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71% Increase In 4/5 Year Old Ice Since 2011

Since the same date in 2011, the amount of 4/5 year old ice in the Arctic has increased by 71%. Experts say that the Arctic is melting down.

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Where’s Reggie When You Need Him?

NSIDC shows thick multi-year ice right up to the coast of Alaska. Excellent conditions for progressives to take their Northwest passage cruise.

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NASA: Hiding The 1960’s Decline

In 1961, there was a unanimous consensus for global cooling The 1975 National Academy of Sciences report showed this cooling. NCAR showed this cooling NOAA showed this cooling in both Radiosonde and surface data Hadley still shows this cooling in … Continue reading

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NSIDC’s 2012 Nature Trick

Two years ago, I caught NSIDC pulling a fast one in their sea ice graphs. A few hours before the Arctic extent line was about to cross the 1979-2000 mean line, they changed their plotting scheme to use a five day trailing average for … Continue reading

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Shock News : Climate Models Are Extremely Wrong

I was shocked to learn that the entire basis of climate alarmism, is models which extremely over-predict warming in the tropical troposphere. Thoughts and plots about the tropical tropospheric hot spot.  Carl Mears, Remote Sensing Systems it is obvious that … Continue reading

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1950’s Consensus Science : Life On Mars – Continents Don’t Move

In 1950, the scientific consensus was that continents don’t move, and that there was life on Mars TimesMachine: June 25, 1950 – NYTimes.com TimesMachine: May 8, 1958 – NYTimes.com

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