2008 : Obama Said He Would Give Up Leisure And Vacations If Elected

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29 Responses to 2008 : Obama Said He Would Give Up Leisure And Vacations If Elected

  1. tedsunday says:

    Makes me want to vomit every time I think about how racist the people who voted for him are…

  2. redc1c4 says:

    a lying liar lied… unexpectedly.

    the only promise he meant to keep was to fundamentally transform the US.

    (and he didn’t mean for the better either.)

  3. tom0mason says:

    Obama Said He Would Give Up Leisure And Vacations If Elected,

    And the worst of it is that he very probably believed it at the time.
    Then some darn fools voted him in and everything changed.

  4. Latitude says:

    I say put his ass on a permanent vacation…..at least when he’s not home he can’t screw everything up

  5. 1957chev says:

    Is there anyone who can count the number of lies that Obama has told?

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Don’t knock it. Since everything he touches turns to crud, Obama on vacation is a blessing.

    Please, Mr. President, Stay on Vacation

  7. Pathway says:

    Anyone with an IQ above 80 knew that a street thug would have no idea about how to handle a free people. And there you have it, There are more people in America who are idiots than there are people who know the Pres. is a POS.

  8. _Jim says:

    Pretty good ‘riff’ on related subject today … excerpted in its entirety below.

    – – – – – –

    The Smart People Took Over… And Now Where are We?
    August 11, 2014

    Watching MSNBC this morning by accident. I assure you by accident. For some reason the monitor in here came on MSNBC instead of CNN. I was in a state of disbelief. And I have to tell you, folks, it was funny. I mean, these are all Obamaites and they look like a family in the waiting room at a hospital when the situation is dire. I mean, it was funny. They’re clearly like the family in the waiting room of the hospital worried about the patient.

    The doctors went in trying to remove Obama’s foreign policy, the latest cancer in the administration, and they couldn’t find the doctrine. They couldn’t find the Obama doctrine, they came out and they told the family of the patient, which was the MSNBC people, and they were just totally depressed. Stop and think about this for a second. This is almost indescribable, and yet it is the reality we face today.

    Starting in 2004, barely a year after George W. Bush invades Iraq to get rid of Saddam Hussein, starting in 2004 and continuing all through 2008, the media and the Democrat Party launch a multiple-times-a-day assault. I mean, it’s all we heard on Bush about Iraq, about how it was wrong-headed, it was immoral, it was unnecessary. We should have been in Afghanistan. What business do we have in Iraq.

    They did everything, the Democrats, Obama. Even Obama’s speech in 2002 that put him on the map was about Iraq, about how dumb it was, how silly it was and we ought not ever be there and we shouldn’t ever go there and he was never gonna vote for it and blah, blah, blah. Then we started with the body counts, and in the midst of all this there were other scandals supposedly surrounding Bush. But for essentially five years the American media and the Democrat Party set out to summarily destroy the George Bush administration and primarily the second term, obviously.

    The news was filled each day with multiple stories about a supposedly plunging economy, that we were headed into a recession while employment was almost full, 4.7%, while the job situation looked good. The economy was fine. It was soaring. We were coming out of two recessions and 9/11, and yet the media every day, every network beating Bush up, beating Cheney up, “No blood for oil.” Every day it seemed we had a story on how our troops in Iraq were nothing but terrorists. John Kerry and John Murtha, you name it, it was never-ending. It was a drumbeat about how no way, no how should we ever be in Iraq.

    When it came time for the surge from General Petraeus, MoveOn.org runs an ad in the New York Times called General Betray Us, and they accuse him on the morning of testimony about the surge before a Senate committee of lying. He hadn’t even opened his mouth. The media picked that up and accused Petraeus of lying, and Hillary Clinton was right there accusing Petraeus of lying before he even said a word.

    Then the presidential campaign of 2008 kicks up and it’s all about Iraq, and then there are debates, and it’s all about Iraq, and it’s filled with Obama saying he’s gonna get us out, if it’s the first thing he does. The left wing, the American media, was totally absorbed with Iraq. Iraq was in every way representative of the worst of the United States of America and we’ve got to get ourselves out. In fact, one of the first things Obama ever said as president was how he was going to get us out. It was as though they had succeeded, in their own minds, of convincing everybody in this country that the absolute worst thing this country has ever done outside of slavery was Iraq.

