No Change In Arctic Sea Ice Extent Yesterday

The map below shows changes in Arctic sea ice extent yesterday. Red is decrease, green is increase. There was essentially no change yesterday.

ScreenHunter_1677 Aug. 05 03.26

The next map shows changes over the past week.

ScreenHunter_1678 Aug. 05 03.28 

This one shows the huge increase in ice since the same date in 2007.

ScreenHunter_1679 Aug. 05 03.30


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19 Responses to No Change In Arctic Sea Ice Extent Yesterday

  1. Andy Oz says:

    There is no doubt it is only a day or two away from Al Gore’s collapse. /sarc

  2. quaesoveritas says:

    Is the the “increase” around the N. Pole since 2007 genuine or an artifact of differing satellite coverage?

    • Ernest Bush says:

      The old satellite would have to have lost half its pixels to miss a “hole” that large. The only artifacts in weather data around here have been placed there by the U.S. government.

  3. FergalR says:

    Latest from PIOMAS has Arctic sea-ice volume ahead of 2007. 2008 and ’09 had more, but it’s still a funny looking death-spiral.

  4. Jim Hunt says:

    I’ve asked this question before Tony:

    At the risk of repeating myself, please would you reveal your methodology so that we can attempt to replicate your results. That graphic could have been created with Photoshop for all we and the watching world know!

    • geran says:

      Just for the record Jim, Tony does not have to “prove” anything to YOU. If you think he has presented something that is inaccurate, do your own research. You have a blog, do your own homework, and post all your “evidence” against Tony there.

      Or don’t you think anyone would care about your “research”?

      • pinroot says:

        Why should Tony provide Jim with that information, when Jim only wants to find something wrong with it? 😉 (Apologies to Phil Jones if I didn’t get the quote quite right).

      • Jim Hunt says:

        What is it that you do not comprehend? That is how real science works. Results that are not reproducible (and reproduced) by somebody else are (virtually) worthless.

        • Real science is verified by results, not half assed analysis by religious zealots..

        • catweazle666 says:

          “That is how real science works.”

          You mean that’s how science SHOULD work.

          Climate science – according to all the evidence from UEA CRU and Penn State University – appears to do nothing of the kind, unfortunately – very much the opposite in fact as was admitted by Phil Jones to the HoC inquiry into the Climategate affair. So keep your patronising BS to yourself..

          And tell us, how much taxpayers’ money has Mann wasted in his attempts to keep his work secret?

          If you genuinely have a problem with SG’s work, YOU produce your evidence, stop sniping and casting aspersions.

          But hey, that’s how climate scientists deal with inconvenient facts, isn’t it?

    • Have you noticed how all of my real time data shows up in the official graphs a few days later?

      Twilight Zone music ….

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Are you capable of understanding his methodology or are you hoping somehow to discredit him here. Do your own research using the same data he uses and report it on your own blog. I’m betting you don’t have the background to do this kind of research after looking at your blog.

      Steve/Tony’s analyses have withstood the fires of scientific discussion and critique by scientists elsewhere. What have you contributed besides false accusations with no merit?

    • Joseph Kool says:

      Jealous much?

  5. Latitude says:

    S/V AVENTURA IV Learns firsthand about the Arctic – ICEBOUND FROM BEING SO EARLY…

  6. Joseph Kool says:

    Good news!

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