requirement from 14 to five years.
          1808 Importation of slaves into the United States is officially banned, though it continues illegally long after the ban.
          1819 Congress passes an act requiring shipmasters to deliver a manifest enumerating all aliens transported for immigration. The Secretary of State is required to report annually to Congress the number of immigrants admitted.
          1821–1830 143,439 immigrants arrive
          1831–1840 599,125 immigrants arrive
          1840s Crop failures in Germany, social turbulence triggered by the rapid industrialization of European society, political unrest in Europe, and the Irish Potato Famine (1845–1851) lead to a new period of mass immigration to the United States.
          1841–1850 1,713,251 immigrants arrive
          1848 The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends the Mexican-American War and extends citizenship to the approximately 80,000 Mexicans living in Texas, California, and the American Southwest.
          1848 Gold is discovered in the American River, near Sacramento, California.
          1849 The California gold rush spurs immigration from China and extensive internal migration.
          1850 For the first time, the United States Census surveys the “nativity” of citizens (born inside or outside the US).
          1851–1860 2,598,214 immigrants arrive
          1854 The Know-Nothings, a nativist political party seeking to increase restrictions on immigration, win significant victories in Congress, a sign of popular dissatisfaction with growing immigration from Catholic Ireland. Protestant Americans feared that growing Catholic immigration would place American society under control of the Pope.
          1855 Castle Garden is established as New York’s principal point of entry.
          1861–1870 2,314,825 immigrants arrive
          1861 Outbreak of the American Civil War (April 12, 1861).
          1862 The Homestead Act provides free plots of up to 160 acres of western land to settlers who agree to develop and live on it for at least five years, thereby spurring an influx of immigrants from overpopulated countries in Europe seeking land of their own.
          1862 The “Anti-Coolie” Act discourages Chinese immigration to California and institutes special taxes on employers who hire Chinese workers.
          1863 Riots against the draft in New York City involve many immigrants opposed to compulsory military service (July 13–16, 1863).
          1863 The Central Pacific hires Chinese laborers and the Union Pacific hires Irish laborers to construct the first transcontinental railroad, which would stretch from San Francisco to Omaha, allowing continuous travel by rail from coast to coast.
          1869 The First Transcontinental Railroad is completed when the Central Pacific and Union Pacific lines meet at Promontory Summit, Utah (May 10, 1869).
          1870 The Naturalization Act of 1870 expands citizenship to both whites and African-Americans, though Asians are still excluded.
          1870 The Fifteenth Amendment is ratified, granting voting rights to citizens, regardless of “race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”
          1870 Jacob Riis, who later pioneered photojournalism and authored How the Other Half Lives, emigrates from Denmark to the United States.
          1871–1880 2,812,191 immigrants arrive
          1881–1890 5,246,613 immigrants arrive
          1881–1885 1 million Germans arrive in the peak of German immigration
          1881–1920 2 million Eastern European Jews immigrate to the United States
          1882 The Chinese Exclusion Act restricts all Chinese immigration to the United States for a period of ten years.
          1882 The Immigration Act of 1882 levies a tax of 50 cents on all immigrants landing at US ports and makes several categories of immigrants ineligible for citizenship, including “lunatics” and people likely to become public charges.
          1885 The Alien Contract Labor Law prohibits any company or individual from bringing foreigners into the United States under contract to perform labor. The only exceptions are those immigrants brought to perform domestic service and skilled workmen needed to help establish a new trade or industry in the US.
          1886 The Statue of Liberty is dedicated in New York Harbor.
          1886 Emma Goldman, Lithuanian-born feminist, immigrates to the United States, where over the next 30 years she will become a prominent American anarchist. During the First World War, in 1917, she is deported to Russia for conspiring to obstruct the draft.
          1889 Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr found Hull-House in Chicago.
          1890 The demographic trends in immigration to the United States shift as immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe substantially increases, while the relative proportion of immigration from Northern and Western Europe begins to decrease.
          1891–1900 3,687,564 immigrants arrive.
          1891 Congress makes “persons suffering from a loathsome or a dangerous contagious disease,” those convicted of a “misdemeanor involving moral turpitude,” and polygamists ineligible for immigration. Congress also establishes the Office of the Superintendent of Immigration within the Treasury Department.