    Remember all the stories of “torture” at Abu Ghraib? Remember all the stories of Club Gitmo and Korans flushed down the toilet that didn’t happen? Remember all of the lies, all of the in-your-face lies, all of the efforts to saddle this country with a defeat in Iraq and hang it around the neck of George W. Bush? Everything they could do to destroy this country’s morale on Iraq was done — daily, multiple times a day — including impugning military personnel, uniformed military personnel.

    I remember such stories as John Kerry in Pasadena, California, making a speech at some school or something and he said: You either get smart or you end up in Iraq. Where is he? Remember all of the stories about the American military and, “Oh, how bad must America be if all of these young men and women are joining the military! It must be that there’s no future in this country because of Bush!

    “They can’t get an education. They can’t get into a school. They can’t get a job because of the recession,” which didn’t exist, “and so the only option they had was to join the military.” The Democrat Party went so far as to discredit volunteers. I mean, I’m just trying to remind you — and I’m leaving out 90% of it. I’m trying to remind you of what we lived with, what we as citizens had to put up with in this country for five years multiple times a day, 24/7, 365 — and now where are we?

    Where are we now? We’re back! Because the “smart” people told us they were gonna fix it. The “smart” people told us it should have never happened. The “smart” people told us it was never worth a single American life. It was never worth a single American defense dollar. It was never worth an ounce or a moment of our time. It was the worst boondoggle ever, and it was typical of right-wing conservative warmongers.

    “They just love war, and they just love killing people, and they can’t wait,” and they showed us the pictures of the torture with the underwear on the heads of the terrorists at Abu Ghraib. They literally had conniption fits and near strokes over the meanness of the United States and our torture regimen and the waterboarding, and the Democrat Party promised everyone that that would come to an end when they came to power.

    There would be no more torture, there would be no more war, there would be no more Abu Ghraib. There would be no more anything that George W. Bush did, because they were the “smart” people, and they were gonna get us out of there, and they were gonna close Gitmo, and then they were gonna get us out of Afghanistan, because none of it was worthwhile. None of it made any sense. None of it was what the United States is really all about. It was all illegitimate.

    The Democrat Party and its willing accomplices in the American media spent five years poisoning and polluting the minds of as many Americans as they could reach on how illegitimate the entire Iraq and War on Terror enterprise was, in essence. When it became clear that the war in Iraq was part of the War on Terror, then they tried to distance it. “Oh, no, no, no, no! Iraq’s not part of it. That’s a sideshow that Bush did for whatever stupid reason.

    “The War on Terror is in Afghanistan!” Well, how is that working out for the really smart people? I am sitting here in total amazement — actually I’m not ’cause I know these people. But still it’s surreal. After five years of hearing how incompetent and inept and foolish and stupid and dumb George Bush was, “the cowboy,” and Dick Cheney, “Darth Vader,” and Rumsfeld! Remember? They tried to destroy all three of these men.

    Cheney and Rumsfeld have devoted most of their lives to serving this country, and they attempted to destroy them. Scooter Libby outing Valerie Plame? Remember all of this? It’s all part of the Iraq situation. Remember Valerie Plame’s wonderful playboy husband, Joe Wilson, who goes over there Niger and tries to find yellowcake and thinks it’s a Betty Crocker dessert and says there isn’t any after he had first said there was?

    It was one of the most coordinated anti-American military efforts I have ever seen and the “smart” people got elected to office in part because they successfully blasphemed everybody involved in it, and promised that it would never happen again, and promised that the world would be a place of peace and promised that the world would once again love and respect the United States.

    Now the world is on fire and the truly incompetent, totally clueless, egghead, stupid theoreticians from the faculty lounge are finally in charge — and, voila! Look where we are. Barack Hussein Obama — B. Hussein O. — just said that the bombing of Iraq “is more and more looking like a long-term project.” B. Hussein O., who was elected to see to it that this never happened again because this was never worth it in the first place, because this only happened because of incompetent, stupid idiots like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and George W. Bush.

    No, America was gonna be a better place! America was gonna have a bigger heart. America wasn’t going to torture again, and America certainly wasn’t going to defend people who didn’t deserve to be defended. America was never again gonna engage in silly foreign affairs follies, because the truly “smart” people were now in charge. I wonder if the media will look into the Obama investment portfolio and start asking if he has any Halliburton stock.

    Remember all of that? The Iraq war was illegitimate because of Halliburton, where Cheney had once been the CEO, and Halliburton offers support services like food for the troops. Halliburton also was eeeevil, profiteers on death and mayhem. It was blood for oil, and none of it was worth it — and if we only elected “the smart people,” why, peace would break out! White doves would escape the Olympic flame without being baked alive.

