Australia Afternoons Used To Be Much Hotter

Days in Australia over 100 degrees used to be much more common.

ScreenHunter_2497 Sep. 02 23.40

ScreenHunter_2490 Sep. 02 22.46Australia’s hottest year was 1878.

ScreenHunter_2492 Sep. 02 22.52

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6 Responses to Australia Afternoons Used To Be Much Hotter

  1. Hey Steve, You are doing really exciting and valuable work. And you are answering questions I’ve pondered for some time. I had tended to focus in on one or a few stations and get into the detail. I haven’t been brave enough to just amalgamate them in the way you have… so boldly.
    I’ve sent you an email asking permission to republish and more. Cheers, Jen

    • philjourdan says:

      Each of you serve a critical purpose. Steven is showing an over all trend, and you are nailing the details. Thank you both for your efforts. There are many who appreciate it.

    • rah says:

      How else would we laymen know that data was being corrupted. How else would this layman have known that governments and certain NGOs are intentionally corrupting both the data and many “scientists” that use it. This layman has learned to be a skeptic because of folks like you. I now trust raw data and that “homogenized” by only the sources which I deem to be unbiased based in the information you folks have provided. The simple fact is that CAGW has been falsified. There is absolutely no “C” evident despite promises for 20 years or more that there would be many catastrophes due to AGW. And now, over time, because of the people that work so hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, I have learned that even the AGW part seems to be rather a minor, perhaps even miniscule factor in the over all climate scheme.

      And the information you folks produce about the data tampering, flawed “peer reviewed” papers, and so much else does not end here. I’m sure that most are like me and spread the word within their own circle and come pretty well armed to any debate we may end up in with alarmists within that circle.

      • Gail Combs says:

        rah. It is the “…come pretty well armed to any debate we may end up in with alarmists…” that is critical and why people like Jennifer Marohasy, Tony Heller, Steve M. and the rest are so important.

        This is why the propaganda rags masquerading as newspapers have banned skeptic comments and letters to the editor. They are well aware of the fact that skeptics are armed with facts and the ability to think, contrary to the ‘Flat-earther’ image they try to saddle us with. Mavericks, especially thinking mavericks are darn dangerous.

        That is also why the US Department of Defense now has classes where patriots and the founding fathers are labeled EXTREMISTS. (read the linked document. It is an eye opener.)

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