Coolest Summer On Record In The Midwest

Ninety-five degree days used to be fairly common in the midwest, but they rarely happen any more. So far this year there have only 23 reported – the lowest on record. In 1936, they had 6,509 90F (35C) readings.

ScreenHunter_2197 Aug. 22 08.50

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14 Responses to Coolest Summer On Record In The Midwest

  1. Chip Bennett says:

    Just out of curiosity: why isn’t Indiana included in a chart of the Midwest?

    • It is. I corrected the text

      • Chip Bennett says:

        Thanks! I’ve spent a lot of time in Indiana this summer (in fact, just moved back there), and I know that the trends have been quite cool. I almost had to put on a hoodie sitting outside over the July 4th weekend.

        • rah says:

          Born and raised Hoosier. It has been a nice and cool summer. In fact is was as if Summer didn’t show up until about 2 weeks ago. Now today at 10:00 AM it’s 71 deg. and raining. We here in Madison and surrounding counties are under a flash flood warning from all the rain over the last couple days. My acre of grass looks like it’s early June and not mid August.

          BTW. There are times in ones life when an image of nature or weather is burned into ones memory because it is so unusual or beautiful. I had one of those moments on Wed this week.

          On my way back across Ontario from Burlington where I picked up my back haul I was on the 401 and I stopped at a truck stop in Comber to pick up my faxed paperwork for passing US customs when I went over the Ambassador Bridge into Detroit. Comber is about 30 mi east of Windsor.

          I had driven through a pretty good Thunderstorm to get there and was now on the back side of the storm. It was about 8:00 PM and the sun was low on the horizon and would set at around 8:30.

          As I got out my parked rig I looked to the east and there was a huge rainbow. Very wide and vivid colors. One could see the ends of it down by the ground but the upper 1/2 was blocked by clouds of the storm. And within where the arch of that rainbow would have been was a lot of lightning. It was just gorgeous. A look to the west showed the red ball of the sun just above the horizon bringing out the pastel purples and pinks of the low scudding clouds.

          That one image more than made the trip worth it.

    • geran says:

      Yeah, I saw this yesterday, from several sources. One of the texts mentioned that not only could the heat hide in the ocean, it could stay there until 2030, when it would jump out and resume heating the globe. Hilarious!

      In “climate science”, April 1st lasts all year long….

      • mjc says:

        Alchemy makes more sense than climate science…

        • Jason Calley says:

          Yes, at least the alchemists knew that you needed to start with lead to create gold. On the other hand, the so-called “climate scientists” are trying to create gold out of nothing but hot air.


        • nielszoo says:

          Jason, our climate alchemists are telling us we are surrounding ourselves with more and more hot air and that we must give our gold to the government in order for it to stop. Then they use that same hot air threat to get that gold from said government (via hot air studying grants) for themselves so that they don’t have to get real jobs… I think. Climate alchemy is far too complicated and intricate for us mere mortals to understand.

    • Shazaam says:

      Such a remarkable discovery.

      One would think that a “settled science” would have established those “facts” decades ago.

      Climate “science” appears to be in complete disarray. The only thing that apparently settled is that these “new” discoveries appear quite convenient.

  2. Ken says:

    Our Midwestern children just are not going to know what sweat is.

  3. Eliza says:

    Keep this for posterity. At last they are admitting there is in fact a pause. This is for those cretinos who are saying there is no pause.

  4. The Griss says:

    Come on SG…… you just KNOW that this year will be yet another “HOTTEST EVER”..

    relative to the rapidly cooling past, of course. !!

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