80 Years Ago : 117 Degrees In The Midwest



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2 Responses to 80 Years Ago : 117 Degrees In The Midwest

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steven, for this reminder of information our government now wants to hide from the public.

    George Orwell knew what was coming in 1946, when he moved from London to the Scottish Isle of Jura to start writing “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

    He had already written “Animal Farm” about the rise of totalitarian communism under Stalin before WWII, but somehow he knew Stalin had acquired the ability to subvert western democracies and the rest of the world too after the end of WWII.

  2. Andy Oz says:


    The most popular cause of extreme weather phenomenon was apparently debunked in 1935.
    “In fact, a single cause, the wide use of radio, is often advanced for both
    drought and flood.”
    US Weather Bureau scientist Dr Humphries denied that radio is the cause, but says that lighting huge fires could break the 1934 drought. Climate science has advanced so much – not.

    “This method, Dr. Humphreys says, is correct in principle, but the cost of a fire big enough to break a drought would be prohibitive.”


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