    Once again the US would be loved and respected. All it would take is a presidential apology tour and a presidential tour getting us out of every conflict in the world. Now it’s been reduced to the point that the president of the United States boldfaced lied Saturday in front of God and everybody, when he refused to take responsibility for the lack of troops in Iraq. (impression) “Hey, you know what? It wasn’t my idea get out of there with no troops left in Iraq.”

    He’s blatantly, bold-faced lying, ’cause he’s rolling the dice that his sycophant, soon-to-die-of-anal-poisoning media — and, by the way, that has nothing to do with… That’s just butt kissing. When you die of anal poisoning it’s ’cause of butt kissing. Don’t let your mind run away from you. I’ve had people say, “You really think…? That’s the most insulting thing.” Why? It’s not.

    Anal poisoning has to do with butt kissing, and that’s what the media does. (sigh) And did you know that I am from the Balkans? Did you know that? I didn’t know! I must have been born in the Balkans ’cause Obama says the reason none of what he’s doing is working is because the media has been “Balkanized,” and what he means is me, talk radio, and Fox News.

    How long is it gonna be before the media starts asking Obama about the “exit strategy,” hmm? Didn’t we start hearing about the exit strategy before George W. Bush even committed troops to Iraq in 2003? Oh, yeah, “What’s gonna be the exit strategy?” George W. Bush went around this country for a year building up support for this, United Nations, remember that? General Powell still holds all that against him.

    Oh, have you heard this? Obama and Hillary… Have you heard this? Well, that’s a differently thing. Hillary criticizing Obama. I’ll get into that. That’s been Syria, too, and this is… It’s gonna be a huge … self-back pat. I mean, I was right about this. We were supporting ISIS. We were anti-Bashar Assad. We were supporting ISIS. I was the one who raised the possibility, and I remember being ridiculed about it elsewhere in the Drive-Bys.

    But, no, Mrs. Clinton is saying that now. She’s agreeing with a general on Fox saying we supported the wrong side in Syria. I’ll get to that. No, no, no. Obama and Hillary Clinton… Wait for it here, folks. They are blaming bad intel for not being prepared on ISIS. I am not kidding you. I’ve got it here in the Obama Iraq Stack. They are blaming bad intel. Now, we’ve heard that before, right?

    We heard that bad intel was the responsible for the lack of weapons of mass discovery destruction, and when that excuse was offered, who was in there ridiculing it? Why, I think it was Barack Obama and I think it was Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, and all of the rest of the Wizards of Smart in this unfortunate Regime. But, yes, they fixed this, I thought, with Panetta at the CIA. It was all gonna be fixed, remember?

    I got an e-mail, I checked it during the break. “Buddy, you sounded really angry in that opening monologue.” Folks, I am angry. If I left something unclear, let me state it, briefly. For five years this country was lied to by the Democrat Party and the media. They were lied to about Iraq every day, multiple times a day; lied to about the economy; lied to about torture; lied to about the US military; lied, lied, lied about George W. Bush. It created public opinion, anti-Bush, anti-America, as it was. It created a false public opinion that set up the election of Barack Obama under totally false premises.

    We have somebody unqualified, unprepared, not smart, not ready for this, doesn’t know what he’s doing and may not even care about foreign policy. Damn right I’m mad. This was not supposed to ever happen again. I listened to what they said. I know how they got elected. I know how they ginned up public opinion. I know what was done. Let me put it this way. I don’t forget what was done. We all know. Folks, I am practically fit to be tied over this ’cause I had to sit there for five years, 2004 on, I had to listen to liberals saying what stupid idiot Bush was and he sounds like a cowboy and how he’s dumb.

    Then Obama comes on the scene. I had to listen to people tell me how smart he was, and I had to listen to people tell me how stupid Palin was, how stupid Cheney was, how stupid Rumsfeld was, and how dangerous they were and how incompetent, and Halliburton. For five years we all had to listen to a bunch of lies about the American military, uniformed military personnel, generals, secretary of defense, president, Scooter Libby, throw it all in there.

    We had to listen to a set of lies all for the purpose of destroying a legitimate military operation. They’re all legitimate once we commit to them, folks. That’s the point. They’re all legitimate once we commit. Once we commit, we win. They secured defeat. They tried to secure defeat.

