Missed It By That Much

Al Gore’s Nobel Prize winning ice-free Arctic in 2014 forecast, appears to have missed by only twice the area of Alaska.

ScreenHunter_192 Sep. 08 11.21




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9 Responses to Missed It By That Much

  1. Mohatdebos says:

    Did the Northern Sea Route (Russia) open this year?

  2. Caleb says:

    A tight little storm currently in the Beaufort Sea could smash up the ice a bit, though I don’t dare guess if it will reduce or increase the “extent” graphs. The “area” graph shouldn’t be effected much.

    Don’t let any Alarmist tell you, “There is more ice because there haven’t been storms.” Low pressure areas have been rolling about the Pole all summer. I can never remember a summer when the cameras so often pictured gray and gloomy scenery. (But don’t tell Alarmists how cloudy it was, or they will make a new excuse: “There is more ice because it wasn’t sunny.”)

    Most of the storms haven’t been true gales, but one gale when they were trying to set up the North Pole Camera had winds over 50 mph with temperatures of twenty below. (That may have compromised that camera, and led to its short lifetime.) The ice towards west Siberia and towards Svalbard was pretty pulverized, right at the start of the season, so the Alarmists have no excuse along the lines of, “It was too calm.” Check out the storm about halfway down my old post from April here: http://sunriseswansong.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/%EF%BB%BFjets-landing-on-north-pole-ice/

    Actually the reason it was so cloudy may well hint Svenmark’s theory about cosmic rays and increased cloudiness during “The Quiet Sun” may have merit. However if Alarmist try to use that excuse, remember to point out the sun is at its solar maximum, so it isn’t all THAT quiet.

    They will try to wriggle out of their failed prediction of “An Ice-free Pole,” but there is no way around it. I’ve watched, using my lying eyes, for over a year now, and Alarmists were dead wrong.


  3. rah says:

    Perhaps Mr. Gore should keep his tongue in a “lock box”. But of course we know he won’t as he tries to put together his next monologue of disinformation between managing his law suit.

  4. The Iconoclast says:

    It’s that pesky natural variation.

  5. Latitude says:

    it’s no good rotten red ice………….

  6. gator69 says:

    Would you believe semi-ice-free, and some sunburt polar bears? 😉

  7. bit chilly says:

    jim hunt had me sweating there for a bit 😉

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