Environment Canada Engaging In Blatant Climate Denial

Nobel Prize winner Al Gore says the Arctic will be ice free in a few weeks, but Environment Canada shows both ends of the Northwest Passage blocked with ice.

Ninety-seven percent of climate experts agree with Al Gore, so the only rational conclusion is that Environment Canada are engaging in heresy against the global warming religion.

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24 Responses to Environment Canada Engaging In Blatant Climate Denial

  1. rah says:

    Has anyone really tried this summer to make the passage? I remember a list of those that tried and failed in the past when they were going to highlight the effects of global warming. Most of them ended up with frozen bums or frostbite. None of them made it. Is there anyone we can make fun of this year?

  2. Katabasis says:

    Rah, yep. And they’re stuck in ice:


    Here’s the original puff piece on the BBC complete with claims about highlighting the imminent doom of human caused thermageddon:


    Note that he’s taken his 14 and 15 year old kids with him too…

    • stewart pid says:

      They were stuck on August 2nd but got out and are now a safe distance from the ice and their latest comments are: “We are still waiting for the ice situation to improve” “the ice charts are looking increasingly promising”
      However, they can’t bring themselves to admit they are pooched for a 2014 crossing unless Super Reggie and his amazing blow thingy comes to the rescue and toasts the arctic until it is done like diner 😉

    • mjc says:

      Actually it’s grand-daughter…and there are several family members involved.

      Here’s her account of the ice…


      • rah says:

        Thanks to all of you. Clicked every link. I guess it would be a great adventure but I think it is plain irresponsible to do it just to say you did when there are such strong odds that your going to get into trouble. Costs a lot of money to rescue these people and I would bet sometimes the lives of the rescuers are placed in danger. Foolishly selfish really.

        • Tel says:

          I’m not bothered by people doing it, so long as they pay their own costs.

        • mjc says:

          If there is anyone that has a good shot of being able to get himself out of trouble, it’s Jimmy Cornell. He’s got the experience on the water and knowledge of the sea that dwarfs most of the others attempting it, by at least an order of magnitude.

          But, I think he may be laboring under some false notions as to why it should be done…

    • 1957chev says:

      Human hostages….he figures they’ll go to extremes to rescue them, if they mention the children…

      • mjc says:

        There are eight of us onboard, so who are we?
        Jimmy needs no introduction. There’s myself, Doina, Jimmy’s daughter, and my own daughter Nera. Completing our family is Marianne Aschenbrenner, my cousin.

        Since half the crew is family, I think it looks more like a ‘family vacation’ than anything else…which brings to mind those movies, back in the ’80s… 😀

  3. omanuel says:

    If the Nobel-prize winning team of Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC say it, you can be certain it is ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

    Here’s why:


  4. tom0mason says:

    How times have changed

    In 1988 Former Canadian Minister of the Environment Christine Stewart told editors and reporters of the Calgary Herald, “No matter if the science of global warming is all phony … climate change [provides] the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.”

    And 4 years later…

    At the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Earth Climate Summit former U.S. Senator Timothy Wirth, D-Colo. then representing the Clinton-Gore administration as U.S. undersecretary of state for global issues agreed, “We have got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic policy and environmental policy.”

    The Canadians appear to have learned the lesson.
    Now USA it’s your turn.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I am hoping for a polar vortex and major snow storms hitting in late October early November before this years voting. Followed by sky high electric bills and blackout/brownouts leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

      I may get my wish, at least on the blackouts:
      WUWT: America’s Power Grid at the Limit: The Road to Electrical Blackouts By Steve Goreham

      …Eight of the top ten of PJM’s all-time winter peaks occurred in January 2014. Heroic efforts by grid operators saved large parts of the nation’s heartland from blackouts during record-cold temperature days. Nicholas Akins, CEO of American Electric Power, stated in Congressional testimony, “This country did not just dodge a bullet―we dodged a cannon ball.”…

      Scuttle butt??

      New Obama Coal Policy Threatens To Turn America Into Darkness

      …In February, an official within the Department of Energy said electricity rates in coal areas could rise by 70 to 80 percent, as plants close…

      “The President’s own Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that coal will continue to provide nearly a third of our electricity through 2040, but the rule seems to ignore that reality,” said US Senator Joe Manchin (D.-West Virginia). “The EPA has proposed rules that are not based on any existing technology that has been proven on a commercial scale.”…

      The EPA coal regulations come on the heels of a wide-sweeping wood stove ban and unprecedented Clean Water Act proposed rules. Small farmers, ranchers, and other Americans concerned with continuing their low-cost or off-the-grid lifestyle are feeling quite a pinch due to the mounting federal mandates coming down the pike….