    I haven’t forgotten any of it. They did all of that to build up the Democrat Party as the alternative. With the Democrat Party and such brilliance as Obama and Joe Biden and John Kerry and Dianne Feinstein and Elizabeth Warren and whoever the hell else, none of this was ever gonna happen again because they were so smart. They’d be able to talk to bad guys. They’d be able to negotiate with the bad guys. They’d be able to relate to the bad guys. They’d be able to apologize to the bad guys. They’d be able to reach the bad guys where Bush couldn’t and Bush didn’t want to.

    They’d be able to reach out to ’em and they’d be able to speak French to ’em or whatever and show ’em we’re really erudite. We’re really European, we get it. We’re really smart. We’re smarter that dumb hick cowboy from Texas and that blond bald-headed guy from Wyoming. We’re smart. We can deal with you. We understand your grievances against the United States.

    That’s another thing that ticks me off. Obama and these guys, Clinton, too. Clinton’s out there running around all over the world during the campaign doing this stuff. They were all running all over the world telling our enemies, “Hey, look, hey, look, we understand, but you’ll be able to deal with us ’cause we get it and we’re no threat to you. And we, too, agree the United States has overstepped its bounds on many occasions. And we agree with you the United States has been X.”

    That’s what we elected. That’s what we got. And it happened because for five years the media ran poll after poll after poll, opinion number after opinion number after opinion number, approval number after approval number, story after story lying about the economy, lying about foreign policy, lying about Iraq, doing all these things. And what really ticked me off was the Bush administration didn’t respond to any of it at any time. They now acknowledge that was a bit of a mistake.

    So the Democrats and the media had a punching bag and they just kept hitting it and hitting it and hitting it. And the American people had no choice but to believe it. There was no counter-theory ever offered except here and on Fox News, and that was it. Now we’re right back where we are and it’s worse. It is worse now than before we went into Iraq. It is worse. This bunch, ISIS and what they’re doing and the free rein they think they’ve got to operate, it’s worse. And it’s not happening over there and doesn’t mean anything to us. That’s what this bunch also tried to tell us, that what goes on in Iraq, what goes on in Afghanistan, doesn’t affect us, none of our business. We need to get out of those places. We can’t impose our way. You’ve heard the drill.

    – – – –

    • There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

      Weather you did or did not read Jim’s entire post or agree with him, this November be sure to vote a straight GOP ticket. It wont make everything right, but it’s a step in the right direction.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Actually the media started in on Bush II before he got a chance to sit down in the chair in the oval office the first time (2001).

      I remember sitting in the car with Hubby with my jaw dropping, listening to the radio . It was Bush’s first week in office and the media started in on how BUSH caused the recession.

      If anyone cause that recession it was Clinton and the traitorous media.

      Unemployment Graph

      Gross Domestic Product Chart Note GDP growth (alternate) went negative in 2000 as CLINTON’s policies kicked in since Bush hadn’t had time to warm up the chair.

      NONE of the politicians are honest however.


      A Series Authored by Walter J. “John” Williams

      ….A Tempting Target for Manipulation

      In the introduction to this series on government reporting, I mentioned political manipulation of the GNP/GDP in the Johnson and first Bush administrations that went beyond overly positive methodological changes. In both instances, my sources were consulting clients who had been involved directly in the process. In the latter instance, an individual at the BEA also confirmed the situation.

      Few people argue with the GNP/GDP reports, so when Lyndon Johnson kept sending the initial GNP estimates back to the Commerce Department for correction, he eventually got what he wanted, and the media dutifully reported stronger than actual economic growth.

      Near the end of the first Bush administration, an outside-the-system manipulation was worked. A senior member of the Executive Branch approached a senior officer of a large computer company and requested that reporting of computer sales to the BEA be inflated. This was done specifically to help with the reelection effort. The request was granted, and thanks to the heavy leverage of computer deflation, reported GDP growth enjoyed an artificial spike.

      There are suggestions of other direct manipulations over time, specifically involving the Clinton administration and the current Bush administration. Most recently, a bizarre annual revision to the GDP data eliminated the 2001 recession, at least as traditionally defined with two consecutive quarters of real GDP contractions.

