US Severe Drought Down 90% Since 1934

Eighty years ago, severe drought covered most of the US, but now covers less than 5% of the country. Experts say that drought is getting worse due to global warming, because their job depends on them lying.



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4 Responses to US Severe Drought Down 90% Since 1934

  1. Bob Knows says:

    When the liblard media isn’t whining about “Drought in California” they are all whining about “floods in California.” That’s about the intelligence level of zombie talking heads and their zombie viewers.

    • Tim says:

      Cherry-picking much?! Yeah, you can pick months in 1936 when it was better too.
      Try comparing June and July of 2012 to the 1934 map, and there’s only 7 percent less area.

  2. MparkH says:

    NASA has identified the 1934 drought as the worst in 1000 years, “far outside the normal variability.” So it isn’t really a good data point for a comparison. Sure, we are better off now than then. But “then” was a disaster of biblical proportions!

    The other interesting thing about the dust bowl droughts of the 1930s is that they were in part man-made climate change. The way we farmed back then made the soil vulnerable to drought. When it dried up and got turned into dust storms, those storms in turn messed with the natural heating and evaporative cycles and made things even worse.

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