          1892 The Geary Act extends the Chinese Exclusion Act for ten more years, and adds the requirement that all Chinese residents carry permits, as well as excluding them from serving as witnesses in court and from bail in habeus corpus proceedings.
          1892 Ellis Island, the location at which more than 16 million immigrants would be processed, opens in New York City.
          1901–1910 8,795,386 immigrants arrive
          1901 After President William McKinley is shot by a Polish anarchist (September 6, 1901) and dies a week later (September 14, 1901), Congress enacts the Anarchist Exclusion Act, which prohibits the entry into the US of people judged to be anarchists and political extremists.
          1902 The Chinese Exclusion Act is again renewed, with no ending date.
          1906 The Naturalization Act of 1906 standardizes naturalization procedures, makes some knowledge of the English language a requirement for citizenship, and establishes the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization in the Commerce Department to oversee national immigration policy.
          1907 The Expatriation Act declares that an American woman who marries a foreign national loses her citizenship.
          1907 Under an informal “Gentlemen’s Agreement,” the United States agrees not to restrict Japanese immigration in exchange for Japan’s promise to voluntarily restrict Japanese emigration to the United States by not issuing passports to Japanese laborers. In return, the US promises to crack down on discrimination against Japanese-Americans, most of whom live in California.
          1907 The Dillingham Commission is established by Congress to investigate the effects of immigration on the United States.
          1911–1920 2 million Italians arrive in the peak of Italian immigration
          1911–1920 5,735,811 immigrants arrive
          1911 The Dillingham Commission, established in 1907, publishes a 42-volume report warning that the “new” immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe threatens to subvert American society. The Dillingham Commission’s recommendations lay the foundation for the Quota Acts of the 1920s.
          1913 California’s Alien Land Law prohibits “aliens ineligible for citizenship” (Chinese and Japanese) from owning property in the state, providing a model for similar anti-Asian laws in other states.
          1917 Congress enacts a literacy requirement for immigrants by overriding President Woodrow Wilson’s veto. The law requires immigrants to be able to read 40 words in some language and bans immigration from Asia, except for Japan and the Philippines.
          1917 The US enters the First World War.
          1917 The Immigration Act of 1917 restricts immigration from Asia by creating an “Asiatic Barred Zone.”
          1917 The Jones-Shafroth Act grants US citizenship to Puerto Ricans, provided that they can be recruited by the US military.
          1919 The First Red Scare leads to an outbreak of fear and violence against people deemed to be political radicals and foreigners considered to be susceptible to communist propaganda and more likely to be involved in the Bolshevik Revolution.
          1921–1930 4,107,209 immigrants arrive.
          1921 The Emergency Quota Act restricts immigration from a given country to 3% of the number of people from that country living in the US in 1910.
          1922 The Cable Act partially repeals the Expatriation Act, but declares that an American woman who marries an Asian still loses her citizenship.
          1923 In the landmark case of United States v. Bhaghat Singh Thind, the Supreme Court rules that Indians from the Asian subcontinent cannot become US citizens.
          1924 The Immigration Act of 1924 limits annual European immigration to 2% of the number of people from that country living in the United States in 1890. The Act greatly reduces immigration from Southern and Eastern European nationalities that had only small populations in the US in 1890.
          1924 The Oriental Exclusion Act prohibits most immigration from Asia, including foreign-born wives and the children of American citizens of Chinese ancestry.
          1924 The Border Patrol is created to combat smuggling and illegal immigration.
          1929 The National Origins Formula institutes a quota that caps national immigration at 150,000 and completely bars Asian immigration, though immigration from the Western Hemisphere is still permitted.
          1931–1940 532,431 immigrants arrive.
          1933 To escape persecution by the Nazis, Albert Einstein, the greatest theoretical physicist of the century, immigrates to the United States from Germany.
          1934 The Tydings-McDuffe Act grants the Philippines independence from the United States on July 4, 1946, but strips Filipinos of US citizenship and severely restricts Filipino immigration to the United States.
          1940 The Alien Registration Act requires the registration and fingerprinting of all aliens in the United States over the age of 14.