      Where little public attention is paid to the GDI, however, it is interesting to note that the revisions did not follow the same pattern on the inflation-adjusted income side of GDP. Pre-revision numbers showed quarterly real GDP contractions in third-quarter 2000 and the first- through third-quarter 2001. In the 2004 annual revisions, second-quarter 2001 GDP growth turned positive (from -0.6% to +1.2%), breaking up any consecutive quarterly GDP declines. The patterns were repeated in revisions of the GNP. Following the latest annual revisions, however, the GDI-same as GNP in theory-showed contractions in fourth-quarter 2000, second- through fourth-quarter 2001 and third-quarter 2002.

      Estimating Economic Reality

      Based on my analysis of the GDP/GNP revisions and redefinitions over time, over-deflation and economic reporting as published before later political corrections, reporting of real GDP growth at present is overstated by roughly three percent per year against a more realistic, pre-Pollyanna Creep period.

      Where the period of bloated GDP reporting began after the severe double-dip recession of 1980 and 1981/1982, it includes the last two recessions that were severe enough to generate reported GDP contractions. Both the 1990/1991 and 2001 recessions were deeper and longer than currently estimated. The recession from July 1990 to March 1991 (timing per the NBER) really began in late-1989 and persisted into 1992, perhaps even 1993. Such was evident in the underlying data of the time. Due to the NBER’s early call of the recession’s end, however, the first “jobless recovery” was seen.

      Similarly, the recession that was timed from March to November 2001, began in late-2000 and persisted into 2003. Again, because of an early call to the recession’s end, a “jobless recovery” was seen.

      John Williams (Shadowstat) BTW has gotten too popular so he is now a target for take down. Guess he was getting too close to the truth.

    • darrylb says:

      Jim, do you feel better now? πŸ™‚

      You are preaching to the choir, repetitively.

  9. te53 says:

    Instead he treats it like he won the lottery– what’s the total now? 50 million and counting for himself, his family, and all his friends, and all tax free courtesy of the broke taxpayers.

    At least Bush spent his time off at his own home and at the family place in Maine.

  10. philjourdan says:

    ANd everyone kept their doctor. As one of your earlier articles indicated, the news is when he tells the truth.

  11. annieoakley says:

    Oh, Wow! Finally somebody remembers this like I do. Except for one thing, GW’s support for illegal immigration with Mcain and ted kennedy. Those two losers?? Yet I would never, ever vote for BHO no way, no how. I thought he was dead when the Jerry Wright sermons came out.” God Damn America??” Unfortunately I was wrong.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Voters were given the choice of Obummer or McCain – UGH!

      I voted other as too many others did, splitting the vote. Unfortunately that STILL did not wake up the RINOS Republicans and we got Romney.

      It is interesting that the D -voters are very very loyal while the Republicans are not at all ‘loyal’ I guess that means they actually pay attention before they vote.

  12. MikeTheDenier says:

    he lied. Oh wait….that’s his natural instinct

  13. KevinK says:

    β€œWhat’s gonna be the exit strategy?”

    I’m still waiting for the “exit strategy” from the “War on Poverty”, half a century and we’ve got as much poverty as ever. But folks now do have “big screens” and “gold rims”. Wonder what those “Okies” would have given for “gold rims” on their jalopies back during the dust bowl…..

    Cheers, Kevin.

  14. _Jim says:

    Notable quotes today, August 11, 2014

    – – – – – – –

    1) “Barack Hussein Obama — B. Hussein O. — just said that the bombing of Iraq ‘is more and more looking like a long-term project.’ B. Hussein O., who was elected to see to it that this never happened again because this was never worth it in the first place, because this only happened because of incompetent, stupid idiots like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and George W. Bush.”

    2) “We’ve got middle-class wages plummeting in the last seven years. More kids living at home and more kids with more student debt than ever before. We’ve got the health care system that’s been taken over by the government, and it’s an absolute mess. None of this needed to happen.”

    3) “The left wing, the American media, was totally absorbed with Iraq. Iraq was in every way representative of the worst of the United States of America and we’ve got to get ourselves out.”

    4) “One of the first things Obama ever said as president was how he was going to get us out. It was as though they had succeeded, in their own minds, of convincing everybody in this country that the absolute worst thing this country has ever done outside of slavery was Iraq.”

    5) “It is worse now than before we went into Iraq. This bunch, ISIS and what they’re doing and the free rein they think they’ve got to operate, it’s worse.”

    6) “The American people were talked into believing that Iraq was one of the biggest mistakes this country’s ever made, bigger than Vietnam, all because that was in the best interests of the Democrat Party.”

    7) “There’s too much power to be had with an ongoing, never-solved original sin kind of grievance.”

