Flooded Arizona In Severe Drought

After receiving more than their average annual precipitation – in one day, Phoenix is listed by the US government as being in moderate to severe drought

ScreenHunter_2677 Sep. 11 09.41

United States Drought Monitor > Home

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11 Responses to Flooded Arizona In Severe Drought

  1. Eliza says:

    The turn?
    whats your arctic forecast for the next few days BTW.

  2. Hell man! Phoenix is back into extreme drought just hours after a rain it seems!

  3. Andy DC says:

    It was an unprecedented drought flood due to Mann-made climate change, as brilliantly espoused by leading climate scientists, like Dr. Hayhoe, in thousands of pal reviewed studies!

    If we don’t let the Government confiscate all of our cars, aircondioners and computers right this second and immediately raise the corporate and individual tax rate to 100%, it will be too late and we will all die!! It’s worse than we previously thought. Even with no hurricanes, tornadoes or fires, we are doomed!

  4. Phoenix (Sky Harbor Airport) had 3.29 inches of rain. Our annual average is just over eight inches. In fact, we are just about at average for the year. But last year was especially dry, so we probably still are in a drought, just barely.

    • stewart pid says:

      Michael didn’t some areas get much more that the 3.3 recorded at the airport?

      • Yes, some areas got more. Some got less. In general, the airport tends to be drier than the rest of the valley because of its low elevation. (If you were building an airport, wouldn’t you want it where it rains less?) Chandler got about 5.6 inches. But no place that I know of got “more than their average annual precipitation.”

      • BTW, a neighbor’s rain gauge (no idea how reliable it is) said it rained 4.5 inches here in my neighborhood. I suspect that is too high, but it must have been around 3 inches. And it did this in a matter of just 6 hours, most of it occurring in just 2 hours.

  5. duke1959 says:

    Nuther hurricane headed our way!

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