My Arctic Forecast

Within a week, a cyclone will be spreading Arctic sea ice, and extent will flat line or increase.

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8 Responses to My Arctic Forecast

  1. njsnowfan says:

    Melt season ended a few days ago above 80 N.
    Melt Season was about 2 weeks shorter then average lasting about 61 days according to DMI temp charts for 80 N

  2. John Edmondson says:

    OT, but the UK Met office are getting desperate to show an increase in the CET running mean:-

    They have added 2014 even though it’s only August.
    Another hasty decision which will come back and bite them?


  3. Jim Hunt says:

    I’m following that cyclone with much interest too Tony! What’s your Arctic surf forecast?

    Do you fancy joining the GGC team?

    • geran says:

      Jim, Jim, Jim–Did you forget to take the meds? Remember, every 4 hours, must take the pills that help you maintain sanity.

      • FergalR says:

        Please don’t remind Jim to take his crazy pills.

        His laughably wacky tangents here are a small substitute for the usually hilarious hair-shirting over at Neven’s – depressingly replaced now by only tumbleweeds and furious silence.

  4. Dmh says:

    If the extent ends within 1 standard deviation in the 15% DMI graph it’ll be perfect!

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