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Progressives Are So Much Smarter Than Us

Before Valerie Hussein Jarrett was elected President, Sarah Palin warned that Ukraine would be invaded by Russia, and GWB warned exactly of what happened in Iraq. Progressives laughed hysterically and told us how smart they are. They also think that 0.0004 … Continue reading

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Prepare For The People’s Climate March!

Bill McKibben is having his People’s Climate March in just over a week. You can train for this event with your People’s Cube The People’s Cube Store – The People’s Cube “I remember how excited I was just a few … Continue reading

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The Church Lady Explains Barack Obama

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Grace Slick Explains President Obama’s Foreign Policy

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Time To Silence The Skeptics

In 1976, foolish skeptics didn’t trust official forecasts of catastrophic global cooling – doubting the ability of climate models to predict the weather years ahead. Forty years later, these same evil skeptics are blocking global warming acceptance for the same reason. … Continue reading

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The Orkan News Is Reporting That Mork Has Self-Terminated

News travels slowly through deep space.

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The Sounds Of Nature

This is what Cicadas sound like, as an airplane makes its approach to BWI, with one of my dogs panting in the background.

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