          – – – – – –

    • mjc says:

      BTW…it’s the current ‘caring’, concerned LIBERAL administration that is responsible for the housing conditions.

    • Tom In Indy says:

      Mike, why didn’t you respond to the main point of Tony’s post?
      ‘They weren’t successful at protecting their land, and paid a very high price for it. Smart people learn from history.’

      You are arguing for open borders with no control for criminals, disease, terrorists, etc, while pushing legal immigrants to the back of the years long waiting line.

      Why should an illegal immigrant receive preferential treatment compared to a potential legal immigrant from the same country? Your solution is to let them all in with no checks whatsoever.

      • Hi Tom. Nice provocative question.
        Well, let’s slip a few facts in here:
        ‘You are arguing for open borders with no control for criminals’,
        ‘Your solution is to let them all in with no checks whatsoever’

        I’m not quite sure where I said all that, but no. That wouldn’t work.

        Although, here in Europe, it works fine.
        We’re not one big happy family just yet, but we are making progress.
        For your Info:
        European citizens are allowed to work, and live, in any of the other European Union countries.
        That does not mean regulations do not exist – it means the countries WORK TOGETHER to make the system work.
        i.e. Checks are made on your past and are acted upon appropriately.

        Imagine if Mexico and the USA could do that? Thought not…

        Referring to Tony’s post:
        ‘They weren’t successful at protecting their land, and paid a very high price for it. Smart people learn from history.’

        I deliberately refrained from commenting.

        Here are a couple of facts about that dubious ‘victory’:
        Little Bighorn:
        the massacre of Custer’s regiment caused thousands of ‘Custer’s Avengers’ to join up, and it made the US Army determined to hunt down and destroy the Native American warriors.

        the US government made promises which it later broke.

        the US government had unlimited men and money. After the Little Bighorn, the Sioux had to disband their army because the land could not support so large a group for long.

        the US Army had access to repeating rifles, machine guns, cannons and the telegraph. The Native Americans had to buy rifles, and used smoke signals to communicate.

        thousands of white Americans and US soldiers could travel to the West in hours by railroad.

        Slaughter of the buffalo:
        after the 1870s, white hunters destroyed the buffalo, not only for their hides, but partly to destroy the Native Americans, whose way of life depended on these animals. By 1895, less than a thousand buffalo remained on the Great Plains.

        The US Army:
        was too big and strong for the Native American warriors. It controlled the Plains from a system of forts.

        destroyed the Indian way of life, because people on them were forced to become farmers. Many warriors became alcoholics. The influence of the chiefs declined, because the reservations were run by agents. The Code of Religious Offences destroyed the Native American religion, and the Dawes Act ended community ownership.

        the Indian boarding schools (which the children were made to attend) forced Native American children to become ‘white’. They were beaten if they even whispered in their own language – the motto of one school was “kill the Indian to save the man”.

        Europeans introduced the native Americans to smallpox, alcohol, slavery, guns and gambling whilst systematically destroying their way of life.
        The facts about the ethnic cleansing of the native Americans are hardly a secret, and not really something to proudly boast about.

        • Tom In Indy says:

          Correct, and those are all reasons the indigenous people of North America would have been better off with border control. Thank you for making the point.

        • You are arguing against a straw man of your own creation.

        • Hugh K says:

          ‘The facts about the ethnic cleansing of the native Americans are hardly a secret, and not really something to proudly boast about.”
          As a German citizen do you really want to get into a discussion about ethnic cleansing?
          And as someone who was raised in Germany, do you want to get into a discussion about the stigmatization of Gypsies and Middle Easterners imposed by Germans that I witnessed everyday post WWII and continues to this very day?
          If you contest those facts you aren’t being genuine.
          Take the log out of your own eye before pointing at the splinter in others.
          If the above doesn’t suit you we can talk about more current events such as your cozy relationship with Putin. The same Putin that is doing a bit of current “ethnic cleansing” in the Ukraine. If you are so repulsed at the notion of ethnic cleansing, why is Germany sucking up to Putin? Self-interest in heating your home this winter?

        • This is what the progressive New York Times was saying about Native Americans

        • Glacierman says:

          Hugh +1, Steve +1

          WTF is he doing bringing up Native American issues for?

          Fact: The German army was bigger and stronger that European Jews….especially after gun control laws prohibited jews from owning weapons. The rest of the population watched as they were marched to edge of town and murdered.

        • Justa Joe says:

          Nobody here is advocating a free for all with regard to immigration – that would be absurd.

