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ISIS Appears : IRS Disappears – Benghazi Disappears – Immigration Disappears

Through my entire life, every time a president got in serious trouble – he started a war. Only exception was Nixon – and look where it got him.

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Nothing To See Here – Move Along

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Hiding The Decline In Greenland

Like in the US, temperatures have been falling in Greenland for over 80 years. Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis NASA knew about this until a couple of years ago, when they turned the cooling trend into a warming trend. Data.GISS: … Continue reading

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1976 : New York Times Debunked The Entire Climate Change Scam In One Paragraph

TimesMachine: June 29, 1976 – NYTimes.com There are two very important concepts here: Colder weather is more extreme The well documented US cooling trend from 1930 to the present, is not compatible with the hockey stick. Hansen wrote this in … Continue reading

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NASA – Erasing The Arctic Past

In 1950, everyone knew about the massive warming in the Arctic 18 Feb 1952 – Melting Icecaps Mystery 06 May 1940 – Greenland’s Climate Becoming Milder 31 Oct 1950 – THINGS WARMING UP IN GREENLAND Even NASA/NOAA knew about it … Continue reading

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Arctic Is Screaming At Mark

A few years ago, Mark Serreze announced that the death spiral Arctic is screaming and had become as “ice island.” The North Pole becomes an ‘island’ for the first time in history as ice melts By FIONA MACRAE UPDATED: 18:32 … Continue reading

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Understanding Progressive Math

Our green friends are killing about a quarter of a million birds per year at just one solar plant, and report it as “about a thousand” California’s massive Ivanpah solar power plant can produce enough electricity for 140,000 households — … Continue reading

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