90 Degree Days In Indiana Occur Half As Often As They Did In The 1890s

The frequency of 90 degree days in Indiana has plummeted over the past 12 years, with this summer being the fourth coolest on record.ScreenHunter_2695 Sep. 12 00.02


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11 Responses to 90 Degree Days In Indiana Occur Half As Often As They Did In The 1890s

  1. Steve Case says:

    Looks like you’re going state by state. Have you found one with an upward trend yet? Are you going for all USA-48?

  2. Bulaman says:

    By co-incidence I travelled to Fort Collins and Indianapolis a month ago. At that stage they had not had a single 90 degree day (Indy). Cooler than expected all around esp at night.

  3. philjourdan says:

    But they are twice as intense, right?

  4. Tom Moran says:

    I’m in CT and this year was cooler. yankee gas sent me a letter to ask If I had recently connected a new gas appliance Or perhaps had a leak because my gas usage was twice as high as the previous few years average. The answer was I spent more time heating the pool this year than any year since it was installed 15 years ago. Is the warming in the Northeast natural, UHI or Mannmade?

    • Gail Combs says:

      I am in NC and the last few years have been cool.

      Normally we see days over 100 °F although those older records have been ‘disappeared’ and replaced with temperatures in the low 90s. (Given I work outside and almost passed out on several occasions, I remember those 100+ °F well.) Now we get a few days over 95 °F.
      Last year we had one day at 95 °F. This year we had one day at 95 °F, two at 96 °F and one at 97 °F. A far cry from ten years ago with weeks in the high nineties and several days over 100 °F

      • Gail Combs says:

        Eric, over at IceAgeNow has noticed the same thing I did.

        Here in the mid Atlantic every summer since 2008 has gotten cooler. In 2008 we started with 90 degrees in the beginning of June and it lasted till the beginning of Sept. The lows through out that period never got below 70+ degrees at night.

        Each year has been greeted with less 90 degree days (from about 90 days to less than 30) but the lows maintained around 70.

        This year, we saw very few 90 degree days and the lows got as far down as the low 50’s….

  5. hifast says:

    NWS office in Wilmington, Ohio provides this on SW Ohio 90 degree days: http://www.weather.gov/iln/90s

    “The number of days reaching 90 degrees or higher so far in 2014 has been relatively few across the central Ohio Valley; as of September 3rd, there have only been 8 days in Cincinnati, 12 in Columbus, and 5 in Dayton. Based on the 30-year climatological normal period (1981 to 2010), there are on average 21 days each year reaching 90 degrees or higher in Cincinnati, 18 in Columbus, and 14 in Dayton.”

    • Gail Combs says:

      Now compare that to Mid North Carolina in the sunny south. We had a piddling little 20 days (90 °F===>94 °F) and five days (95 °F===>97 °F)

      For comparison:
      I counted 43 day over 90 °F for 2004 by July tenth vs 26 days for 2010, and four days of 98 °F in 2010 vs nine days of 98 °F (all those 98 °F days have now been disappeared. I am glad I kept track.)

      Last year was even colder. There was one day at 95°F and 4 days at 91°F at the end of the year but in February of 2014 when I looked again, there were now FIFTEEN DAYS instead of FIVE!!! Ten of those days occurred by the end of July so I would not have missed them.

      These readings are all from a brand new state of the art weather station installed in 2001. There is ZERO reason for adjustments.

  6. rah says:

    I live about 30 mi NNE of Indianapolis. It has been a cool and wet summer. We went about 3 weeks during the first part of August with little rain here and about two weeks with steady 80 deg temps approaching 90 F. but other than that it’s been consistently cooler and wetter than normal. Seen nothing like it since 1992. My acre of grass is still growing like it’s spring time.

  7. rah says:

    One other thing OT. Did a team run to Seward and Lincoln, NE. Last night while heading home east on I-80 looked for the aurora. No Joy! Still too cloudy. Departed on the run Thursday morning at 06:00. Truck thermometer is pretty accurate when rolling. Temps remained between 51-53 deg. F all the way while driving up through IN, IL, IA, NE during the day.

    Occasionally I have to team. This time with was with another guarantee driver which is what they call the five of us. Husband and wife team that normally do that run couldn’t. The stop in Seward is a “drop & hook”. Drop the loaded trailer in a door and put a jack stand under the front. Wife forgot to set the brakes and the ramp is inclined. So while husband was putting the jack stand under the trailer the tractor rolled back and trapped him. Attention to detail.

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