          You say this yet everything else you state promotes the opposite. You’re all over the map. The only thing consistent is your implication that the USA is in the wrong when in fact the USA would be 100% within her rights in imposing any restriction on immigration seen fit, which is not AT ALL the case.

          Most of the people who emigrated to the USA did so to avoid hardship in their own lands – just as the Mexicans are trying to do now:

          Tell us something that we don’t know. Should we allow the entire of central America to “immigrate” here? Pointing out that many other people emigrated to the USA is stupid. Those people emigrated here under the policies that existed at the time which varied from non-existent-strict-liberal depending on what group of people and when. Right now we have certain policies to legally immigrate/reside in the USA just like EVERY OTHER country.

          The African American immigration origins are well known.

          African American former slaves were legally granted full citizenship under the 14th Amendment.

          My point is: If I was in their position I would try it too.

          Look guy, I don’t think that many people argue that the individual illegals don’t have valid motivations to want to come to the USA. It’s only crackpots like you that somehow insist that America is not entitled to enforce her own laws just like any other country. I can pretty much guarantee the America’s immigration policies are more liberal than any country in the EU if not the world. America accepts more immigrants than any other country in the world and deals with illegals more leniently than any EU country.

          You don’t know what you’re talking about. Comparing the EU’s inter EU residency policies with USA/Mexico is ludicrously childish and I doubt your accuracy anyway. I’m constantly reading about immigration issues in Germany with Turks, etc, and Germany doesn’t have a fraction of the illegal immigrants that the USA has. There are also some shady internal political machinations taking place with this recent crisis that you probably wouldn’t understand. If Germany started having mass waves of illegal immigrants you’d see their policies/laws tighten-up rapidly, and nobody from the USA would meddle in the matter.

        • _Jim says:

          ΜЇΚΞ ЅϲЋώα®ʈʑ (@MajorBTom) says on August 5, 2014 at 2:56 pm
          Hi Tom. Nice provocative question.
          Well, let’s slip a few facts in here:
          ‘You are arguing for open borders with no control for criminals’,
          ‘Your solution is to let them all in with no checks whatsoever’

          I’m not quite sure where I said all that, but no. That wouldn’t work.

          Although, here in Europe, it works fine.

          How is the integration of ‘Muslims’ going in Europe? In France … how about in France? No troubles? No nightly ‘car’ fires from unruly yutes like shown on the press a couple years back?

          It’s going ‘just swimmingly’ always and everywhere?


        • darwin says:

          Here in Europe it works fine? I suppose burning cities and calls for Jews to return to the ovens is what you consider fine. Muslim immigration is a complete failure. Muslims do what Muslims do … which is try to subvert the culture and takeover the nation.
          Dumb ass.

        • Shazaam says:

          How about the treatment of the Turks in your neck of the EU? Last I saw, the dogs were regarded higher and treated better.

          Or is this a fine case of casting stones from a glass tower?

          I’m 100% in favor of simple reciprocity on immigrations laws. Since Congress cannot compromise, let the laws of the immigrant’s home country apply for naturalization (no more “anchor” babies unless their home country allows it) and welfare benefits. Mexican laws apply to Mexican citizens. German immigration laws to German citizens.

          It seems quite fair to me.

          If they really wants to come and can make a positive contribution to the economy, welcome!!!! If they wish to become an idle tax parasite, they may as well do it from their home country.

        • bit chilly says:

          here in europe we have countries like the uk discriminating against immigrants from the united states, australia ,canada etc by not affording them the same rights as people from european countries,resulting in criminals convicted of crimes including murder and rape in one european country freely allowed to move to another.

          there is one particular immigrant group in the uk where over 30% have been arrested ,and they again have the right of free passage anywhere in europe. yeah, europe is really working well.

          the eussr project is falling apart .how many spanish ,portugese and greek people have been turned into economic migrants as a result of the insane single currency policy. how many countries now have no control over their very own financial destiny ? spanish youth unemployment is now over 50% ,great future for that european country ,not.

          within the next three years there will be a referendum on eu membership in the uk. the uk will vote to leave. after that happens the project will fall apart,if not before.

        • Gail Combs says:

          “European citizens are allowed to work, and live, in any of the other European Union countries.”

