A Simple Plan To Make Israel Popular With Europeans

Modern Israel was created to escape from genocidal Europeans, and Europeans are very angry at Israel now because Israel does a  good job protecting their children during war.

Israelis could make themselves more popular with Europeans by using their own children as human shields (like Hamas does) and thus increasing the body count on their side. The same approach which Hamas uses to make Europeans love them.

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  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Israelis should also stop winning so many Nobel prizes,especially in Science and Medicine. Or they could keep on earning all these accolades but give most of them to Arabs so they would not be such a disproportional Nobel count.

  2. catweazle666 says:

    Am Yisrael Chai!

  3. _Jim says:

    Victimology; where was this first practiced?

    The ‘press’ sure seems to soak it up …


    • _Jim says:

      Victimology, as used above: To paint oneself as a victim by making the ‘other guy’ out to be the aggressor, thereby winning sympathy from the press and foreign governments and aid organizations.

      Used in lieu of logic or reason, since one’s ’cause’ is actually beyond those boundaries …


  4. Latitude says:

    If Hamas was half as good at it……Palestinians would be celebrating and dancing in the streets

  5. Dave G says:

    The press sucks, if Israel was doing this to their kids the press would be all over them!

  6. Brad says:

    Interesting video of Hamas setting up a rocket.

    • _Jim says:

      Hamas? Launching rockets? From a residential/inhabited area?

      To quote Captain Renault (from the movie Casa Blanca): “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”


    • Ben Vorlich says:

      Interesting video, good to see the local Palestinians trying to stop Hamas firing a rocket at Israel from a residential area.

    • V. Uil says:

      Intrersting to see that the video was made by an Indian team. Not the British Bias Corporation or the Catastrophe News Network who are all suckers to the Hamas propaganda.

      Incredible that news from places like India is now more objective than the crap dished up in the West.

  7. philjourdan says:

    Or they could get SkS to make their uniforms for them.

  8. Kevin King says:

    This really is a fucking moronic comment. Any decent human being would be disgusted with himself posting something like this.

  9. Kevin King says:

    I used to read this blog for the sensible comments about CAGW…but this is fucking disgusting..so I will not be returning. A typical narrow minded dumbass american view of your fucking reality. You and Israel are fucked for a very good reason. Re-read your comments and ponder…..then wake up in 20 years at the bottom end of the food chain..Die Zukunft gehoert uns…for you dumbass americans that means the future belongs to us.

  10. PJ London says:

    Why is it that when it comes to science you want facts, but in politics people lap up any old c**p.
    Hamas has never tied a teenager to the front of their vehicle.


    A photograph of a Palestinian boy tied to an Israeli police jeep has been handed to justice officials charged with investigating complaints over the use of “human shields” against demonstrators.
    The boy, 13-year-old Mohammed Bedwan, and three adult protesters were tied to border police vehicles last week during one of what have become almost daily demonstrations against the routing of the Israeli government’s barrier through Palestinian land.”

    Palestinians (including Hamas) are reduced after 60 years of occupation to throwing rocks and fireworks, they do not have $10s of billions poured into their armoury. They would prefer to have tanks and planes and missiles, so that they could reclaim the lands that were stolen from them.

    “If I were an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: We have taken their country. Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel, it’s true, but 2,000 years ago, and what is that to them? There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: We have come here and stolen their country.”
    (David Ben-Gurion, unknown date)

    • _Jim says:

      This is what I could find on that:

      – – – – –
      This is what happened to a Palestinian child who joined teenagers throwing stones at Israeli border police. Muhammad Badwan was grabbed by officers and tied by an arm to the grille covering the windscreen of their security vehicle (circled).

      Last night the 13-year-olds father said the police had illegally used his son as a human shield to try to stop demonstrators throwing stones at them. When I saw him on the hood of the jeep, my whole mind went crazy, said Saeed Baswan, a 34-year-old labourer. Its a picture you cant even imagine. He was shivering from fear.

      Muhammad said: I was scared when they got me at first. I thought they would put me in prison. I was scared a stone would hit me.

      The incident happened in Muhammads home village of Biddo, north-west of Jurusalem, which has become a flashpoint for violence between Israeli forces and demonstrators protesting against the building of an Israeli security fence.

