Climate Change Dementia Is Not A New Problem

In 1871, the Pall Mall Gazette reported the identical problem we experience today. People imagining climate change, and abusing weather data to back up their beliefs.

ScreenHunter_2350 Aug. 27 06.48 10 Jan 1871 – IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE. (Pall Mall Gazette.)


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11 Responses to Climate Change Dementia Is Not A New Problem

  1. tom0mason says:

    It’s way worse than that if Bloomberg are to be believed – hahahahahahah!

    Another placed piece to prepare the public for Zeros forthcoming actions.

  2. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Stevem aka Tony, for digging up these old records of past social dementia.

    The disease probably spreads more rapidly now because of the internet.

    The internet also brought hints the modern Church of the Sacred Carbon is trying to hide the One God of ancient Egypt, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I doubt he is trying to hide a thing – The Church of the Sacred Carbon:

      …This is a very informal congregation. You can be as formal, or not, as you feel matters to you. While I will be providing some examples of a suitable altar for preparing a Burnt Offering, any mode that works for you is fine. It is what is in your heart and mind that matters, not any particular facility or structure. Even a “tail gate BBQ” can be an altar. Simply pronounce it an Altar For Sacred Carbon, and proceed.

      So enjoy your life in Carbon. Find times and places to be thankful for it, for the sun that moves it, for the energy and life it brings to you, and for all it does for you. Remember too, that life passes back to inanimate carbon, but it does not end forever. The Great Cycle of Carbon returns it to life once again. To take sequestered Sacred Carbon and liberate it back to the air, to once again enter life through plants, and from them on to life in animals, and us; that is the greatest sacrament of all.

      Long life and happiness through the freedom of Sacred Carbon
      and the energy of life which it brings to us all.

  3. rah says:

    That then was never the problem. The problem is that now a considerable portion of the government has joined in to foster the dementia for it’s own agenda.

    • omanuel says:

      You are right. The ultramodern Church of Sacred Carbon and postmodern science are as radically anti-God as Stalin was in the old USS.

      Tyrants seek to play God themselves.

      • Gail Combs says:

        “The ultramodern Church of Sacred Carbon and postmodern science are as radically anti-God as Stalin was in the old USS.”
        Oliver why don’t you say that to E.M.’s face?


        …That, in a Nutshell, is my understanding where this bit of investigation leads. That Islam, grown out of Christianity, which itself came from the Jewish religion of the Hebrews, has a taproot reaching back to The One God of the ancient Egyptians, and through them, to the creation of the universe in The Big Bang – through Ptah, the central nature of the Sun – Ra – as bringer of the power of life to Earth, and Amen as the unseen breath of life itself. A Trinity.

        That is my conception of the unification of “The Three Great Religions”, in an even earlier Great Religion. (The Greek, and through them the Roman, pantheon of “gods” also maps onto the ancient Egyptian pantheon, so they, too, are ‘the same’, meaning that those “Pagan” gods also have the same root. )…

        What I am seeing is more of E. M.’s non-stop curiosity and “Dig Here”ness Not ‘Anti-God’ but the realization that God has been around and mankind has worshiped him in many different guises for far longer than the modern Man-made religions have been around. Man-made religions that have been usurped by the power hungry as a means of controlling the masses.

        I am an agnostic because I am not so arrogant as to think I have “The Answer” and because I have been completely turned off by the hypocrisy found in organized religion.

        If you want a real ultramodern religion that is radically anti-God and designed specifically as a means of controling the minds of the masses go look at Maurice Strong, The Aspen Institute and Crestone/Baca.

        Maurice Strong is also a director of the Temple of Understanding in New York City, where pagan rituals and earth worship….

        Spiritual seekers in North America eventually hear about Crestone. They make their pilgrimage to this sacred land reminiscent of the Himalayas and home to dozens of spiritual organizations and retreat centers.