          Notice the words European citizens. Europe is now essentially one country** but just hasn’t bothered informing its citizens yet so that is like saying I can move from New York to Indiana to North Carolina with no regulatory hassle.

          ** Pascal Lamy on the European Union. …First, on the question of efficiency, Europe scores in my view rather highly. Thanks to the primacy of EU law over national law. Thanks to the work of the European Court of Justice in ensuring enforcement and respect for the rule of law. And thanks to a clear articulation between the Commission, the Parliament, and the European Court of Justice. It also scores highly from the point of view of redistribution policies….

          Primacy of EU law over national law means the countries of the EU are now vassal states. If you do not have sovereignty you are NOT a country you are a vassal state.

          It would seem some people are finally waking up to find their countries no longer exist as sovereign independent states: Was Britain Taken Into The EU Illegally?

  8. Hell_Is_Like_Newark says:

    When the first colonists arrived in mass, the East Coast of America was pretty much unpopulated. The natives population along the coasts had been massively reduced from disease. Europeans had in fact been coming to New England for many years (pre Columbus) in search of cod. The cod fishing grounds were closely guarded secrets, which is why there is little in the way of written accounts of this activity. The cod fishermen traded with the natives and transmitted diseases such as small pox, measles, whooping cough, etc.

    • stewart pid says:

      I call bullshit on this post … the Indians weren’t living in condos on the coast because the good hunting and farming was inland. To portrait the east coast as deserted is a huge lie.

    • Tom In Indy says:

      Euro fishermen turned the natives into a “cod-fearing” society?

    • _Jim says:

      re: Hell_Is_Like_Newark says on August 5, 2014 at 1:56 pm
      When the first colonists arrived in mass, the East Coast of …

      Clarification please?

      Do you mean “in Massachusetts” or more likely, “en masse” which means “in a group; all together”?


  9. Jason Calley says:

    One problem with the “Splendid! When do you leave?” poster is that it presumes we are all immigrants. We are not. I was born here, my wife, my son, the grandkids, we were born here. We are not immigrants. Of course some Progressive will say, “But your ancestors came here from somewhere else! That makes you an immigrant!” No, it really does not. Read a dictionary. Learn what words mean. Besides, that whole “your grandparents were immigrants, so your parents were immigrants, which means YOU are an immigrant!” mode of thought is exactly like the people who justified slavery. “Your grandparents were slave, so your parents were slaves, so that makes YOU a slave too!”

    Give it up. Come on out of the 19th century.

    • mjc says:

      I suppose I would have to split myself in pieces to leave…leaving one piece behind.

      Speaking as one with ‘native’ ancestry…the ‘Progressives’ are full of crap.

    • Dougmanxx says:

      And then you have people like me. I can trace my Family in America back to the 1700’s on both sides. That’s pretty much the definition of “Native born” in my book… But since I’m white. And male. I’m evil and wrong. IPSO FACTO.

      • mjc says:

        One of my ancestors was given a land grant, by the Penns, to start a trading post in central PA. He married. His wife was baptized one week before the wedding and she had no surname. Family history states that my ancestor was welcomed by his wife’s family as one of them. This all occured before 1776…

      • cdquarles says:

        I have a bit of everything in my family history. Part of it was traced to the 1700s in Harris County, NC. Some is ‘native’, as in Cherokee, Creek and Choctaw (and if you think that the various tribes didn’t fight wars and enslave one another, well I have a bridge to sell to you, cheap). So, I’m an American. Some of my ancestors have been here for hundreds of years and some for thousands. So what. There’s Free Black and not-so-free Black there too.

  10. Chuck says:

    There is a lot of bullshit being thrown around by the left on this post, especially by majorbull. I am sure some of the early immigration was to escape poverty, but most of it was the promise of land from the Federal Government so the west could be settled. Also, North America was no land of peace and gum drops before the settlers. Tribes conducted war and grotesque mutilations of each other quite often to secure resources and territory. Also, I’m sure the earliest settlers from Europe plotted and schemed to bring European disease to North America as their master plan of mass genocide. We all know how the Pilgrims were experts in bio-warfare right??? Morons…

  11. Wow that scrollbar got all small…

    Anyway, I can feel my IQ sinking by the second here.
    Thanks for listening and I’ll leave you now so you can go back to your land of OZ, filled with hate and prejudice.

