New Attribution Research

For the first time in science history, I have been able to distinguish between natural sea level rise, and Mann-made sea level rise.

I accomplished this through careful research into the standard practices used by climate scientists looking for attention and future funding. My approach uses the tried and true technique of “just making shit up, to blame humans for something which has always happened”

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8 Responses to New Attribution Research

  1. Andy DC says:

    I expect with such an ingenious scholarly approach, you will soon be swimming in alarmist grant money.

  2. nielszoo says:

    Please let us know once you are ready to publish. I’d love to be able to release my own “research” to show that orgy of consumerism during the post WWII Industrial Boom was an important precursor to your stunningly perceptive analysis of this sea level catastrophe. (I wouldn’t want to get anything out of order.)

  3. geran says:

    Sea level rise is caused by the increasing whale population. The whales are much smarter than us. They know that the more they reproduce, the higher the sea level will rise. I think it is called “Archimedes Principle”, or something like that.

    Once their prolific populations flood the planet, they will destroy any evidence of reruns of the old TV series “Flipper”.

    (Little known fact, but whales hate the cute little dolphins. Also, they hate polar bears.)

    • tom0mason says:

      Geran says:
      “I think it is called “Archimedes Principle”, or something like that.”
      I think it’s Arthur Meedese principle – pay-up or get screwed.

  4. I see a cue stick for the billiards team. You think they can play the hockey team, or is it like playing with themselves?

  5. Stephen Richards says:


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