      The picture was published by an Israeli human rights group trying to expose the behavior of some Israeli security personnel. Rabbi Arik Ascherman, director of Rabbis For Human Rights, heard about the boy and tried to intervene with the police, demanding he be released.

      The rabbi claimed he was head-butted by one of the officers and arrested. He said he intended to press charges against the police. The boy was sitting on the hood of a vehicle, unsuccessfully trying to hold back his tears, shivering with fright, and with one arm tied to the screen protecting the windshield, he said.

      We tried to calm him down and reassure him. I asked if he was hurt. He said he had been beaten and was in pain.

      It is very depressing that we have come to this position where this is what we do.The Israeli police said they were investigating the incident.

    • _Jim says:

      There is MORE to the story (there is always MORE to the story):

      – – – – –

      “The amazing life and deeds of Mohammed Badwan – the Human Shield”
      Автор: SnoopyThe Goon
      Опубликовано: 29 Январь 2009

      Imagine a Palestinian boy who, as any other boy, liked football, playing in the yard, taunting his sisters, catching flies, running away from the boring lessons at school, etc. All was well with Mohammed Badwan until the the black magic of the Israeli military drastically changed the life of the lad. Here is his picture – during the first encounter with IDF: The first time the name of the youngster comes up in the Palestinian chronicles is an article (_adalah.org/eng/pressreleases/04_05_03nl.php_) on the Adalah site:

      Most recently, on 15 April 2004, the Israeli military used Mohammed Badwan, a 12-year-old Palestinian boy from Biddo, West Bank as a human shield. Mohammed was taking part in a demonstration against the construction of The Wall in Biddo.

      Not nice, agreed. But obviously the boy made a lasting impression on the Zionist aggressors, because a week barely passed, and he is used again – and in the same capacity (but now he is an year older). Electronic Intifada (_electronicintifada.net/v2/article2614.shtml_) knows the details:

      According to the same sources, on 22nd April 2004, a 13 year old boy called Mohammed Said Essa Badwan/Badran was used as a human shield. Mohammed was peacefully taking part in spontaneous demonstration…

      It becomes a habit with IDF (or with young Mohammed) apparently. Or, you can say, an innocent mistake in the date – nothing special.

      But the amazing career of young Muhammad is only budding, just wait a bit. He is used again, now, according to Amnesty International (_amnestyusa.org/annualreport.php?id=ar&yr=2005&c=ISR_) report for 2005:

      In April, Israeli soldiers used 13-year-old Muhammed Badwan as a “human shield” during a demonstration in the West Bank village of Biddu. The soldiers placed the boy on the hood of their jeep and tied him to the front windscreen to discourage Palestinian demonstrators from throwing stones in their direction.

      – – – –

      MORE – see link above.

    • inMAGICn says:

      “Fireworks” that reach Tel Aviv? Now that’s some bottle rocket.

    • darrylb says:

      Let’s see
      1) prior to the latest battles. Israel built shelters to protect themselves and the Hamas built tunnels to attack Israel— now, who is the aggressor? and why did the Palestinians remain complacent while the tunnels were being built?
      2) In the Hamas doctrine, a goal is to destroy Israel and all Jews everywhere. Israel has in its doctrine, the guarantee of defending the United States. Now, who are our friends?

  11. Sophie says:

    Regarding these blockaded people in Gaza, to begin with, they are certainly not a Palestinian nation, they are Arab refugees from the war of 1948, that war created approximately 600,000 Jewish refugees and 720,000 Arab refugees. Israel absorbed all her refugees, whilst the Arabs put them into refugee camps. Israel even offered to take 100,000 Arab refugees, but the Arabs would not release them.

    Judea was changed by Emperor Hadrian to Palestina, in an attempt to erase the name of Israel from memory.

    Now known as Palestine, in recent history it was part of the Ottoman Turk empire and the census figures of 1882 show, in the entire Land that Israel now covers, there were only 141,000 Muslims, both Arab and non-Arab. By 1938, the number had risen to 1 million, an increase of 800% in only 56 years. This was attributable to immigration from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, the Arabs being lured by the jobs provided by newly established Zionist industry and agriculture, just as Israeli construction and industry provides most Arabs in the Land of Israel with their main source of income today.