      • _Jim says:

        Some of what Steve Goreham did not address (because it is not his job, because he is not aware of them, or it does not ‘help’ his cause) is the expansion of gas pipeline infrastructure in the that part of the world.

        Reading these ‘pieces’ one would think the situation was ‘static’ and unchanging, and that is not the case. He does make some good points about coal being able to be stored on-site vs the impracticality of natural gas to be stored the same way, but, via a technique known as ‘linepack’ natural gas under high pressure is effectively stored in pipelines vs discrete tank farms as is done with liquid fuels.

        Some of the problems lat winter were also due to nat gas plant freeze-ups; nat gas requires some amount of processing to remove other components (e.g. water, other light hydrocarbons) that are subject to freezing in pipeline systems of the nat gas is not of high enough purity.


      • _Jim says:

        Something you may want to be apprised of: The carrot and the stick both to be used to ‘motivate’ participating QSE’s (Qualified Service Entities or active generation sources) to ready their equipment for winter conditions.

        PJM to Hike Penalties, Incentives to Improve Winter Reliability, August 5, 2014

        I could copy the WHOLE article as the entire article is germane to ‘rectifying’ issues that affect reliability (spell that as ‘blackouts’ to the consuming public) but will only include a few excerpts below as well as the topical categories addressed, which are:

        Winter is Coming – Intro’ing the Carrot and the Stick plan
        Redefinition of Capacity
        Fuel Security
        More Flexible Operations
        Insufficient Penalties
        ‘Enhanced’ Liaison Committee Process
        Arbitrage Technical Conference
        – – – –

        Opening excerpt:

        Winter is Coming

        PJM will increase performance penalties and incentives and seek ways to incorporate firm gas transportation in energy prices under an initiative announced last week to reduce generator outage rates.

        PJM CEO Terry Boston announced the initiative, which he said resulted from a three-day meeting of the Board of Managers and discussions with present and former leaders of the Members Committee and stakeholder sectors.

        The action was prompted by January’s extreme cold, when as much as 22% of PJM’s generation suffered forced outages, three times the normal winter rate.

        A few words about Fuel Security (better titled ‘Fuel Scarcity’ maybe)

        A key part of the new definition will be fuel security, meaning incentives are likely to encourage nuclear generators, dual-fuel units and firm gas contracts.

        “At 20 mph [the speed at which gas flows], there’s not a lot of difference between just-in-time delivery and too dang late,” Boston said.

        He also referred to two coal plants that were unable to operate in January because they lacked natural gas needed to start up. “Twenty thousand dollars’ worth of fuel oil could have brought those units up,” Boston said. “I would pay that now.”

        And a bit on More Flexible Operations – IOW, ALL the problems encountered are not strictly technical (like lack of nat gas or fuel) but also encompass the human or personnel side of things:

        Officials also will be seeking to reverse a trend toward less flexible unit operating parameters. In a 23-page white paper issued Friday, PJM said unit flexibility has dropped as a result of staffing reductions and other cost cuts. (See Problem Statement on PJM Capacity Performance Definition.)

        Ott said limits on unit flexibility must be a function of operational limits, not financial concerns. “We’ve seen units with three starts per day reduced to one; units with very short minimum run times became very long minimum run times,” he said.

        The effort will also seek to boost operations and maintenance spending to improve generator availability on “low probability peak events” such as January’s polar vortex or last September’s unexpected heat wave.

        – – – – –


  5. 1957chev says:

    We can be thankful that there is a Conservative Federal Government in charge of Environment Canada. They are not pushing the global warming propaganda. K. Wynne, Liberal leader and Premier in Ontario, on the other hand, would tell you there is a danger of palm trees & gators…
    I have never met a more blatant liar.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Maurice Strong, Al Gore, David Suzuki, Mikey Mann, Jimmy Hansen….

      The one thing the CAGW/greenies have in common is they lie through their teeth in support of the CAUSE™

    • norilsk says:

      Living in Ontario I agree. The recent election had sickening attack hads lieing about the Progressive Conservative leader. It was a low point in Canadian politics.

  6. norilsk says:

    Don’t forget the Saint Roch (Rock), who’s crew sailed her through the Arctic both ways during WWII. They made the return voyage from Halifax to Vancouver through the more northerly northwest passage in a record 86 days. The twentieth century belonged to Canada, as Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier predicted.

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