Thanks, Arnie

Californians already pay the nation’s second highest gas tax at 68 cents a gallon — and now it will go up again in January to pay for a first-in-the-nation climate change law.

When gas prices go up, motorists typically blame oil companies, Arab sheiks and Wall Street speculators. This time they can blame Sacramento and former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for passing a bill requiring California to reduce carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

Estimates of the cost of the tax vary. The California Air Resources Board, the Golden State’s premier anti-pollution agency, predicts the new tax will raise gasoline prices from 20 cents to $1.30 per gallon. A prominent state senator who helped author the bill estimated the cost at 40 cents a gallon. Environmental activists downplay the cost, but hail the impact

California drivers brace for costly new gas tax | Fox News

Arnie stealing money from tens of millions of people, to accomplish absolutely nothing.

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14 Responses to Thanks, Arnie

  1. Gail Combs says:

    Unfortunately that means even more idiot leftists from the fruits and nuts state will flee to Texas and other states carrying the leftist plague with them.

    Time to throw up a wall around southern California. I wonder if northern Californial will finally secede and form a separate state.

  2. Kassu says:

    It does reduce gasoline consumption, though.

    • nigelf says:

      Raising the price of food reduces consumption too. Tell me again why this is a good thing to do?

    • mjc says:

      Yes, it reduces gasoline consumption…and, ultimately, the amount of revenue from the tax is also reduced. If that wasn’t the case, then why are so many states now complaining about not having enough money for things that gasoline taxes traditionally have been used for, like infrastructure? They are blamiing it on reduced gasoline consumption, both from iincreased mileage and increased prices (and if you raise a tax you will raise the price the consumer pays).

  3. peterthepainter says:

    Wish I was paying $1.30 per gallon. About £1.30 per LITRE in the UK.

  4. ralphcramdo says:

    My niece, the engineering grad, had enough of California and moved to Texas. Seems to be a trend lately. I don’t think I’d call her an idiot leftist.

  5. philjourdan says:

    I am glad I only visit there and do not live there.

    • cdquarles says:

      I used to live there in 1961. My father died in 1962. My mom came back to her birthplace. My dad’s missed, but California, I must say, isn’t any more. I have relatives in the Bay area and in the valley between SF and Sacramento.

      • philjourdan says:

        Most of my relatives are in Imperial Valley. But they have started to spread out – Simi Valley, Ohai, San Diego, Riverside.

        I lived in SF for 2 years. Back in the very early 70s. It was weird, but livable in those days.

  6. Andy DC says:

    Sounds like economic suicide to me! For the hope of maybe better weather 100 years from now. Lots of luck!

  7. Jl says:

    “Activists downplay the cost, but hail the impact.” What impact?

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