    After the 1st world war, the Ottoman Turk empire was partitioned, Palestine came under British rule. First Jordan was created from a part of Palestine, then the United nations declaration of 1947,called for the remaining part of Palestine to be partitioned into a Jewish and Arab state… (No mention of Palestinians state)

    After the 1948 war, Egypt and Jordan refused to absorb Arab refugees, they also annexed the Arabs promised lands from the 1947 UN agreement, with Egypt occupying the gaza strip and Jordan occupying the West Bank. So for the next nineteen years, until the six day war of 1967, the Jordanian and Egyptian governments kept their fellow Arabs in refugee camps whilst holding on the their promised lands.

    Israel is not just for one race, the population demographic shows 75% as Jewish and 25% as non-Jewish, of which 20% are Arabs. Contrast that with Egypt’s treatment of the Jews, they have ethnically cleansed 73,000 jews from their lands over the past 63 years.

    Israel cannot arbitrarily cut off aid, as aid can easily be transported between Egypt and Gaza (12 km border), the Gaza strip is solely under the control of the Arabs and has been so since 2005. .

    And as for that blockade, it doesn’t stop them obtaining thousands of missiles, which they have been arbitrarily aiming at Israel over the years, or at their own people, when the missiles fall short.

    I dislike calling them rockets , because the media seems to report that those Nasty Canasta Israelis from the Knesset , fire deadly, dangerous, mass-murdering ‘missiles’, whilst those nice people of Gaza, who are starving and have no access to the outside -supposedly- somehow manage to get hold of, and fire thousands of unassumingly named ‘rockets’ (such a cuddly and benign sounding name for such large, carnage-creating warheads, that have been consistently and indiscriminately fired at Israel for many years, to provoke them.

    I used to support the Palestinians, until I looked into it more after hearing a story on BBC Radio 4 about countless women who travelled to The Gaza Strip and The West Bank to support the Arabs by acting as a human shield. Well, these women were systematically raped in their compounds, silly girls, they imagined these people through their own eyes, rather than understanding the brutal reality of a male dominated society that seemingly have no regard for women kuffars.

    I think both sides are war criminals, but the Arab refugees (so called Palestinians), are certainly no innocents. They were shown on TV celebrating the bombing in London, I never saw that clip again.

    • _Jim says:

      Don’t you just like what the Pali’s can do with a little digging and some concrete (originally to be used to build or construct housing structures and the like)?

    • PJ London says:

      The 600,000 jewish refugees were from Europe!
      Why wold Jordan or Egypt have to take people who were evicted from Palestine?
      What would you suggest that they call the “Arab” portion of Palestine?
      PS Trans Jordan was not Palestine, and both were “provinces” of Syria.

      The Balfour Declaration to Baron Rothchild, on the 2nd of November, 1917: “His Majesty’s Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”
      That did not work to well for the “existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine,”

      • MrX says:

        Countries take in refugees all the time. It’s the humane thing to do.

      • Ernest Bush says:

        A majority of the people in Palestine have always been Jews. Rome changed the name of Israel to Palestine because of the riots and fighting in an attempt to deny them a homeland. A census taken by the British in 1863 shows that 60 percent of the population was Jewish. And your characterization of Arabs living in Israel does not stand up to the facts. But Jew haters have never let the facts get in the way.

        • PJ London says:

          Please provide a source for your claim.
          Here are some examples:
          “In 1596 the village appeared in the Ottoman tax registers as Magar Hazur, part of the nahiya of Tabariyya in the Liwa of Safad. It had an entirely Muslim population consisting of 169 households and 17 bachelors.”
          In the 1922 census of Palestine, conducted by the British Mandate authorities, Mughar wa Mansura had a total population of 1377. Of these, 265 were Muslim, 676 Druze and 436 Christians.[6] All the Christians were Roman Catholic.[7] In the 1931 census the population of Maghar, together with Al-Mansura, was a total of 1733, in 373 inhabited houses. Of these, 307 were Muslim, 549 Christians, and 877 Druze

          Arab jewish population in Israel Palestine 1914 to 2005
          . Israel / Palestine: Arab / Jewish Population (1914-2005)

