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Missed It By That Much

Al Gore predicted an ice free Arctic in 2014. He was close, and it appears that he will only miss by a little more than the area  of Antarctica

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Hansen’s Dice Crap Out Of The Game

On a hot day in 1988, Hansen told this to the US Congress His Bold Statement Transforms the Debate On Greenhouse Effect By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD Published: August 23, 1988 He held up one die representing the climate for the period … Continue reading

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Three Degrees Of NCDC Data Tampering in Maryland

NCDC has turned Maryland’s sixth coldest January-July into the 36th coldest, through a spectacular hockey stick of adjustments. The measured data before tampering looks like this  – sixth coldest since 1895.   The graph below shows how they accomplished this feat, by … Continue reading

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At This Point, What Difference Does It Make?

Hillary Clinton is now trying to distance herself from the disastrous presidency of Barack Obama – which she was a key enabler of. She is hoping to make herself more popular by piling disloyalty on top of dishonesty and incompetence … Continue reading

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There Are Consequences For Electing Morons

Six months ago, the Secretary of State announced that 0.0001 mole fraction Mann-made CO2 was the greatest threat, ever. Secretary of State John Kerry called on all nations to respond to “the greatest challenge of our generation.” Kerry, speaking before college … Continue reading

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If Only We Had Listened To The Climatologists

In 1975, climatologists were trying to warn politicians to take action against global cooling. Foolishly, the politicians turned a deaf ear, and refused to take even simple remedial steps like melting the Arctic with black soot. 

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Learning To Analyze Data Like An Arctic Expert

During the first week of July, I predicted that Arctic sea ice extent was about to take a sharp turn towards the median. This was based on very simple geometry, geography, current ice conditions and the weather forecast. Our friends … Continue reading

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