Ezra Levant Interview

Ezra Levant is the most insightful political commentator on the planet, and I had the opportunity last month to chat with him about my work, .

The great climate debate : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery

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23 Responses to Ezra Levant Interview

  1. drcrinum says:

    Great interview! Thanks for sharing.

  2. darrylb says:

    So, do I get my copy of your book autographed?

  3. Steve Case says:

    I look forward to your book

  4. Owen says:

    Ezra is indeed the best there is. Sadly though, most of Canada gets its news from the CBC – which whole heartedly believes in global warming and spouts the Climate Liars propaganda every chance it gets. Talk to a typical Canadian and you’ll find out they believe what the CBC tells them to believe. For any topic. Btw, I am Canadian.

  5. Robertv says:

    Someone of the press doing his work.

  6. Sophie says:

    Excellent interview and I’ll be buying the book, you are certainly able to translate it into a language that most of us ordinary people can understand. 🙂

  7. Watched the whole 42 minutes and loved it.

  8. ossqss says:

    Wow! That was some good stuff!

    I hope these will be uploaded to YouTube for easy embedding on alarmist sites.

    Where is part 2?

    Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Edmonton Al says:

    I, too, am a Cnadian and watch Ezra Levant nearly all the time.
    He is a great investigative reporter. He is on the Sun News Network.
    And, he will expose anybody, whether Socialist; Liberal; or Conservative, if they are responsible for untruths and or fraudulent claims.

  10. pesce9991 says:

    Enjoyed the interview. Of course being a ‘global warming alarmist’ I disagree with you and the other deniers, but nevertheless it’s always good to see the other side and shoot it full of holes.

  11. geran says:

    Incredible interview. Ezra was great–such energy!

    Oh, yeah, “Dr. Goddard” was incredible also.

  12. geologyjim says:

    Well done, Tony/Steven –

    Factual, straightforward, clear, and convincing.

    Someday, the nature and extent of government deception and fabrication will be appreciated for the group-think psychosis that it is. And you will be recognized as one of the bright lights that illuminated the charade.


  13. gregole says:


    Great job! I never get tired of hearing the truth about the climate and temperature adjustments you have uncovered. Keep it up!

  14. Shazaam says:

    Hey Toto,

    You do realize this motley crew is going to hold your feet to the fire for that book.

    Anything I can do to help, I’m willing. I’m sure you’ll have a passel of volunteers to help. You only have to ask.

    All the best.

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