          B. Chart
          Year Jews Arabs Total % of Jews to Total
          1914 60,000 731,000 791,000 7.585%
          1922 83,790 668,258 752,048 11.141%
          1931 174,606 858,708 1,033,314 16.897%
          1941 474,102 1,111,398 1,585,500 29.902%
          1950 1,203,000 1,172,100 2,375,100 50.650%
          1960 1,911,300 1,340,100 3,251,400 58.783%
          1970 * 2,582,000 1,045,000 3,627,000 71.188%
          1980 3,282,700 2,100,000 5,382,700 60.986%
          1995 4,495,100 3,506,900 8,002,000 56.173%
          2005 5,275,700 5,139,100 10,414,800 50.656%

          Sources & Notes:
          Sources by Year:

          Justin McCarthy The Population of Palestine, 1990
          1922 & 1931
          British Census (Census conducted by the British Mandate Government.)
          Esco Foundation Palestine: A Study of Jewish, Arab, and British Policies Vol. 1, p.46, Yale University Press, 1947
          Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics “Statistical Abstract of Israel 2007: Population, by Religion,” ICBS website accessed on May 6, 2010
          Decrease in the Arab population between 1960 and 1970 due to Arab refugees from the 1967 War.
          (PJ you will also note that the Israeli figures are rounded to the nearest hundred and then calculated thousand of a percent! Hmmmmm?)

          You could not possibly that stupid as to believe what you had commented, so it must be that you are pursuing an agenda.

          Your ignorance is alarming, here is Ferrari Shephard, on Huffington Post:

          “I began researching the history of Palestinians in my senior year of college and discovered that my high school buddy’s parents weren’t only functionally insane, but they were completely incorrect in their claims. Palestinians had not fallen from the clouds and landed on Jewish land, (interpretations of certain religious texts would suggest otherwise) but had inhabited the country for thousands of years. In fact, Palestine hosted several occupations throughout history: Ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Israelites, Philistines, Tjekker, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Crusaders, Ayyubids, Mamluks, Ottomans, British, Jordanians- a gang bang of military occupations. Nasty.

          American author and Professor of Political Science Alan Dowty put it best when he wrote, “Palestinians are the descendants of all the indigenous peoples who lived in Palestine over the centuries.” Moreover, (DNA) studies suggest, that part, if not the majority of Arabs living in Palestine, descend from a core population that dates back thousands of years.”

          Taking sides in this war is not “Rational” but Visceral.
          And debates and facts have no more to do with outcomes than trying to rationalise and educate “Warmists”
          So you carry on with your lies, and I will carry on with my facts.

  12. _Jim says:

    re: PJ London on August 6, 2014 at 8:27 pm

    Sad to say, PJ London, all this is part of ‘Milking it’ as this essay exposing the “Green Helmet Guy” showed:


    Sophie, you might also want to read the above linked story. As you can see in the story, the ‘Green Helmet Guy’ was everywhere.

    Then there is the tale of “Scar Lady”.

    “Photographic evidence of Hezbollah counterfeiting? (Update: Cameo from Scar Lady?)”


    Practitioners of ‘victimology’, gaming for sympathy in the press and before their cameras.


    • PJ London says:

      So pictures of Israelis running to the shelters and OMG the garage has just been burned give equivalency.
      My objection is to asides “using their own children as human shields (like Hamas does) ”
      We all have our own positions and opinions, but snide remarks are hardly called for. Regardless of photo-ops, several hundred palestinian children were killed, and 0 israeli children.
      MSM will tell any lie, and a good photo is worth repeating and repeating. Unless you are suggesting that the children in the photos were just props, how does it matter that they were pictured again and again.
      I am not trying to convince anyone, and you are wasting your effort in trying to alter my considered opinions.
      I just wish that people would not drink (or proffer) the koolaid.

      • _Jim says:

        Brute force ignorance of history; Pali’s have been playing the victim far as long as any of us can remember.

        Remember Arafat? Head of the PLO, a TERRORIST organization?

        Arafat was given just about EVERYTHING he desired about 15 years back. He turned DOWN this deal … do you remember that?

        Do you recall the interviews he did on the US networks? He could maintain the pretense of mask of sanity for ONLY so long and then he was off the rails … so did the female spokesperson at the time. Easy to see who was ‘nuts’ at that time.

        You don’t have the benefit of witnessing critical periods of history, I would say.


