They Should Have Listened To The “Breathtakingly Ignorant Deranged Blogger Second Stupidest Man On The Internet”

Rumor has it that I predicted last year that the Northwest Passage would not open this year.

ScreenHunter_2296 Aug. 25 07.30


Looks like some creative editing, because I didn’t actually say anything like that. That isn’t even my writing style. This is what I actually wrote.

ScreenHunter_2295 Aug. 25 07.23My Arctic Forecast | Real Science

Anyway, my imaginary forecast which I didn’t make appears to have turned out to be correct.ย The ice is not going to melt

ScreenHunter_2292 Aug. 25 07.07

What ya going to do BAD BOY? Go or Wait? THE DECISION IS AGONIZINGLY HARD!

h/t to chewer

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44 Responses to They Should Have Listened To The “Breathtakingly Ignorant Deranged Blogger Second Stupidest Man On The Internet”

  1. philjourdan says:

    He is also illiterate – it should read “TOO much ice”.

    And of course the link to your article proves him a liar. On August 22, 2013, you said “this year”, not 2014. 2013 is not 2014. You might want to archive the post. It is going to go away fast given the ignorance and outright lying the clown is foisting on the idiots (normal people would check the link and see the error immediately).

    • bit chilly says:

      the bloke is a dick, only allows comments he filters on his pages,despite saying other wise in comment policy. this may be of interest to jim hunt

      from the above article Icebreaking assistance was provided to the Anichkov Bridge by icebreaker Vaygach of FSUE Atomflot.
      As informed, ice conditions during the voyage were more severe than it is typical for this period of time.

      Press Release, August 20, 2014

      so jim can let the guys on the artic sea ice forum that the cruise ship attempting that route he highlighed the other week with the nice picture of open water will not be making the passage through the northern (north east) passage without the assistance of a nuclear powered ice breaker.

      • Jim Hunt says:

        Thanks Chilly. Amongst other things that answers your own question for you! Regarding your final paragraph, particularly around the Vilkitsky Strait conditions were worse last year, yet numerous vessels ultimately made it through the NSR:

        How many make it through this year, with or without assistance, remains to be seen. In case you hadn’t noticed, the ice is still melting.

        • bit chilly says:

          is this the first vessel to make the passage jim ? some 2 months or so after the date the first passage has taken place over the last few years. using nuclear powered ice breakers hardly implys a natural passage.
          you may want to look at air temps and sea surface temps before you make the claim about the melting in that region as well,if you have a friend working in the region,it also helps to know exactly what is occurring as opposed to what some forecasters think is happening jim,makes life so much easier ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Jim Hunt says:

          There you go Chilly. Especially for you and your friend. SST and air temperatures conveniently gathered together in one place for your education and edification:

          In his recent “Arctic Shipping Update” Steve/Tony suggested the NSR would be “closed for business” this year. He now seems to have changed his tune?

        • Billy Liar says:

          … crickets.

        • Billy Liar says:

          Oops – should’ve pressed ‘refresh’!

  2. Dmh says:

    My Arctic Ice Forecast: if we repeat 2013 at the end of the melt season, it’ll be a miracle.
    Reason: solar radiations are high, considerably higher than last year and above what I thought they’d be at this time.
    DMI graphs for ice extent and NP temps are already reflecting this “forcing”: In the last few days NP temps have been at the “daily mean reanalysis” values or above (DMI green curve)
    while in 2013 they were lower than the climatology expected values.
    I hope I’m wrong. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Duster says:

      Mmmm. Perhaps you may want to glance at that chart again. The horizontal blue line indicates 273 Kelvin to the nearest increment. And note that the trend of green curve is now downward and below the blue line, as is the red line for this year. In fact, the melt season has ended. Winds, incursions of warmer water from the Pacific and Atlantic can still affect ice cover, but the melt season really is over. While the weather may indeed be clear, each day the angle of incidence is more acute, which means less energy reaches the ice and thus less sublimation (ice can still vanish into vapour without melting if it is not renewed).

      • Dmh says:

        Yes, there is very little melt left, but the present numbers/trend both in DMI and from NORSEX, if extrapolated, give a 2014 ice extent below 2013 at the end of the season.
        Even if the trend continues I don’t think the difference would be large though, but it’d give the alarmists fuel enough to continue their babbling for another year or so.
        I hope it will revert in the next couple of weeks, if the solar radiations stabilize at low levels again as it was at the beginning of the month.
        The oscillations of the intensity of the radiations have been dramatic in the last ~ 5 months, after a strong peak in February.

  3. Jim Hunt says:

    Meanwhile back in the Real World:

  4. Sleepalot says:

    Tourist icebreaker Nat. Geog. (NG) Explorer last seen off Cornwallis island.

  5. Windsong says:

    Fascinating to read on the NW Passage blog for 22 Aug that the M/V Silver Explorer and a Canadian CG ice breaker sent to assist were both stuck in ice. Sounds like a spinoff television show: Ship of Fools, North Edition.

  6. Jason Calley says:

    Of course the North West Passage is open. I understand that quite a few aircraft have made it through so far.

  7. tom0mason says:

    Has anyone else got a fake map and a cartoon picture to photoshop on to it?
    Palm trees any one?

  8. Charles Nelson says:

    What We Are Trying To Achieve
    On July 1st, 2013 four modern-day explorers hope to become the first people to traverse the Northwest Passage solely under human power in a single season โ€“ one of the Earthโ€™s last great firsts.

  9. Mat Helm says:

    Ice in Greenland… For the luv of AL, how is this possible….

  10. Green Sand says:

    Is MS Bremen heading back east through the Bellot Strait?

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