What Could Possibly Go Wrong At Streaky Bay, SA?

Streaky Bay, SA shows warming over the past century. And like most other Australia stations, the GHCN data prior to 1957 is missing.

ScreenHunter_2551 Sep. 05 09.53


ASN00018079 -32.7963  134.2116   13.0    STREAKY BAY

The thermometer is close to the Bay.

ScreenHunter_2552 Sep. 05 09.55

And Google Earth shows it right in the middle of a jungle of asphalt and buildings.

ScreenHunter_2554 Sep. 05 10.11

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3 Responses to What Could Possibly Go Wrong At Streaky Bay, SA?

  1. The Griss says:

    Looks like a perfect thermometer to use as the starting point a BOM homogenisation routine. 🙂

  2. The Griss says:

    Notice, no “adjustment” needed, because UHI already provides the prescribed warming.

  3. Bill Pounder says:

    Hot in the ocean too.
    “Australia is a shark-infested country, with three different grades of probabilities – mild (Northern Territory, Tasmania and Cocos Islands), moderate (Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria) and severe (Queensland and New South Wales).”

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