        • PJ London says:

          Jim. If you get your history from the US networks, I think that I have spotted your problem.

          David Ben Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister): “If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti – Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault ? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?” Quoted by Nahum Goldmann in Le Paraddoxe Juif (The Jewish Paradox), pp121.
          Why not go to the source, Ben Gurion could not be a better expert on Israel.
          “we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?”

          Who is the victim?

        • _Jim says:

          re: PJ London says on August 7, 2014 at 9:11 am
          Jim. If you get your history from the US networks, I think that I have spotted your problem.

          Such an ‘easy score’ for you on that one chump; SHOW ME the internet blogger who landed the equivalent of the Arafat interview, you idiot!

          In your ‘race to the bottom’ to assign blame YOU OVERLOOKED the fact that the ‘news media’ gets access to some of these ‘actors’ and PUTS THEM and their interviews in their entirety on the air for all TO SEE THE NUTTINESS of those like Arafat … again, YOU MISSED THAT POINT IN YOUR RACE TO THE BOTTOM.

          The ‘news media’ and their f*cked opinions I could give a sh*t about. The same for you as a matter of fact …


      • Direct your anger at Hamas – who wants them dead.

        • Fred from Canuckistan says:

          As of five minutes ago it seems even Obama has no use for Hamas.

          Go figure, the broken clock POTUS gets one right.

        • I. Lou Minotti says:

          Tony, I love ya as a brother and agree with most everything you post. Everything Jim has posted on this thread would seem to me to be everything you stand for. Jim’s anger is directed at Hamas, as is yours. Is it a pride thing with you when someone simply questions you about “[not having] the benefits of witnessing the critical periods of history?”
          Can someone ever post something on your site (an EXCELLENT ONE), that you might not take offense to because they’ve somehow not parsed their nouns and verbs exactly as you’d expect them to do? As far as I can tell, we’re all friends here, and you invited us in by starting Real Science to begin with. We love it–that’s why we’re here.

          And as far as the Arab states are concerned, I’ll take you one step better. The Western countries of the world (Israel & America) need to turn a sea of sand into a sea of glass. We have the technology and the delivery systems. Nuke ’em all, if only because they’re dogs that use their offspring as human shields. They’d kill their own anyway, so where does the “zero-sum” game come into play? And as our Air Force and Navy returns from that world-saving deed, perhaps drop one or two on Moscow on the way home. That might give Putin pause about saving the world through Pike fishing pictures, and Obama pause about acting like the wasted load of wimp-ass sperm that he was destined to be.

          The OT book of Judges first stated the truth of inaction by a righteous nation; the world is now paying the price some 3000 years later, as Israel has for not being obedient. I call it “Fabian Ishmaelism” (Gen. 16:11-12). Joshua was tricked by the dogs. We have no excuse.

        • PJ London says:

          Hi Steve, another inconvenient fact.

          “As Richard Sale pointed out in a piece for UPI:
          Israel and Hamas may currently be locked in deadly combat, but, according to several current and former U.S. intelligence officials, beginning in the late 1970s, Tel Aviv gave direct and indirect financial aid to Hamas over a period of years. Israel ‘aided Hamas directly – the Israelis wanted to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization),’ said Tony Cordesman, Middle East analyst for the Center for Strategic [and International] Studies.Israel’s support for Hamas ‘was a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO by using a competing religious alternative,’ said a former senior CIA official.”

          Another Israel “False Flag” that went wrong.

          Make war by deception

      • Chuck says:

        Palestinian children die because the Palestinians allow Hamas to base military assets in or around schools, hospitals and religious sites. It seems their hatred for Jews out weighs their love of their children.



      • Latitude says:

        PJ….of course you’re also counting all of the Israeli children killed by Palestinian suicide bombers, right….how quick we all forget what HAMAS has been doing


        • Latitude says:

          The Shmuel HaNavi bus bombing was the suicide bombing of a crowded public bus (Egged bus 2) in the Shmuel HaNavi quarter in Jerusalem, Israel, on August 19, 2003. Twenty-four people were killed and over 130 wounded. Many of the victims were children, some of them infants.[1] The Islamist militant group Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

      • Sophie says:

        @PJ Propaganda Joker 🙂

        I have just scanned the internet and there were apparently 850,000 Jews expelled from Arab countries between 1948 and 1951, whilst there were 600,000 ‘Palestinian refugees.

