Following Up On The Nobel Prize Winning Arctic Forecast

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BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013′

In the end, their credibility will melt away quite suddenly. There has been no change in Arctic sea ice area for eight years.

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12 Responses to Following Up On The Nobel Prize Winning Arctic Forecast

  1. SMS says:

    Under the new metrics set up by Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General, “ice free” now encompasses all areal ice found near, or drifting near either the north or south pole. It is important to be fair and treat all ice the same. If you do see ice, look the other way.

    • Jason Calley says:

      “Diana Moon Glampers”

      I think that Diana Moon Glampers may have been one of the chief authors of the Common Core Program — but hey, everyone will get a trophy just for showing up!

    • Gail Combs says:


      Looks like RACookPE1978’s tongue in cheek forecast continues to be true.

      …For the past two years, Antarctic sea ice has been consistently two std deviations ABOVE normal levels…

      How much larger can Antarctic sea ice get? There is no limit. At today’s rate of Antarctic sea ice increase, Cape Horn itself could be closed to ship traffic due to sea ice within 8-10 years for months at a time every September and October….

      To the specific point of open Arctic waters being a heat loss area from the earth. Notice that we are assuming far-north openings here….

      At that latitude, in mid and late September when arctic sea ice is at its minimum extents, there is MORE heat lost from open waters due to more evaporation losses, more conduction losses, more convective losses, and more radiation losses from open sea water than can be gained from that exposed water getting heated by the ever-lower sun angles!…

      The more the Arctic sea ice melts from today’s minimum extents in August and September, the more the planet loses heat energy to space and cools down ever more. Your CAGW’s religiously amplified but majestically feared “arctic amplification” due to sea ice meltdown is totally, completely backwards.

      But it is worse than you think!

      At today’s levels of BOTH minimum AND maximum extent in the Antarctic seas, today’s (and last year’s!) record breaking sea ice extents DO reflect much more solar energy than the exposed waters! At the edge of the Antarctic sea ice at 60 – 70 south latitude, ALL YEAR, every day, the record-breaking Antarctic sea ice extents IS reflecting MORE solar energy and IS cooling the planet down even more.

      And thus we slide quickly into the next major ice age.

      (The actual physics is correct.)

    • paul says:

      I friend of mine is trying to argue that the record amount of sea ice gained in Antarctica is still actually caused by global warming. He references this article

      I think its BS, what should i tell him?

  2. Phil Jones says:

    Handicappers could make a fortune betting against all these hysterical Ice Free forecasts…

    The Doomsayers have been 100% wrong… 100% of the time for over 100 years…

  3. paul says:

    I tried posting a comment on here but it was not posted. What did i say that it did not meet moderator approval? I am a fan of this site and a fan of Steven due to the information presented against the global warming fraud. In my post i was looking for advice on what to tell a friend of mine who is arguing that the record amount of ice in Antarctica is still actually caused by global warming. He sited an article written by PhD and oceanographer. I wanted help in disproving him.

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