1942 : Pennsylvania Received 30 Inches Of Rain In 4-1/2 Hours

Andrew Freedman says that four inches of rain in Detroit 2014 proves global warming.

In 1942, with CO2 at 310 PPM, Pennsylvania received 30 inches of rain in 4-1/2 hours. 

ScreenHunter_1951 Aug. 15 06.39

Extreme Weather: A Guide & Record Book – Christopher C. Burt – Google Books

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9 Responses to 1942 : Pennsylvania Received 30 Inches Of Rain In 4-1/2 Hours

  1. philjourdan says:

    All of them were pre-AGW – with the possible exception of China.

  2. Mike says:

    Clearly Andrew Freedman is… is… what is it… oh that’s right, ‘a willfully ignorant f^^kstick’. Weather is Not climate… except when they decide it is.

  3. wwlee4411 says:

    Reblogged this on wwlee4411 and commented:
    Climate Change?

  4. ossqss says:

    How ironic that you quote from a book from a featured blogger on one of the most left leaning CAGW sites I have seen. Wunderground.com

  5. Andy DC says:

    Gee, we have had summer downpours before! Who would have ever imagined that? But at least they didn’t have man’s evil carbon footprint like these rains do. We are all going to die!

  6. Shazaam says:

    That inch and a half in a minute would be the proverbial “raining water buffalo and elephants” downpour.

  7. mjc says:

    The 1889 event in Rockport WV, was 7.6 in/hour. That PA event was only 6.82 in/hour…:D

  8. Smokey says:

    Great info!

    h/t to dbstealey ☺

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