Shock News : BOM Is Tampering With Climate Data

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THE Bureau of Meteorology has been accused of manipulating historic temperature records to fit a predetermined view of global warming.
Researcher Jennifer Marohasy claims the adjusted records resemble “propaganda” rather than science.

Dr Marohasy has analysed the raw data from dozens of locations across Australia and matched it against the new data used by BOM showing that temperatures were progressively warming.

In many cases, Dr Marohasy said, temperature trends had changed from slight cooling to dramatic warming over 100 years.

Bureau of Meteorology ‘altering climate figures’ | The Australian

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20 Responses to Shock News : BOM Is Tampering With Climate Data

  1. hifast says:

    TH: Great minds think alike.

  2. hifast says:

    You have traction, sir!

  3. Andy Oz says:

    Michael Crichton had a whole chapter on Australian temp data records in his book State of Fear. I read it and thought “what’s the big deal about CAGW?” About 5 years ago I would run BOM charts of Australian towns temp record to see if MC was correct and he was. Then about 3 years ago, all those charts changed to show warming. I started to smell a big fat rat, but there was no easy way to access the untampered BOM data. I’m so glad Jen Marohasy has busted the warmists. Andrew Bolt won’t let this one go.

  4. Fallon Lee Foster says:

    “What difference, right now, does it make?” … depends …..

    If we orbit into a CME, none!

    Unfortunately, other means are at hand to do as much damage via the destruction of our grid, and I thought you ought to be aware:

    Dr. Peter Pry and Frank Gaffney covered that water-front in this August 21 edition of Secure Freedom Radio [1260 WRC, 9pm to 10pm M-F, and by podcast]

  5. Cameron says:

    The data tampering and artificial warming goes on every single day across all stations in Australia. But if you want to see some specific examples have a look at the Melbourne station:
    Station Details ID: 086071 Name: MELBOURNE REGIONAL OFFICE Lat: -37.81 Lon: 144.97 Height: 31.15 m

    Yesterday 22/06/14 the maximum was recorded as 21.2

    But the real maximum temperature was 20.6 reached at 2:30pm

    Well let’s try the day before (using the same pages above):
    21/06/14 the maximum temperature was recorded as 18.1, but the real temperature 17.4 reached at 2:30pm again.

    Please someone let me know if I am measuring these wrong, because that amounts to 1.3 degrees of artificial warming in 2 days. This pattern actually starts on 01Aug.

    The same can be found at for the full month:

    Steve what do you think?

    • Streetcred says:

      Cam, it’s been bloody freezing in Brisbane for the past few days … and BoM can only get to 14C … they must have been holding a candle to it!

  6. Ivan says:

    I like this comment:
    BOM has rejected Dr Marohasy’s claims and said the agency had used world’s best practice and a peer reviewed process to modify the physical temperature records that had been recorded at weather stations across the country.
    Translation: Yes, we are tampering with the data, but all our friends are doing the same thing – so, what’s the big deal?

  7. geran says:

    US tampering, OZ tampering, who next, Canada?, CET?

    “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Mark Twain

    • mjc says:

      Wasn’t there a ‘big’ argument going back and forth between the Russians and the rest?

      The ‘Team’ accused to Russians of cooling the data and the Russians accusing the ‘Team’ of warming it?

      Could it be that the Russians were right?

  8. Tel says:

    If you search out Richard Treadgold, you can find documentation of similar adjustments in New Zealand.

  9. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Why do any real science when you can make up anything you want with graphics and spreadsheets.

  10. Truthseeker says:

    CAGW = Catastrophically Adjusted Global Warming

  11. stpaulchuck says:

    it’s a global game of liars poker. The Aussies just didn’t want to get left out.

  12. rw says:

    “the agency had used world’s best practice and a peer reviewed process”

    This kind of guff is evidently intended to snow scientific illiterates – and since they’re obviously not that far from that state themselves, they have no idea how goofy they sound.

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