        Allison Rae, “Shambala of the Rockies: The Mythos and Power of Crestone”

        Maurice Strong is a Canadian billionaire who has constructed a new age retreat in southern Colorado called the Baca. Many of the world’s elites visit this religious retreat, including many adherents to eastern religions. One well-known actress has built a ‘channeling’ center there and even the Vatican has a representative present… Maurice Strong also is the United Nations Undersecretary for the UNCED (UN Conference on Environment and Development- 1992 Rio Earth Summit). This man is a radical New Ager and environmentalist and travels extensively in Globalist circles. Some of the more radical environmentalists embrace a form of pantheism… called Paganism…. This agenda is nothing more than a revival of the Babylonian mystery religion. Where various forms of divination and occult practices and earth worship are mixed and only certain initiates are given a glimpse of the inner “secret doctrine.” ….

        So there is very fertile and DANGEROUS ground for you to go digging in. EM’s Church of Sacred Carbon is an antidote. One EM started for that specific reason, to counter act the power hungry warmists if I recall correctly.

  4. Robertv says:

    And it is going back much further in human history.

    • tom0mason says:

      Just too funny 🙂
      ‘Forgotten Civilization’ video on a blog-thread called ‘climate change dementia is not a new problem’.


  5. Gregory says:

    If they were referring to the NYT then there is truly nothing new under the sun.

  6. John B., M.D. says:

    Land use changes, if extensive enough, can cause changes in precipitation by affecting local water evaporation. For example, deforestation around Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa has reduced snowfall there. So, this article may actually be incorrect, though at the time it was written it was appropriate to be skeptical without enough objective data.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Too bad the UN and World Bank doesn’t do the work they are SUPPOSED TO.

      Back in the 1970s the problem of reclaiming poor dry land by third world peasants had been solved. It has been 40 years yet the whining from the elite’s Willing Accomplices has not changed and people are still starving.

      From E.M. (grin) Leucaena leucocephala collection of links

      …The First Word Photo:

      Seated in the foreground is The Doctor with nothing but nearly barren red dirt behind him shading into a rutted red dirt hillside as the backdrop. Perhaps 10 hectares (25 acres) of area? A few tufts of scrub, maybe the size of a gallon of milk, with yards ( meters ) between them. LOTS of bare red dirt. Dry. Uninviting. Somewhere in the back / side IIRC was a small child herding one scrawny goat.

      The problem starkly visible. Nothing much for the goat to eat, so little for the child to get from the goat.

      The Second Word Photo:

      Taken about 15 years alter. The Doctor seated in what looks like a rain forest. Trees making a canopy overhead. Can’t hardly see the hill in the background, but bits of distant green are there, too. Lush, green, edible foliage.

      It is the same spot, and the same camera perspective.

      What changed? Simple, really….
      Several negative feedback loops were at work here. The System reversed them into positive feedback loops.

      Burning dung means it is not available to fertilize the ground. Nitrogen compounds burned up, instead of turned to fertilizers. Smoky fires causing blindness and pneumonia (among other things). Goats mowing down any ambitious plant before it could grow to size, leaving the ground bare to overheat and dry out. No water from the ground to transpire into the air, so even less rain. All leading to less food, worse health, more intensive grazing of goats, and ever more desperation trying to find fuel wood.

      The Doctor started with the goats. Pen the goats….

      Goat Poo is collected and, instead of burning it, fermented in an anaerobic digester (made of local materials – bricks in a hole in the ground, IIRC) and the resultant methane gas piped to the huts to a “stove”. The stove was made of dried mud. Little more than shaped mud where the methane from fermentation, “Gobar Gas”, was mixed with air in a very low pressure ‘jet’ and burned under a pot, that sat in a hole in the dried mud. There was a “clay” (dried mud) chimney that took the exhaust gasses out of the hut. The stove was maybe the size of a can of stew and the chimney about the diameter of your wrist….

      In that open desert area, a special tree was planted. Leucaena leucocephala. A “bean tree” from Mexico. It is a Mimosoideae…
      This plant, Leucaena, is rather “special” in several ways. First off, it grows incredibly fast. Second, is a nitrogen fixer. Third, it’s from a warm place where it can grow in areas with a lot of water, or not all that much. Finally, the pods and leaves are (marginally) edible. There is a toxic amino acid in the seeds that can cause “issues” for some animals. In Mexico, very young pods and shoots are cooked (which breaks down some of the toxins) and eaten. More importantly, as long as you give them time to have their gut flora adapt…

      Oh, and they “coppice” well. That means if you chop of the main trunk, it resprouts many more trunks from that stump. Nice “poles”….

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