    Oh, just one more thing.
    Try and get a sense of humor.

    Bye x

    • I’m still not clear why you are encouraging children to put their lives in the hands of murderers, in order to cross the border illegally into the US.

      Is that a German thing?

    • DGP says:

      By my calculations your IQ hit -15 just by the time you finished typing that post.

    • Tom In Indy says:

      I can feel my IQ sinking by the second here.

      There’s a reason for that. Once the self-inflated ego plug gets pulled, all the IQ leaks out.

      • Have fun in the trailer tonight Tom – try to have an original thought and stop regurgitating the drivel the right wing throw at you.

        • Tom In Indy says:

          Mikey, Mikey, Mikey,

          Oh, just one more thing.
          Try and get a sense of humor.,,,

          try to have an original thought and stop regurgitating the drivel the right wing throw at you.

          C’Mawn man! I had a clever and funny reply, plus you said “bye”. Now you are back complaining about my humor!

          Talk about not having an original thought. All you have done is copy and paste historical facts that prove the natives would have been better off had they been able to control immigration.

          The border problem doesn’t require original thinking, the solution is simple. Fill out an application and get in line. Reallocate resources to processing the applications. Oh wait, the Libs could have passed their own immigration plan when they controlled Congress and the Oval Office. Why didn’t they? Let’s hear your original thinking on that.

    • Justa Joe says:

      This guy got his ass kicked worse than Gen. Wilhelm Ernst Paulus. Well at least Paulus lost with some class.

      • Weird – all these people who post don’t exist? Isn’t that odd? Are they you Tony?
        Clickety Click – no-such-user – oh dear. Getting a bit spooky this,
        Anyway, keep it up right wing retards – always good for a giggle.


        • geran says:

          but, you keep coming back mikey?

          It’s almost like you get a thrill out of making fool of yourself….

        • mjc says:

          Gee…maybe it’s the fact that Tony doesn’t require a WordPress account to be able to post…it only tracks WordPress users…

    • Jl says:

      Oh, my-the “filled with hate and prejudice” meme. So, people who disagree with you are hate-filled? Got it. Kudos to your debate teacher for doing such a bang-up job.

  12. hahahaha ‘Geran’ is that the best you can do?
    Your right – it’s thrilling to see what new profile names you guys come up with.

    Now be good Americans and educate yourselves:

    Or dangle a Teabag over your heads….

  13. is that a threat Tony?
    Well it’s your blog – take it back and return it to your sycophants .
    You seem to have mistaken me for someone who gives a shit.

    One last one, which emphasizes how much respect America has lost in Europe through the years because of right wing nut heads like yourself:

  14. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Here’s how progressives think behave:

    Green Groups Too White and Too Male Compared to Other Sectors—Report

    Embarrassing. And:

    Now take a look at the top executives at eight of the top 10 groups devoted to fighting that fight:

    Sierra Club? White male.
    Nature Conservancy? White male.
    League of Conservation Voters? White male.
    World Wildlife Fund? White male.
    Environmental Defense Fund? White male.
    Friends of the Earth? White male.
    National Audubon Society? White male.
    Nature Conservancy? White male.

    Perhaps Mike would like to comment…

  15. DedaEda says:

    I was able to come to America as a refugee from the European “paradise”. As somebody familiar with the Germanic “humanity”, I find it particularly disgusting that this idiot is telling us the “proper” attitude toward what can only be described as invaders.

  16. Gail Combs says:

    About a week ago I did a party for a latino family and got into a long conversation with one of the men.

    He had a warning for the liberals:

    “They think they own us but we will bring over our brothers and sisters and cousins and soon we will out number you and take over your country.”

    Among Americans younger than five, half were minorities in 2013. Among those ages 80 and older, more than 80% were non-Hispanic white. But minorities are not yet the majority of any age group

    Even as the share of Latino immigrants decreases, rapid growth in the number of Latino births means the Latino population will continue to grow at a steady clip. Latinos are the nation’s largest minority, and one of its fastest growing. Since 1970, the Latino population has increased sixfold, from 9.1 million to 53 million by 2012. It is projected to grow to 129 million by 2060, according to the latest projections from the U.S. Census Bureau (2012). Its share of the U.S. population, currently at 17%, is expected to reach 31% by 2060.

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