Terrifying Statistics About Sea Ice

After 35 years of unprecedented melting, global sea ice area is the same as 35 years ago.

ScreenHunter_1822 Aug. 09 17.29

Over the past 18 months, global sea ice area has been above normal 70% of the time, and is averaging 3,500 Manhattans above normal. 

ScreenHunter_1823 Aug. 09 17.42


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9 Responses to Terrifying Statistics About Sea Ice

  1. When you say 3,500 Manhattans, is that before or after Manhattan lost size as the sea level rose?

    • Scott Scarborough says:

      Battery Park in Manhattan is reclaimed sea as are many areas of Manhattan. They put pilings in the ocean and fill it in with rocks and concrete. So over the years Manhattan has actually gained a little size, not lost size.

      • They’ve been doing that for centuries. Every time they dredge a channel they use the extra fill to create land on the edge of Manhattan. 350 years ago, Water Street was on the water. Now it’s 2 blocks from the water.

  2. Eliza says:

    Its been just found that global warming aint global anymore
    Interesting because usually UQ (University Queensland, Australia) would never allow such a sinful article. IT suggests that there may be shift in thinking at UQ re Global warming.

  3. Billy Liar says:

    Cue Jim Hunt with an inane comment in … 3 … 2 … 1 …

  4. Brian H says:

    How many frozen Olympic swimming pools is that?

  5. Brian H says:

    And how many pools-full of dry ice caused it?

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