Not UHI! [Updated Yes UHI!]

[Updated] – it looks like the GHCN Nobby’s data is BS, and means that Sydney is experiencing UHI

The tide gauge at Nobbys Beach shows identical warming to Sydney, since it opened in 1957

ScreenHunter_2526 Sep. 04 08.15 ScreenHunter_2525 Sep. 04 08.06

The tide gauge at Nobbys shows sea level about the same as the late 1970’s

ScreenHunter_2528 Sep. 04 08.19


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32 Responses to Not UHI! [Updated Yes UHI!]

  1. The Griss says:

    I’ve been to Newcastle, walked along the sand of Nobby’s beach up to Nobby’s head.
    It really is a lovely beach.

    The tide gauge doesn’t measure the temperature. That is done on the Headland near the lighthouse.
    The tide gauge is on the inner side of the harbour entrance.

  2. The Griss says:

    Here is a great pic of the weather station

  3. The Griss says:

    Steven, I’m a bit puzzled.

    While the tide gauge was possibly set up in 1957, near the pilot tug boat station , I assume…

    I would have thought that the weather station on Nobbys Headland would have been there quite a lot longer.

    Another point which has one of these basically untouched sites might be Norah Heads on the central coast . Remiss of me, but I’ve never actually been there !

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I was at Fort Scratchley (near the green dot) a few weeks ago watching a coal ship come in. That aerial shot is of the biggest export coal port in the world. Its a nice thing to see on a US blog.

    Some nice photos from 1929-35 of the same area can be found here.

    • The Griss says:

      Bruce, any way of finding out when the Newcastle weather station was established. Steven’s temperature data only goes back to 1957, but surely the weather station was there previous to that.

    • The Griss says:

      Hey, I just found this posted by AndyG a few topics back

      Seems the 1957 start point Steven has used was probably the very lowest point on the whole record.

        • AndyG55 says:

          Yeah Griss, 1962 looks like the low point. But Steven’s graph has the 1957 point higher as well. ( Maybe the coffee hadn’t taken effect? 😉

          Looks to me like totally natural climate cycle variability. I can’t see anything that points to any particular warming otherwise.

      • That is very interesting. The GHCN database doesn’t have any data from before 1957 for that station, and most other stations. I wonder if that is intentional? Looks suspicious to me.

        • Heh. The fewer assumptions, the better, or Occam’s razor in climate science: First check if the record keepers screwed with the data again.

        • The Griss says:

          But don’t “assume” that they did, just because the data doesn’t fit your preconceived notions of homogenous climate zones.

        • Certainly.

          But don’t “assume” that they did not, just because screwing with the data doesn’t fit our established notions of scientific research.

        • The Griss says:

          Like at Rutherglen. BOM assumed a site move because they didn’t like the raw data, but it has been confirmed by someone who used to work there, that there has not been a site move.

          I wonder how many other fictitious site moves there are in BOM’s “adjustments” that just “happen” to adjust the trend from cooling to warming !

  5. The Griss says:

    pps.. Might also be interesting to see where the Kiama weather station is, if they have one. I can’t see one on google Earth (trying to think of where these lighthouses might have a weather station)

  6. Anto says:

    The trend is the same, however Sydney is consistently about 0.4C warmer than Nobby’s. That’s UHI.

  7. Bill Pounder says:

    Sydney’s Observatory Hill is surrounded by a road loop that feeds traffic to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, plus is also near one the major road approaches to the bridge. (as per Dave N)
    These two pictures are typical of am & pm peak traffic and are directly east of the Stevenson screen in the WUWT photo where the loop road feeds into bridge main deck roadway.

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