How Did Scientists Lose So Much Knowledge In less Than A Century?

A century ago, scientists understood that drought and flood occurred in regular cycles. That was before they were paid as propagandists.



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15 Responses to How Did Scientists Lose So Much Knowledge In less Than A Century?

  1. omanuel says:

    The KEY to the puzzle is unreported CHAOS & FEAR of nuclear annihilation in late Aug 1945 after Stalin’s troops captured Japan’s atomic bomb plant at Konan, Korea !

    See: Aston’s WARNING (12 December 1922); CHAOS and FEAR (August 1945)

    Independent confirmation of changes in science and world affairs:

    1. The UN was formed on 24 Oct 1945

    2. The interior of the Sun was changed from iron (Fe) in 1945 to hydrogen (H) in 1946

    3. Aston’s valid nuclear packing fraction was replaced in textbooks by Weizsacker’s flawed nuclear binding energy equation

    4. George Orwell started writing “Nineteen Eighty-Four” in 1946

    • omanuel says:

      Precise experimental data show the Sun’s pulsar core is the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of every life, atom and world in the solar system [“Solar energy,” Advances in Astronomy, submitted 1 Sept 2014]

      In an intriguing aside on symbolism,

      1. The Emperor of Japan claimed to have descended directly from the Japanese Sun Goddess, AMATERASU.

      2. The Japanese flag from 1870 until the end of WWII showed the powerful rays of energy that control mankind emerging from the core of the Sun

      3. Unconditional surrender of Japan at the end of WWII included the removal of rays of energy emerging from the core of the Sun in the post-1945 flag of Japan:

      Click to access Humanity_Lost_WWII.pdf

      • omanuel says:

        Although the Sun’s pulsar core rules the entire Solar System , frightened world leaders seem to have agreed to adopt Stalin’s method of totalitarian control of information in 1945 order to save themselves by becoming “Rulers of the World.”

        Post-normal science, including the AGW scam, the Big Bang, the Standard Climate Models, the Standard Solar Model, the Standard Nuclear Model, etc. are all the result of false delusions of power by world leaders. In fact they have none.

        They will, of course, fail. Their own selfishness assures that each will try to undermine the other. (As may be the case now in the struggle between NATO nations and Russia.)

  2. philjourdan says:

    Scientists did not. However there are more people “pretending” to be scientists than a century ago. The law of averages says that when you dilute a population with lower numbers, the average will go down.

  3. SMS says:

    It’s the media. Any time a weather related disaster hits a region they are going to find their favorite stooge scientist to tell them what they want to hear. Then they are going to write about the disaster based on their biases; never taking the time to do any proper research, because that takes too long. Doing research takes away from their Facebook time.

  4. Andy DC says:

    The sheeple have been dumbed down incredibly over the last 100 years and we are now paying the price.

  5. tom0mason says:

    As far as I see it it went something like this.
    The rot set in just after the CRU was formed in the late 1960s early 1970 when someone working in, the then new field of data processing convinced the powers that be, that instead of tracking natural weather cycles and events holistically, just collate the data an let the computers work out the patterns. This was foolhardy as computers only see what they are programmed to see (AI has move forward in some areas over the years but IMO nowhere near enough).
    These ideas were spread to the US, and the rot spread.
    So basically it moved from people searching for and analysing patterns from local to global (which we are good at) and using the computers to just number crunch (which they are good at), to computers analysing for patterns, and finding patterns by data mining, and people hypothecating evermore ridiculous paradigms to explain the results, and to program into the computers.
    Then the UN moved in, declaring manmade CO2 was the cause of all our climate problems, set up the IPCC, then preached ‘climate model©’ scary scenarios, and de-industralization.

    • geran says:

      Good rundown, Tom! And also a good place to comment about something I thought of earlier.

      As many of us know, the IPCC propaganda is largely “Bad Science”. But it might be fun to take a look at just how BAD it really is.

      The IPCC “assigns” a “climate forcing”, to CO2, of 1.7 Watts/sq. m. (Yeah, I know they keep changing from 1.5 up to 2.0, but let’s use 1.7 just for illustration.)

      The Earth’s surface area is about 510 X 10^12 square meters. So, according to IPCC “Bad Science”, the Earth receives 867 X 10^12 Watts, due to CO2. Annually, that amounts to 2.73 X 10^22 Joules.

      Now, according to wikipedia, the annual worldwide production of electricity is about 21,000TWh, or 7.56 X10^19Joules. That figure includes all fuel sources: nuclear, coal, gas, wind, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal.

      So that means that CO2, that “magic” gas, is producing 361 times the TOTAL “manmade” (electrical) energy of the entire planet. Stated another way, mankind would need to add the current worldwide production total, each year, for the next 361 years just to equal that amazing CO2!

      It’s no wonder it’s called “Bad Science”.

  6. Billy Liar says:

    How Did Scientists Lose So Much Knowledge In less Than A Century?

    Computers! GIGO.

  7. Andy Oz says:

    Following Mr Darragh’s proven theory, Australia will have a major drought in 2015 and again in 2018, then a flood in 2020. This explains why the BOM got their ENSO alarm so badly wrong this year. I predict that next year we will get an El Nino and a drought in Australia, then in 2018 again, then La Nina in 2020. Climatology 101!
    Why pay BOM and CSIRO billions when we can just use the numbers?

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