        May I add, I was at University during a time that the Hizb ut-Tahrir were active, I remember feeling scared in the labs, I used to over-hear them having countless arguments about whether the ‘sisters’ should attend University, or not. They were eventually thrown off the campus, due to the efforts of many moderate Muslims, one of them being a friend of mine.

        Twice, I have driven through Moseley, near Birmingham in the UK, and found myself driving headlong into an Islamic protest march, you know the ones where they have placards exclaiming, ‘Behead those who insult Islam,’ and ‘Death to the unbeliever.’ Strangely enough, both times, when the protestors turned round and realized I was trying to slowly negotiate my way through, they just motioned to each other to mind their backs and make way for me. They were exceptionally polite and respectful, I’ve never seen a riot so well mannered.

        I remember when news of 9/11 filtered through to our town, many people reported seeing Muslims dancing jubilantly in the streets of some areas of Birmingham. Contrarily, many times, on our first meeting, I’ve had Muslims apologise to me for 9/11, often before even pleasantries had been exchanged.

        I once rented my house out to a Muslim couple and the first thing the guy said to me was how awful 9/11 had been and he could only apologise. Bless him, so I immediately apologized for British Imperialism, The British Empire, pork scratching’s and Paul McCartney’s Frog Chorus, though obviously, I did have my tongue slightly wedged in my cheek, it lightened up the atmosphere somewhat. 🙂

        There are many decent people on both sides of the religious divide, but the irresponsible actions of Hamas, by proxy, are potentially driving a wedge between everyone. It is so very sad to see children of conflict sacrificed on the political altar of Hamas’ Middle Eastern Somme strategy.

        • PJ London says:

          “I have just scanned the internet and there were apparently 850,000 Jews expelled from Arab countries between 1948 and 1951”
          Well you can take your pick, anything from 600,000 to +1,000,000, All of them with Israeli sites and authors.
          You could also read ;
          “In that article, entitled ‘Arab Jews, Palestinian refugees and Israel’s folly politics,’ Shenav argued that any analogy between Palestinian refugees and Jewish immigrants from Arab lands is folly in historical terms.

          “Any reasonable person, Zionist or non-Zionist, must acknowledge that the analogy drawn between Palestinians and Arab Jews is unfounded.

          “Palestinian refugees didn’t want to leave Palestine. Many Palestinian communities were destroyed in 1948, and some 700,000 Palestinians were expelled or fled from the borders of historic Palestine. Those who left didn’t do so of their own volition.

          “In contrast, Arab Jews arrived to Israel under the initiative of the state of Israel and Jewish organisations. Some arrived of their free will; others arrived against their will. Some lived comfortably and securely in Arab lands; others suffered from fear and oppression.”

          Shenav noted that past Israeli governments refrained from raising the subject of ‘Jewish refugees’ from the Arab world for three main reasons:

          First, there was a concern that raising the subject would underscore what Israel had tried to repress and forget, namely the Palestinians’ right of return. Second, Israel was anxious that raising the subject would encourage property claims submitted by Jews against Arab states and, in response, encourage Palestinians to make counter-claims on lost property.

          Third, raising the issue would require Israel to alter its school textbooks and devise a new narrative by which Arab Jews journeyed to Palestine under duress, without being motivated by Zionist aspirations.

          To conclude, the analogy between the Palestinian Nakba, which can only be analogous to genocide, and the mostly voluntary emigration of Arab Jews from their original native Arab countries to the newly-created Zionist state of Israel is – at best – corrupt. It is ‘beyond chutzpah,’ so to speak, especially from a moral standpoint.”


          Or look at the 109 countries/states that they have been expelled from since AD250.

          As I have said, the feelings about Israel and Gaza/Palestine cannot be rationalised, they are visceral. I will not convince you of the Israeli “wrongness” and you cannot convince me of their morality, ethics or “rightness”.

          Your argument about Muslims are nonsensical, both the celebration and the “we are guilty”

          If you cannot see the truth behind 911 and 7/7 then I am sorry for your intellectual and critical faculties.

          Go in peace, may the future bring each of us what we wish for others.

