Meet Me At Whole Foods

The Whole Foods Market in Columbia, MD opens tomorrow morning at 9AM, Look for the old guy on a bicycle. It is right next to the lake.,-76.857632,16z

ScreenHunter_2099 Aug. 19 09.29

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10 Responses to Meet Me At Whole Foods

  1. Olaf Koenders says:

    Hmm.. The only way I could do that from Oz is if Google Earth was in real time.. Darn.

  2. Do they sell half-and-half at Whole Foods?

    • duke1959 says:

      …or should I just buy some organic non-lactose cream and mix it with my organic non-lactose whole milk and make my own half-n-half? But what if they put gluten in it to thicken it, but it is organic gluten, and I am on a gluten free lifestyle,…..would the organic part offset the gluten? Man, I wish I could afford a nice steak and some bloomin onions!

  3. bernal says:

    My problem is I like the stuff at the salad bar that weighs the most.
    Kale is light. You have chosen wisely.

  4. GoneWithTheWind says:

    There is a large and extravagant Whole Foods store near me. So of course I thought I should check it out. I can now report that everything in whole foods costs roughly twice what it does in Safeway or Walmart.

  5. suyts says:

    Love to, but, I won’t be anywhere near Md tomorrow, or anytime soon. But, well wishes from Kansas!

  6. Truthseeker says:


    It’s a grocery store.

    Get over it.

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