    8) “Liberal media failure guarantees you a prominent new job, ’cause they can’t afford shame or discredit to be showered upon the industry.”

    9) “Hillary’s out saying Obama’s a failure. All kinds of people are now proclaiming Obama a failure. When I said ‘I hope he fails,’ of course, all hell broke loose.”

    10) “I was maybe the only person in major American media who warned everybody that Assad was not the bad guy in those uprisings.”

    11) “The former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, is out there saying that Obama’s failure to aid Syrian rebels led to ISIS. Now, she’s doing two things. She’s distancing herself from Obama, but at the same time she’s trying to head off criticism of her own recommendations because she didn’t speak up for these rebels at the time.”

    12) “Here’s Obama bombing. Oh, yeah, indiscriminate bombing attacks on ISIS. Isn’t that going to recruit more terrorists, I could ask? Isn’t that gonna just make the terrorists angrier?”

    13) “How many months have we had to listen to the Drive-By Media characterize Benghazi as a phony Tea Party scandal, folks?”

    14) “The New York Times hates using force to maintain peace or stability in the Middle East. They love Obama.”

    15) “David Gregory, maybe for the first time in his life as a journalist, criticized Obama on a day he no doubt heard the rumors that he’s out and F. Chuck is in. So he decided to give the heartland some of what they want to hear: blame Obama.”

    16) “It’s clear to me that Hillary Clinton obviously thinks that foreign policy is still gonna be her strong pantsuit as she heads into the campaign. She really does.”

    17) “I automatically reject everything I hear coming out of the news media in Washington when the Democrats are in power because, by and large, when it comes to foreign policy, every story is made to cover up for their inadequacies, their incompetence, and the fact that they’re wrong about everything.”

    18) “All of these lies about Iraq helped create an election climate where this guy gets elected twice and, as a result, we’ve got open borders. We’re being invaded on our Southern border, and we have an economy that practically does not exist.”

    19) “Oh, by the way, have you noticed how many people are now saying Obama’s a failure?”

    20) “Even Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) is calling it a ‘farce’ that Obama is blaming bad intel for not knowing how big and bad ISIS had become in Iraq.”

    21) “I don’t think Obama will ever put boots on the ground in Iraq. I don’t think he cares about Iraq. He could have wiped ISIS out a year ago if he really cared about all this.”

    22) “Hillary Clinton went over to Russia and presented a Russian leader with a toy reset button, which was designed to reset our relationship after the disaster that was Bush. Now, how has that worked out?”

    23) “Did you know that I am from the Balkans? Did you know that? I didn’t know! I must have been born in the Balkans ’cause Obama says the reason none of what he’s doing is working is because the media has been ‘Balkanized,’ and what he means is me, talk radio, and Fox News.”

    24) “The egghead, stupid, truly incompetent, totally clueless theoreticians from the faculty lounge are finally in charge — and, voila! Now the world is on fire.”

    25) “Obama didn’t want a stable Iraq because he couldn’t afford for anything Bush did to look like it worked. This wasn’t supposed to happen, either, but Iraq was never supposed to be secure.”

    – – – – – –

  15. au1corsair says:

    Come on–NOBODY believed that Barack Obama would give up his fun, his perks, his status and become a working stiff.

    It may have been an episode from The Emperor’s New Clothes, where those who “deserved their station” claimed to have believed–and all those dirty “repulsive-cans” were just liars…but even though there’d be multitudes of liars claiming to have believed that Barack Obama would give up his vacations and “fun” and most of the same liars will claim that the President is on “working vacations,” not real vacations, the belief isn’t there.

    Alas, we cannot measure the truth–yet. And I may be wrong. So many people are on drugs!

    Besides, I’m with the “First Tourist” booster club. The more vacations the President takes, the less time he has to harm the United States. Go, hip pocket vetoes! Force Congress to get its act together and raise its own power by having 2/3rds of both houses vote twice for a bill–once to get the negligent veto from our Vacationer-in-Chief (too busy accepting his next Nobel Prize for promoting terrorism or apologizing for the fact that the USA is breathing the air and “creating carbon dioxide” with every breath); the breathless coverage by the DNC-dominated lap-dog mainstream news media will turn enough people away so that the news show ratings drop and the “news shows” get less money and prestige and will eventually wither away.

  16. Scott says:

    he never said when

  17. Sharpshooter says:

    He didn’t say he’d give up weed and blow, did he?

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