      • Jl says:

        “Regardless of photo ops, several hundred Palestinian children were killed, and 0 Israeli.” Of course you miss the main point- the fact is that the Palestinians were TRYING to kill as many children as they could through rocket attacks and the supposed tunnel attacks planned for September. Anyway, the fact that Palestinian children were killed is solely their own fault.

        • PJ London says:

          I cannot believe that so many ordinary people can be so ridiculous. The Hasbarah are out in force.
          Take your shekels, but remember, there is justice.
          Go in peace, may the future bring each of us what we wish for others.

        • You would have liked Germany in 1938

    • Sophie says:

      Yes, I already know about the green helmet guy, I’ve seen some youtube videos that show him directing the show, I saw him twice organising the medics carrying the same ‘dead’ person into an ambulance.

      If I also recollect correctly, I once reviewed another video where Hamas were raising a fuss about the IDF targeting their ambulances, they even showed the media a hole in the top of one of the ambulances, to show where the missile had entered, oddly enough, the hole was dead centre on the roof, just about where the light is usually fixed.

      I also believe there is a court case in France concerning the falsifying of that famous footage showing a teenager being killed whilst hiding from the soldiers behind a ‘bin?’. I think I remember seeing a clip where he moved afterwards. Are the Palestinians raising the dead, I wonder?

      For so many years I was, ‘disgusted of the UK,’ with the way the Israelis treated the Arabs in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, I thought something must be done, then one day I realized, it was me who was being done by Hamas and their Shakespearian, Middle Eastern tragedies, luckily, youtube was able to show me their Comedy of Errors!

  13. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Perhaps the Europeans could send their EU bureaucrats to be human shields for both sides.

    That would at least fix one problem.

  14. Lawrence13 says:

    Oi! Heller I’m English , not Jewish and I support Israel and can see the difference between right and wrong-does that make me European?

  15. _Jim says:

    In 1989, the face of sanity, the voice of reason, no, no … not Mike Wallace, but Yasir Arafat!



  16. Robert B says:

    Israel was planned by Zionists before the holocaust. The Arabs going on about driving the Jews into the sea is a reference to a speech made by a Zionist in Germany in 1940.

    Sorry but you can not treat Palestinians as sub human because they’re pissed off nor because the Jews of Europe were treated as sub human. It is moronic.

    • You are projecting your own bigotry.

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      Israel was planned by Jehovah before Jehovah even thought about your sorry assed, uninformed existence, and stupid comments. Before the Jews returned in 1948, not even the Arab dogs wanted to live in “Palestine.” But since the Jews returned and turned a wasted desert into a prosperous Nation because of God’s promise and blessing, the dogs now want to be fed. Not only that, they want to steal and take over what the Jews built as an example to the world of hard work, determination, and God’s blessing by being skilled at something other than making bombs and homicide vests and falafel. You’re a total asshole, sir.

      Think about this: Jesus (The Jew) called an Arab woman a dog (He “hurt her feelings”), immediately before he saved her through her faith and guaranteed her an eternity in a safe haven free from homicide bombers, today’s rocket shooters, her countrymen, and even her famiglia that would rather live off of milk-bones and “feel sorry for me” than they are given to actually doing something noble for society as a whole.

      The “Palestinians” (a non-existent race) are not sub-human. They’re human beings created by God in His image, as all humanity is. But they ARE stupid, angry, and jealous because they’re lazy, as most Arab Islamists are wont to be.

      As previously noted, sir: you’re an asshole. Ad-hominum in full effect.

    • Israel was planned by Zionists before the holocaust.

      Woah! You mean a country that existed 3500 years ago was “invented” prior to 1940? Holy shit!

  17. _Jim says:

    More moral courage and rationality displayed by the leader of the PLO – Palestine Liberation Organization – Yasir Arafat “encourages Palestinian children to seek death as Martyrs (Shahada)”

    (Reminiscent of the German Hitler Youth I would say.)


    • Shazaam says:

      With that circle of hatred being batted back and forth over the wall by both sides, I suspect it is just a matter of time before a suicide bomber first contracts Ebola, then offs himself / herself explosively in a crowed market somewhere…. At first they’ll marvel that the bomber was the only one vaporized……


  18. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    And completing the circle jerk of Palestinian Victimhood, we find out we are paying, via our/your UN dues, Hamas to be mass murdering terrorist

    The UNRWA and Hamas are one and the same.


