Nuttercelli Angry About Heretics

Is there no way to end this denial of the one true CO2 religion?

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21 Responses to Nuttercelli Angry About Heretics

  1. jlc says:

    It would be helpful if you could prepare a link in your header to a page summarizing the data for those who find the anomalies and graphs to be intimidating to follow. That way your readers could just forward that link to anyone who has fallen for the 97% line, etc.

    Perhaps enumerated by topic – sea level rise, infilling and invention of data, global sea ice, actual US and global temps, historical and Holocene temps, glacial retreat and advance, and all the other topics that you have busted wide open. Each topic could link to your pages where you have supported the premises with data. Maybe this is what your are planning in book form,

    This should make it easier to counter all the propaganda lies for the average person.

  2. jst1 says:

    I think they mean to replace the word “rejecting” with “creating”.

  3. omanuel says:

    The real problem is that we did not see, and the news media failed to report, the ugly head of USSR’s totalitarianism rearing its ugly head from the ruins of WWII:

    Click to access The_FORCE.pdf

  4. tom0mason says:

    Poor dears are having a tantrum. Never pay attention to tantrums.

  5. Disillusioned says:

    That toothy grin reminded me of a creepy story I read awhile back…

    with pictures of herrtankboy…

    and herrscooterboy…

    I think herrtankboy and herrscooterboy may be the same person, and 2nd in command to wannabe despot herrcook…

    They must have lots of independent-thinking followers…

    • rah says:

      How appropriate. After Stalingrad in Climate Gate Hertankboy is on the march hurrying to get to the battle of Kursk! After Kursk, the largest tank battle in history and a disaster for Hitler’s forces, they remained on the strategic defense for the rest of the war in the east. Fighting furiously in a losing cause that ended in Berlin. Yes! How appropriate.

  6. wulliejohn says:

    Anybody who watched Stingray or Thunderbirds (Are Go?) will never take these guys seriously.

  7. craigm350 says:

    The Guardian headline sounds pretty accurate albeit the irony will be lost on Nuttercelli 😊

  8. philjourdan says:

    “rejecting evidence and expert opinion

    Or they could be accepting evidence contrary to expert “opinion”. Opinion is not science. But nutty would not know that.

  9. Joseph says:

    I’d be crying too if the theory I’ve been peddling for years is falling apart.

  10. Latitude says:

    Liberal Billionaire: 99.5% of Americans Are Not ‘Super Sophisticated’

    Billionaire hedge-fund manager Tom Steyer attempted to explain why there is still a sizable portion of Americans that do not buy in to global warming alarmism by, basically, generalizing virtually all of America as not “super sophisticated.”

    “I think if you were to go around to most of the — what I would think of as super-sophisticated people who think about politics and policy more than five minutes a month — we are doing really well.”

  11. rw says:

    This is what happens when you come off Ritalin.

  12. Eliza says:

    The disgrace of the warmist century
    I believe Salby will be proven correct The Australian University that did this should be closed down no if no buts.

  13. At least they have gone back to calling it “Global Warming” – instead of that dodgy “Climate Change” term.

  14. Gamecock says:

    It should be Climate Change™. It is a concept, a marketing phrase. It has meaning only to the High Priests.

  15. darrylb says:

    I hate to say it, but John A. is an instructor in Minnesota

  16. Olaf Koenders says:

    I don’t know how those two decided on their head shots. They probably think they look sophisticated and intelligent. “Man, we ROCK!”

    To me, they look excessively smug. Abraham should be wearing a propeller cap to avoid sunburn and Nutter should be wearing a dunce cap, or maybe a night cap due to his heavy eyelids..

    I’ve got a feeling I’m being too kind.

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