Changes in Extreme Drought Over The Past 80 years

Eighty years ago, about half of the US was in extreme drought. Now, less than 10%. The southwest is expecting a deluge of rain this week.Drought1934-2014


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7 Responses to Changes in Extreme Drought Over The Past 80 years

  1. Andy DC says:

    But the current drought has an evil human footprint, even if is only an eight as bad!

  2. Tel says:

    Steve, you might be interested in this one…

    Go to Figure 1 and check the brown curve labeled “Natural Cycle” which had a major peak around 1935, a dip around 1980 and a minor peak around 2020. This natural cycle was based on temperature cycles found in the Camp Century ice cores, but the pattern does roughly fit the unadjusted US temperature records you have posted.

    An even more astounding piece of history is that Camp Century was just a cover story for Project Iceworm, a secret military base and Cold War missile launch silo hidden under the Greenland Ice sheet. Seems the Climate Scientists always did have powerful friends 🙂

  3. sfx2020 says:

    Can I hotlink to your images? I would love to use and of course link back here for credit Do you allow that?

  4. David says:

    You can see the difference between ordinary drought and climate change induced drought in this. In the 1930s most of the drought was over Republican states and people recognized it as normal variation. Today the drought is concentrated over libtards who know its because of climate change.

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