  19. PeterK says:

    It is what it is today and history is full of stories of people who were conquered by conquerers. It’s time you Arabs got over it. If they want Israel to quit responding to their firing rockets at Israel, then I have only one comment to make: “Quit firing those rockets and believe you me Israel will not retaliate because you haven’t fired any rockets at them.”

    When you Arabs and Muslims value life and your children more than the hate you feel toward Israel, then and only then will this begin to lead to a reconciliation – Arab and Jew – Jew and Arab. But it will probably take a generation or two before there is enough trust built up that something good will come of it.

    The number one understanding that you Arabs are missing out on is that Israel does exist and will exist. Israel is not going away and instead of having written in your Hamas Charter that you will not stop until all Jews are dead, this will never bring peace to this region.

    I actually believe that Islam is a political movement and not a religion, What other religion says kill the infidel if a person does not convert. Does Islam have a loving God and does Islam teach tolerance, love, turn the other cheek – to all people equally?

    When and only when Islam goes through a reformation type of self criticism and inward review of this disgusting religion and moderates their outlook and behavior toward the rest of the world, then there is no improving or aiding this lot because whatever one does for them, once you leave, their whole society will revert back to being a 12th century backward community of horrors.

  20. Cheshirered says:

    With you all the way, Steve.

    For those moralising from here in the UK, we were ‘told’ (ie lied to) that a previously non-violent (to the UK) ‘enemy’ located some 2,000 miles away could, possibly, perhaps, on a good day, hit our modest garrison stationed on Cyprus with an out-of-date lump of useless tin – and all that within ‘just’ three quarters of an hour of receiving orders.

    For that, we went to war, which cost Iraq hundreds of thousands and the UK army hundreds of lives. Not to mention £billions. And for what? Muslims still kill each other for fun.

    Meanwhile, precisely nobody in Westminster – including Cameron, Clegg or Miliband, would casually sit back while a dedicated enemy launched 100+ rockets a day into the UK. Nobody. So who are we – or indeed anyone else – to lecture Israel for defending itself from attack?

    If Hamas stop, the war stops. If they don’t stop they get their arses kicked by a bigger, stronger opponent. It’s that simple.

  21. Henry Lazarus says:

    Wouldn’t work. The only deaths that count are those killed by Israel. Moslems can kill moslems or Jews with no problems. Ukrainians can kill Russians or other Ukrainians.all deaths committed by Jews are the only true evil to most of the world.

  22. tom0mason says:

    Just 4 years ago Israel was trying for closer ties with the EU.

    Maybe they should try for full EU membership? That’ll work, wouldn’t it?

    • Sophie says:

      Oh dear, I do fear if Israel tried to join the EU, Brussels would close down a lot of the Israeli industry, due to their obsession with anti-business red tape! Corruption, thy name is EU.

  23. Sophie says:

    From the Daily Mail: Israel publishes ‘Hamas manual’ boasting about the propaganda value of Gaza civilian deaths as video emerges of rocket attack launched in built-up area


    The inhumanity of using your own people as propaganda shields, very dispiriting!

  24. Sparks says:

    You are a fucking hypocrite, how dare you.. apparently, you are all for state sponsored violence. you disgusting scum bags.. thousands of peoples lives have been lost. and you think about yourself. fucken wise up you total bell ends.

    hypocritical should go to 12 on the scale of ten for you dicks, i am disappointed.

  25. Sparks says:

    Fuck you Tony.

  26. Sparks says:

    It’s ok if it’s another state killing civilians for whatever cause just don’t take our guns away, waa waa waa (said a winy American voice).

  27. PeterK says:

    Sparks…are you having a meltdown…did you not take your morning medication…are the voices in your head making your brain feel owieeee…are you beginning another episode…of words just flow out of your mind and you can’t stop them…

  28. Dbohm says:

    Until there is any evidence that the members of Hamas firing rockets are actually Palestinians, and not Mossad agents, this is a useless topic (and yes, Mossad would definitely do that). I find it strange that with the CAGW stuff, the news media cannot be trusted~ the lying is obvious. But when it comes to Israel, the bulk of comments on here are relying almost entirely on the media for information.

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